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How to find a job in Norway book

A proven process for landing your dream job in Norway

Landing a job in Norway is the most difficult hurdle to overcome as a newcomer to the country. Even the most experienced expat has to compete against a highly educated workforce with near-native English language ability.

But there is a way through!

By following a proven strategy, this book will help you to:

  • Understand the job market in Norway
  • Find the job vacancies best suited for you
  • Discover what Norwegians are looking for in an employee
  • Succeed with the job interview by knowing exactly what to expect
  • Avoid the most common mistakes made by foreigners

Who we are & why we can help you

Norwegian employment and recruitment expert Ingrid Romundset Fabrello has years of experience leading workshops and one-on-one consulting to help English-speaking foreigners in Norway land a job.

She shares her expertise and very best advice from helping a diverse range of foreigners into the Norwegian job market.

Her co-author David Nikel has spent seven years running this very website for foreigners in Norway, and has been through the recruitment process himself several times.

He receives questions and hears stories from his fellow expats on a daily basis, so understands exactly what the challenges are.

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The challenges we cover in the book include:

The Norwegian job market

You'll learn about:

  • Working conditions in Norway
  • The top industry sectors in Norway
  • The country's biggest employers
  • Working for startups and small businesses
  • Working for the public sector

The job search

We'll answer these key questions:

  • Can I find a job from outside the country?
  • Where are job vacancies advertised?
  • Do I need Norwegian language skills?

The application process

Once you've found the ideal job opportunity, we move on to the application process. We reveal all the secrets that Ingrid used to charge hundreds of dollars to reveal on a one-to-one basis.

You'll learn about:

  • How to structure your CV and application
  • How to prepare for the job interview
  • What to expect at the job interview
  • If and when to follow up
  • How to talk about money

Of course, we can't guarantee you'll get a job by buying this guide. But we can say you'll be giving yourself the very best opportunity.

Whether you’re a single professional dreaming of a new life in Norway, or a trailing spouse looking to fill your days, How to Find a Job in Norway will help you hit your employment goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the book available from other retailers?

At the moment, we have published the book on Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, and Nook. More bookstores will be coming!

Will there be a paperback?

Yes, but producing a paperback takes a bit more work and a lot more time. We want to get the book into the hands of as many people as possible, as soon as possible, so we have decided to launch the eBook version first.

Will I get a job?

The book is based on an in-person training program that's worked for many newcomers to Norway over the years, several of whom are quoted in the book.

While we of course can't promise you a job, we'll give you a detailed strategy specifically designed for English-speakers in Norway.

Can I help promote the book?

That would be awesome! Simply sending a link to this page to any of your friends and family moving to or thinking of moving to Norway is the best thing you could do.

You could also pin the book cover on Pinterest:

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10 thoughts on “How to Find a Job in Norway”

  1. Hey this guide was absolutely fantastic, I’m a relatively unqualified UK citizen who had a degree in sociology and (hopefully) a masters in public health (results pending), I dont speak norwegian though can i ask:

    1) do you know any resources for where i could work in the health field? i.e. websites and whatnot

    2) how difficult would it be for me to apply to these jobs without speaking Norwegian? I’m more than happy to learn while there at night classes.

  2. No one employer from Norway not wait you 2-6 month when UDI and tax office open d number and work permit. Norway its closed country with cold people those dont like professional. They are like only emigrant who take only social trust. It’s fake when speak about nice work in Norway for foreign.

  3. Hi i would like to move to Norway,although lately i had become experienced in customer care in various fields but mainly financial and telecomunications and services but also i have good knowledge of cooking and also driver so im just looking to find wich one is the quickerst way for me to get a job there,recently returned from uk after 8years and i am portuguese national so i am looking for any type of work for now then once there i may find something better initally i wanted to go work in the oil industry.well any help advise…

  4. I am an ABA Therapist, I know that in general there is a high demand for healthcare workers. Specifically, I’d like to know if there is a developed field for ABA Therapists in Norway- people who work with children on the autism spectrum!- or if It’s the case of me bringing that rare expertise will help with my marketability.

  5. Hey this guide was absolutely fantastic, I’m a relatively unqualified INDIA citizen who had a degree in Master in Science and (hopefully) a Diploma in Pharmacy, I don’t speak norwegian though can i ask:
    1) do you know any resources for where i could work in the health field? i.e. websites and whatnot
    2) how difficult would it be for me to apply to these jobs without speaking Norwegian? I’m more than happy to learn and get experience in Norway’s

  6. Learn the language. Get high education in something norwegians need (oil, programing, IT in general, medicine, engineering, architecture, high qualified chef, great skill in sells,piano teacher. Everything else they dont need. Also if you learn the language they need people for supermarket, seven eleven, McDonald’s and that kind of jobs.

  7. I would like to spend my retirement in Norway. I get social security. Can I move to Norway and continue receiving my hard-earned monthly income? I have teaching skills, school bus driver trainer, special needs teaching assistant and 30 year master General Motors master technician-(can not do auto repairs do to my arthritis) but have a Viking pain threshold.

  8. I am a Namibian who lived and studied in Norway. I am looking for any job that suits me. I am a teacher by profession but prepared to take any opportunity.

  9. Yes, you will be able to continue to receive Social Security payments. They can be deposited in either a USA or Norway bank, in USA dollars, of course.


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