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Observations on the quirks of day-to-day life in Norway, from the extended summer vacations to crazy adverts on TV.

The best of Norway on YouTube

Size Matters

Ah YouTube. If there was ever a website responsible for a drop in productivity in offices across the world it’s this one (at least, until BuzzFeed came along!) Because of my propensity for sharing videos on the Life in Norway Facebook page, friends of mine frequently forward me Norway-related videos on YouTube. Over the years […]

Oslo’s Inferiority Complex – 55 Years On


Cast your mind back 55 years. Can’t do it? No, me neither, I wan’t born then! Last week the New York Times website published an article about Oslo, part of their retrospective news series. It was originally published in the International Herald Tribune (the international edition of the New York Times) way back in 1959. […]

Earth, Wind & Fire

Fires in Norway

Being British, it’s about time I talked about the weather. This, my third winter in Norway, is shaping up to be the weirdest so far. While most of the United States was buried under snow dumped on them by the infamous polar vortex, the majority of Norway is enjoying a mild winter. Not just mild […]

Norway Through the Eyes of Google

Google campus

Remember the days before Google? No, me neither. Apparently, you had to look up facts in books. Real books, with hard covers, on shelves, in libraries. In 2014, Google holds the answers to all of life’s questions, but do you ever wonder what exactly people all around the world are searching for? When you start […]

Winter Driving in Norway

Winter Driving in Norway

Last weekend I had the pleasure (!) of driving in the Norwegian winter for the first time. Below you’ll find some tips for those of you doing the same, but first, my story. I don’t drive often these days. Since leaving the UK over two years ago, I’ve driven just four times, twice on the […]

Six Months as a Freelancer in Norway

DIGS Trondheim

It’s been six months now since I quit my job and left Oslo in search of a happier life as a freelancer. All too often, grand “I quit” posts are never followed up by bloggers, so here’s my experience of working as a freelancer in Norway, so far. What do I do? This is a frustrating […]

Winter Arrives in Trondheim

Snow in Trondheim

Just last week I was moaning about the dark time. Well things have sure brightened up here in Trondheim over the last few hours! Saturday 4.30pm: Saturday 6.20pm: Saturday 8.30pm: Saturday 9.40pm: Sunday 8.30am: Sunday 9.45am: Now it’s time to think about skiing again…

Surviving the Dark Time

Trondheim in November

Welcome to mørketiden – the dark time. These pictures show Trondheim at 3:58pm two days ago, with over five weeks of shortening days still to come before the Winter Solstice: And by the time I got home to Moholt roughly 20 minutes later: Trondheim is 250 miles due north of Oslo and it’s really noticeable […]

Discovering Minnesota’s Norwegian-American Community

Norwegian Church in Minneapolis

I previously talked about the surprising number of Americans with Norwegian heritage, more in fact, than the native population of Norway today. On my recent trip to Minnesota, I couldn’t resist investigating this a little, given that 868,361 of the state’s 5.3m residents claim Norwegian ancestry, 400,000 more than in any other state. Norway House First […]

Lillehammer: Becoming a Hometown

Lillehammer. Home.

This post was originally published on Destination Unknown, the blog of Satu Vänskä-Westgarth, a 30-something outdoor enthusiast and fairly new mom from Finland. Someone recently asked me why, how and when our little family ended up in Norway and that question kind of took me by surprise. It feels like we have always been here. I […]