Norwegian Lifestyle

Observations on the quirks of day-to-day life in Norway, from the extended summer vacations to crazy adverts on TV.

Christmas Markets in Norway

Christmas in Norway

For the last few weeks, my Facebook feed has been dominated by the latest Christmas TV adverts from John Lewis, Sainsburys and the like. As the Christmas season seems to start a month earlier in the UK than Norway, it serves as a useful heads-up for me to start thinking about my plans. As usual […]

The Norwegian Birthday Song

Hurra for Deg

Yesterday was a big day in the Life in Norway household. I turned the grand old age of 33! As two of my friends guessed my age at 31 and 35, I guess I look my age. Or more likely, I look 35 and one friend was being nice. Anyway! Celebrating birthdays in Norway is […]

The Great Norwegian Adventure

Alt for Norge

As I write this, I’m sitting on the sofa watching the latest episode in the 5th series of Alt for Norge, an award-winning reality TV show on TV Norge. This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for three years now. Finally, I’ve put pen to paper! (well, fingers to keyboard…) Named The Great […]

The Five Seasons of Norway

Morning snow in Trondheim

“Ugh, it’s nasty out there”, I spluttered as I returned from Bunnpris on Friday night. I’d been to grab some groceries for the weekend as the weather forecast looked bleak. Dark clouds, wind, rain, and a flood warning across central Norway. Lovely! It got me thinking though, Norwegian weather is fairly predictable. True, we never know exactly […]

How to play chess like a Viking


During a Scandinavian summer there’s a chance you’ll stumble across a family or a group of friends throwing wooden blocks at each other in open parkland. At least, that’s what it looks like at first. You’re actually watching a game of Kubb, colloquially known in the US as Viking Chess. Although it’s a game claimed to have […]

Norwegians living in Spain

Norwegians in Spain

Returning to Norway after a holiday can be a really depressing experience. I just spent 12 days exploring Catalonia (specifically Tárrega, Lleida, Barcelona and Sitges) and I found returning tough, even though the temperature in Trondheim was actually higher! The effect is worse in the winter, where the low prices and warm weather of the Canary […]

June – The Month of Endless Days

Summer in Trondheim

So here we are, a few days before the longest day of the year. The long summer days in Norway are something I adjusted to long ago, having spent my last three summers down in Oslo. Or at least I thought I had! Living here in Trondheim, I’ve had to adjust all over again, because we […]