Best of the Blogs – March 2012

Oslo sunset on Aker Brygge


Here's the second installment of our new monthly round-up of the best blogs from Norway's international community. Take it away, folks!

Springtime in Norway
I wasn't the only one to get excited about the early onset of spring in Norway during March, it was a hot topic amongst the blogosphere too! In fact, Katy from Vent-elated went as far to say that summertime has arrived! She's also got a great picture of her road this March compared to last March, when it was considerably whiter. Karla the Texpatriate was back in the saddle again due to the great weather, while prolific blogger the Girl in Oslo published her wish-list for the Spring, I am totally with her on Frank Znort at Blå!

Borealis Winter Festival in Alta by L-Jay from My Little Norway
Most of the English-language Norway blogs are written by folks in the Oslo area, or failing that one of the other main cities. My Little Norway is one of my favourite reads because the authours live in the far north of Norway, providing a totally different perspective on life in Norway.

The blog has been quiet of late, but this post explains why – L-Jay has been busy, very busy, designing and choreographing a performance called “Vi er Alta” (we are Alta) for the Borealis Winter Festival. Although a sad story based around the destruction of Alta during World War II, the production looked entertaining and brought to life a very important event to remember. Check it out! Read the post.

Tromsø by Phil on A Glimpse Into My Life
Those regular readers of Life In Norway will remember my weekend in Tromsø, when I totally fell in love with this arctic gem. Phil's recent visit has brought those memories flooding back. I particularly enjoyed his pictures of a wintery Tromsø in the light, as when I went it was the darkest weekend of the year. Read the post.

Tippeligaen 2012 Season Preview by Christian on A Hell of a Beating
The Norwegian Premier League 2012 season got underway this month and Christian's excellent Norwegian football blog gives you the lowdown on what to expect. It's split into three parts dealing with the bottom four, the title challengers and the rest.

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