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Norway Weekly 163: Norway's top stories from the last seven days

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Top Story: Aftermath of Brussels attacks

The Local reports that Norwegian Police launched emergency patrols and ordered all officers in Oslo to carry weapons to boost security in the wake of the terror attacks in Brussels. A follow-up story profiles Norwegian man Johan Christian Tandberg who had a lucky escape as he was in the airport terminal as the bomb exploded. Five years ago, Tandberg was only minutes away from the terrorist bombing in Oslo, and was one of the first on the scene.

Majority of Norwegians don't believe in god

Atheism is a growing trend in Norway according to a new survey, which reveals that for the first time ever, a majority of Norwegians don’t believe in god. When asked the simple question: “Do you believe in god?”, just 37 per cent answered yes compared to 39 per cent that answered no.

Arctic oil search is safe, Statoil says

As an era of Arctic drilling approaches, ice, extreme temperatures and a vulnerable environment can all be overcome, according to Norway's Statoil. With the Norwegian government set to award drilling licenses for the Norwegian area of the Barents Sea later this year, Bloomberg reports on industry studies that show the risk of any spill reaching the polar ice cap is low.

Norway expects less asylum arrivals in 2016

Reuters reports that the Norwegian government has lowered its forecast for asylum arrivals in 2016. The most likely figure, which will be used for for this year's revised budget, stands at 25,000, down from 32,000. The reduction is due to stricter border controls in Europe.

Drop in global salmon supply to ‘destroy’ potential for Norwegian industry

The unexpected contraction of global salmon supply will send prices soaring, but Norway's salmon industry looks set to suffer over the long-term, according to analysis and reports in Undercurrent News.


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10 Reasons to Visit Norway with Hurtigruten

One of the worlds most distinctive cruise lines, Hurtigruten provides a lifeline to coastal villages while also allowing travellers to explore the fjords and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Travel Pulse lists 10 reasons to travel with Hurtigruten.

Sami Easter Festival

Smithsonian reports from Kautokeino in Arctic Norway, where old traditions including reindeer racing and a “joik” showdown welcome in the Spring after a long, dark winter.

Dodging seals and killer whales

These awesome photographs from Mail Online profile the surfers who ride the icy waves of Lofoten. More than one thousand thrill-seekers travel to Lofoten every year, even during the wintertime when temperatures plunge.


International friendlies for Norway

Per-Mathias Høgmo's men travelled to Estonia for a pre-Easter friendly but had to settle for a goalless draw. Tonight (Tuesday), Norway host Finland at Oslo's Ullevaal Stadium. The game is live on MAX from 8pm.


Du sier langfredag. I say Good Friday

Read about some of Norway's Easter traditions over at the Norway Times: “Once at the cabin, wine cartons safely packed away, everyone slides gleefully into holiday mode. This week there are 10 of us here, from 3 generations, packed in like a cozy tin of “Makrel i Tomat” (another Norwegian favourite). There is good food and drink, and games, and skiing, and pets and children, and general mayhem and fun.”

The Pinay behind Stavanger's rare phenomenon

From My Food Beginnings: “Don’t be surprised if you run into a Filipino anywhere you go in Norway. But in the cosmopolitan city of Stavanger, Norway’s oil capital, be very surprised if you stumble upon a place serving Filipino food – the odds are probably as slim as fishing a tilapia out of the fjord.”

Norwegian waffles

Whitney from Thanks for the Food returns with a simple yet classic recipe for Norwegian waffles: “The secret to a good waffle is to really whip the eggs and sugar together until they are a pale yellow and the eggs are quite aerated.”

Every Norwegian is born with skis on his feet

Snow in Tromsø profiles the Norwegian obsession with skiing: “I swear, during those events, the streets in both countries are empty cause everyone is watching the race in front of the TV.”

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