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Norway Weekly 171: Norway's top stories from the last seven days

Good morning everyone. Whether it was your first one here in Norway or your fiftieth, I hope you had a great Syttende mai.

As always, here's what you may have missed in the news over the past week.

Top Story: Arctic oil drilling outcry

The Norwegian government has issued licences to 13 companies allowing fresh exploration in the Arctic for the first time in 20 years.

Hotel tycoon suggests reuniting Sweden and Norway

Norwegian billionaire Petter Stordalen says he would prefer to see Sweden and Norway unite as part of a larger Scandinavian nation. The owner of the Nordic Choice Hotel Group praised Sweden's capacity for innovation.

Greenhouse gas emissions rise despite promised cuts

Norway's greenhouse gas emissions rose by 1.5 percent last year. The rise makes Norway's goals of cutting emissions look ever more unlikely. The new Knarr oilfield added most to emissions in the oil and gas sector.

Norway's mountain landscape has changed dramatically

New research reveals that people and animals in the Norwegian mountains have affected the landscape far more than first thought. A collaborative research project involving biologists, palaeoecologists, archaeologists and historians shows how Norway’s mountain landscape has evolved.

Polish President to visit Norway

Radio Poland reports that President Andrzej Duda and First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda are coming to Oslo this weekend. They will be welcomed by King Harald and Queen Sonja, and will also meet Prime Minister Erna Solberg.


Norway Traveller: A photo tour of Lofoten

I recently spent a week touring the magnificent Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway. More than anywhere else in the country, the dramatic mountains and delightful fishing villages mean that pictures speak louder than words. So won’t you come with me as I take you on a whirlwind tour of Lofoten?

Ulvesund lighthouse is calm yet wild

Consul General Rognlie suggests a visit to the charming Ulvesund Lighthouse, a special place that is not yet very familiar to tourists. It is located on the southeastern side of the island of Vågsøy in the county of Sogn og Fjordane.

Sandtorgholmen Hotel: The gateway to Lofoten

The remoteness of the Lofoten Islands is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you can find yourself alone on a spectacular secluded beach, where if it wasn’t for the cooler temperatures you might think you were in the Caribbean (yes, really!)


Norway heading home despite win

Norway's men's ice hockey team bowed out of the World Championships on a high following a 3-1 win over Latvia on Constitution Day last week.

Dog causes crash in Tour of Norway

Broadcast live on TV2, the crash occurred as the riders passed the 40km in the fourth stage of the cycling race over the weekend. The dog escaped unharmed.

Riise remembers Norway’s ‘95 nirvana

From FIFA.com: “Hege Riise and Carli Lloyd know each other well, and they have plenty in common. The pair worked together for several years when Riise formed part of Pia Sundhage’s USA coaching team, and a mutual esteem quickly formed.”


My first year in Norway

“Hands down my biggest challenge and also biggest celebration of my first year in Norway has been getting a job. When I arrived, I knew that I would be at a huge disadvantage not speaking Norwegian.”

Everything you didn’t know you needed for a successful 17th of May

A Frog in the Fjord compiles a list of must-have items for Syttende mai: “Skis, especially if you are celebrating the 17th of May on Galdøppingen (highest mountain in Norway). Today on NRK they showed pictures of those guys celebrating the National Day in the middle of a snow storm.”

No chips in Norwegian schools?

The Norwegian American reports on students in a Washington DC school learning about Norwegian lunches.

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  1. Loved photos of Lofoten. I am from UK and have been to Norway many times by ship. A highlight a few years ago was a visit to Borg to see the reproduction Viking Jarl’s longhouse. I could have stayed all day, but, as with all tours, you don’t get long enough in one place. One day I will return independently.


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