Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
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Save 260kr on Air Sonic Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers plus 3 magazines for just 89.50kr plus postage.
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Save 260kr on Air Sonic Bluetooth Speaker

Get this fabulous Air Sonic Bluetooth speaker along with three issues of National Geographic (Norwegian) for just NOK 89.50, plus NOK 49.50 in postage. The speakers alone are worth NOK 399, so that's a saving of NOK 260!

Take your music or podcasts with you everywhere with this wireless speaker specially designed for outdoor use. Let your cabin, garden or boat be filled with a surprisingly powerful and nuanced sound. The speaker is waterproof (IPX5) and equipped with rubber reinforcement and a non-slip coating for added protection.

Now you can order 3 issues of National Geographic plus the Air Sonic Bluetooth speakers for just 89.50 kr. + 49.50 kr. in postage.

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In the National Geographic magazine, you get over 100 exciting pages each month about nature, science, people, animals, exploration, geography and history. Meet people from all corners of the world and participate in research and the latest breakthroughs.