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Norway Weekly 169: Norway's top stories from the last seven days

Hey everyone, have you got Eurovision fever yet? Agente's Icebreaker carries the country's hopes into Thursday's semi-final. Meanwhile, here's what's been happening over the past week.

Top Story: Wreckage still missing from helicopter crash

Air accident investigators believe a technical fault caused the horrific helicopter crash off the coast of Bergen. The helicopter's rotor blades detached in mid-air, and investigators are still searching for parts connected to the gearbox.

Norway accelerates assisted return for migrants

For the next six weeks, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration is offering a bonus of 10,000 kroner to asylum seekers who are willing to leave the country on a voluntary basis. A separate process is in place for those wanting to return to Ethiopia, Afghanistan or Somalia. Here's our take.

Further tax cuts for Norway?

According to reports in Reuters, the Norwegian government is considering further cuts to income tax and corporation tax. The rates should fall to 23% by 2018, while a new tax on financial services companies will be introduced.

Early summer, but will it last?

I doubt it, this is  Norway after all! Nevertheless, The Local reports on the unseasonably hot weather most of the country has been enjoying over the past few days. The prospects for 17th May are not so good.

Norway registers 100,000 electric cars

Thanks largely to government incentives and investments in infrastructure, Norway has become only the fourth country to register more than 100,000 sales of electric cars. The other three countries – USA, China, Japan – all have significantly bigger populations, so Norway leads the way on a per-capita basis.

Sunday opening laws to get overhaul?

The supermarkets want the government to provide clearer rules about what Norwegian law allows. The culture minister said after the meeting that she would review the laws.


Hotel review: Sortland Hotell, Vesterålen

The hotel has a proud past and each room contained a book about the building’s history. The Nobel prize winning author Knut Hamsun wrote his famous book “ Den siste Glæde” between 1911 and 1912 in one of the rooms. Read our full review of the Sortland Hotell, and our description of Sortland's Blue City.

High demand for Norwegian long-haul flights

According to a press release, Norwegian Air saw a 168,000 rise in passengers over the same month last year, helped by a hike in demand for long-haul flights.

Nordic airlines among world's greenest

Finnair and SAS are revealed as some of the least polluting airlines in the world. Finnair was rated in first place and SAS fourth in the environmental survey conducted by Warwick Business School.



Norway beat Switzerland in Hockey Worlds

An overtime strike from Andreas Martenson helped Norway recover from defeat against Denmark to beat Switzerland in their second game of the Ice Hockey World Championships in Russia.

Infantino thanks Norwegian FA for gesture of solidarity

The new FIFA President has thanked Norway for its support of his proposal for wealthier member associations to support less-privileged countries.


A writer’s view of Nynorsk

From the Norwegian American Weekly: “How the quest for a truly Norwegian language divided the country’s tongue, and how a translated bible might have helped.”

Environmental hero or hypocrite?

From the FT (Paywalled): “The move has sparked the ire of locals and environmentalists. It has also unleashed criticism of Norway, long seen as one of the leading lights of the climate change movement for its largesse in sponsoring green projects abroad: it gave $1bn to stop deforestation in Brazil and has a similar scheme in Indonesia.”

Norwegian Suksessterte

A video recipe from Thanks for the Food: “Norwegian suksessterte or suksesskake is in my opinion one of the easiest ways to celebrate spring and Norway all in one go.”

A spring weekend in the Arctic

From Snow in Tromsø: “Now, you may think that temperatures of 15 degrees are nothing special at the end of April/beginning of May but it has never been this warm in Tromsø at that time of year ever. We had a record warmth this Friday and the nice weather continued over the weekend.”

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