Best of the Blogs – May 2012

Constitution Day Parade in OsloHere's our round-up of the best Norway-related blog posts you may have missed over the last month.

Where's Andrew?
How can I start this month's round-up with anyone else!? For the last few weeks Norway has played host to the National Geographic's Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans. His tweets and photos covering his three-week stay have been retweeted around the world.

He's also been blogging about his adventures on the National Geographic site. Articles well worth a read include the 17th May in Oslo with a great video capturing the atmosphere, a reputation-busting post about getting sunburned in Bergen (reminds me of my first visit to Bergen!), and Milking Goats, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Sytennde Mai by Audrey on The Girl Behind The Red Door
It wasn't just Andrew who covered Norway's national holiday, Sytennde Mai. Many bloggers covered the day, but I'm including Audrey's post simply due to the similarities with my experience. My first Sytennde Mai last year was a confusing affair; I wrote how it felt like crashing a party. But this year, like Audrey, a lot of us expat bloggers felt much more a part of things, especially after the events of the last 12 months. Read Audrey's post here.

Crazy, Heady Days of Summer by Karla on Tales of a Texpatriate
Our favourite Oslo-Texan Karla strikes again with a great post about May's heatwave which caught Oslo (and most of Norway) by surprise. It's been bloody spectacular and I too have suffered from many sleepless nights. But I don't care, the chance to bare (nearly) all and catch some sun was worth it. We're all now praying that wasn't summer over and done with…

The Party Before The Exams by Andrea on Inspiring Travelers
For the second year running the opportunity to blog about Russ passed me by. Basically, Russ are Norwegian students celebrating the end of high school by drinking loads and getting up to “hijinks”, right before their exams. Yeah, I don't get it either! But it's an important tradition here in Norway. Andrea, new to Norway, picked up on the phenomenon and summed it up well with some really great photos, here.

Top 10 Norway by Sarah on A New Life in Norway
Norway is frequently held up as the best place to live in the world. But what does this actually mean? Sarah has done a brilliant job compiling a list of lists (!) where Norway appears high up in the rankings. You may know Norway is one of the most expensive countries to live in and has the highest quality of living in the world. But did you know Norwegians drink more coffee than any other nationality? Find out more on Sarah's blog – great job!

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