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Food Delivery Norway

Busy Oslo families order food boxes from NettMat to save time and eat healthily.

Nettmat.no deliver food boxes packed with local produce from the Rogaland region to thousands of customers in and around Oslo – as well as other Norwegian cities.

Their goal is to provide Norway's busy population with a healthy, varied diet. There are five different menus on offer and most recipes take less than half-an-hour to prepare. Most dinners consist of at least three portions of fruit or vegetables to help you hit the five-a-day recommendation.

Nettmat is not only good for you, it's also good for the environment. Every year in Norway, more than 300,000 tonnes of edible food is thrown away. Nettmat food boxes contain the exact ingredients you'll need to compose your meals, so nothing will be wasted.

Each food box is designed to cater for between 3-5 different meals per week. There are food boxes available for singles, couples, families, “fast food” and vegetarian food and prices start from just 595kr.

Try Nettmat today from just 595kr

Here's a breakdown of the choices available:

Sunn Familie: The Healthy Family box is designed for quick, easy meals suitable for adults and children. Five recipes per week.

Sunn Duo: The Healthy Duo box is designed to help busy couples form good eating habits. Three recipes per week.

SuperMat: The Super Food box meets all your nutritional needs, provides natural energy, and does good for both body and mind.

Vegan: Inspired by India, Morocco, the Middle East and Italy, the Vegan box is designed by one of Norway's most famous vegan cooks, Mari Hult.

Solo: Quick dishes for one person. Four recipes per week.

Tempo: The Tempo box provides healthy fast food, with pre-composed dishes ready in just four minutes.

Try Nettmat today from just 595kr

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