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Today I received an email from a former work colleague, sad that I hadn't updated the blog in nearly a week. It hadn't occurred to me that people find my diary that interesting, so thanks to those who do read regularly, and I'll try to keep up with the posts 🙂

So no need to worry folks, I'm absolutely fine, in fact I've been having a bit of a break. Earlier this week I had a few days off work, just relaxing and enjoying the couple of days of glorious sunshine we had. That's involved coffees, pizzas and ice cream, but plenty of walking too! That balances out, right?

Living where I do in Fredensborg I am blessed with so many great places to walk, no matter which way I turn, all within 10-15 minutes.

Grunerløkka – One of the first neighbourhoods I blogged about, Grunerløkka reminds me of a calmer Shoreditch. There's a creative flair running through the streets alongside the trams and some of my favourite cafes and coffee shops are there, including Tim Wendelboe and the Tea Lounge.

Aker Brygge – Yes it's a tourist trap but it's also one of the best places to graze in the early evening sun. With fantastic ice cream.

St. Hanshaugen Park – Climbing up to St. Hanshaugen Park from my apartment involves several steep hills, but it's worth it for the views across the city and the fjord. There's a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere and I've spent a lot of time up on the hill lately, including earlier this evening:

St Hanshaugen Park in the summer

Oslo park

Sadly it's not all been glorious weather, we've had a fair bit of rain too, I just don't like to talk about that! And since Wednesday I've been getting back into the swing of things with work and slowly but surely normality is returning.

So don't worry Jane, I'm fine 🙂

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