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Norway Weekly 172: Norway's top stories from the last seven days

Here's what you may have missed from Norwegian news over the past week.

Top Story: Risk of strike in Norwegian oil

Wage negotiations for offshore workers ended in less than a minute. A strike would have immediate consequences for production.

Aid for jobless dominates budget

Paywalled article – NRK reported that proposals after the mid-year budget negotiations mean that local municipalities in the south and west of Norway will receive a further NOK 400 million to fund maintenance projects aimed at creating new jobs.

Airbus denies gearbox may be crash cause

Norwegian investigators declined to rule out a repetition of past gearbox problems being the cause of a crash that killed 13 in April. Airbus Helicopters has issued a statement narrowing the potential cause.

Wealth fund passed on Facebook investment

Ahead of its 2012 IPO, Facebook reached out to the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund but rules prevented any possible investment. Today the fund owns around 0.5% of the company.

Norway appoints second secretary for seafood

Political adviser Roy Angelvik has been appointed the new secretary, meaning there are now two state secretaries for seafood. Seafood Norway describes the move as very positive, according to Undercurrent News.

Rygge Airport may face closure this autumn

Confusion abounds about the state of affairs between Ryanair and Moss Airport in Rygge, near Oslo. But the latest news is that the airport seems likely to close later this year.

‘Norway buying itself influence’

Paywalled article – Experts suggest Norway is trying to buy influence, following the publication of figures that show the country has donated more than NOK 640 million to projects operated by the Clinton Foundation.


Football friendly: Portugal 3 Norway 0

Ricardo Quaresma was in inspirational form as he helped Portugal beat Norway 3-0 at the Estadio do Dragao on Sunday.

Norway isses ‘Lillehammer call' to the world of sport

Paywalled article – Norway is launching an initiative to promote female leadership in sport as a legacy of the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games.


My first 17th of May

Please join me in welcoming Lauren Guido to the Life in Norway team. Her first post chronicles her experiences of Norway's national day: “I look around and wonder, is this 2016? Or am I in one of the most bizarre cross-cultural dreams of my life? I did not see anyone wearing New York Yankees ball caps (in my vicinity) or American paraphernalia, maybe this is a dream?”

Even boxes are different in Norway

From Norway Times: “These quiz-nights and box dilemmas are really a metaphor for so many other things I have encountered in Norway – things that should be seemingly SO simple to understand, but aren’t because they are plainly just different to what I’m used to.”

Draken Harald Hårfagre sails across the Atlantic

From the Norwegian American: The world’s largest Viking ship built in modern times has begun her challenging journey across the Atlantic. The Expedition America project is intended to promote exploration and bring the Viking discovery of the New World to life, more than a thousand years after Leif Eriksson’s transatlantic voyage.

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  1. Could you please provide information on what the Norwegian oil workers are asking and the relative pay and benefits Norwegian oil workers relative to those in other countries and relative to other Norwegian industries. is there a danger, perhaps, of Norway creating two classes of workers?


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