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Observations on the quirks of day-to-day life in Norway, from the extended summer vacations to crazy adverts on TV.

The Best Norwegian TV Adverts: Take 2!

remote control

One of the most popular articles in the history of Life in Norway was my 2013 look at the best Norwegian TV adverts. Last time I claimed watching the adverts was a great way of picking up the language. Not so anymore! So many adverts are in English these days. In fact, with the endless repeats of … [Read more...]

A Visual Guide to Koselig

Norwegian koselig

Koselig is the Norwegian schadenfreude. Not in meaning, of course. In fact taking joy from someone else's misfortune is about as un-Norwegian as it gets. But in terms of a word that just doesn't translate into English, koselig hits the spot. What is it? Good question. It's both a noun … [Read more...]

Welcome to Norway!

Cross-country ski

Three years ago, while studying at the University of California at Berkeley, I met a girl who has absolutely changed my life. She is beautiful, amazing, and a pleasure to be around. She is also 100% Norwegian… which means that I have been fully ingrained with Norwegian culture since the day we … [Read more...]

A Winter Weekend in Norway

Norwegian winter

Is there anything more satisfying than taking the first step in virgin snow? That light crispy crackle is hard to beat. So when I awoke to a white blanket this weekend I could do nothing else than head straight outside, with my camera, of course! The sky quickly darkened and as this … [Read more...]

Review of the Year 2014

SAS plane

It's that time of the year when we all take stock of what we achieved in 2014 and begin to plan for the year ahead. It's sometimes easy to forget things that happened just 12 months ago, so this is an activity I really look forward to. Inspired my successful review of 2013, here comes my review of … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Guide

Norwegian christmas gifts

Are you stuck for those last-minute Christmas gifts? If you're shopping for someone with a love for Norway or Scandinavia, then look no further! Life in Norway brings you the very best Norwegian-themed gifts available online. Enjoy! Men's Norwegian sweater This Magnus Men's Norwegian … [Read more...]

Christmas Traditions in Norway

Jul i Norge

Last month I published a post about the best Christmas markets in Norway. I had such a good response to the article (66 interactions on Facebook!) that I feel compelled to write more about the festive traditions in this part of the world. Christmas in Norway now on Kindle I've expanded on … [Read more...]

Christmas Markets in Norway

Christmas in Norway

For the last few weeks, my Facebook feed has been dominated by the latest Christmas TV adverts from John Lewis, Sainsburys and the like. As the Christmas season seems to start a month earlier in the UK than Norway, it serves as a useful heads-up for me to start thinking about my plans. As usual … [Read more...]