Norway Weekly 175: Solberg warns UK about Brexit, boosts defence

Norway's top stories from the last seven days

Here's what you may have missed from Norwegian news over the past week.

Top Story: Erna Solberg warns Britons ‘won’t like’ life outside EU

Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg has said that a Brexit would not suit the UK, as they will almost certainly still be subject to EU laws without having any say in them.

Norway boosts defence against Russia threat

Erna Solberg announced plans for the biggest upgrade to Norwegian military capability since the Cold War last week. She calls Russia “increasingly unpredictable.” The upgrade will include the purchase of 52 F-35 fighter jets and four submarines.


Singer Sverre Kjelsberg dies aged 69

The Norwegian singer will always be remembered for representing Norway in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest together with Mattis Hætta. He was the lead vocalist of The Pussycats, one of the most famous Norwegian rock bands of the 1960s.

Norwegian MP slams feds’ rejection of care for 94-year-old veteran

A senior member of the Norwegian foreign affairs parliamentary committee says Canada's refusal to admit a 94-year-old to a veteran’s hospital in Halifax is disrespectful to the sailors who fought for the allies in the Second World War.

Only in Norway: Fish food company wins startup pitch competition

A bemused TechCrunch journalist returns from Norway where he saw a baby fish food company win an Angel Challenge competition: “In any other country, the pitch would have been a joke.”


Turned down by Pakistan, Mohammad Asif seeks glory in Norway

Cricket – Right-arm pacer Mohammad Asif, who last played for Pakistan in 2010, has recently joined Christiania Cricket Club in Oslo.


Norway Traveller: Four must-have travel gadgets

Whether you’re a frequent traveller, budget flyer or making your very first trip to Norway, few types of journey aren’t made more bearable with the help of some gadgets. The latest in travel tech can keep you occupied on public transport, help with your travel plans, and even provide help in emergency situations.

Boeing backs Norwegian's plans to use Irish base

For the first time, the American airplane manufacturer announces its support for Norwegian in their long-running battle with US authorities, saying opposition by one of its unions could cost jobs.


How to take on a terrorist: lessons from Norway’s treatment of Breivik

From the Guardian: “Norway’s apparent mildness, rooted in the rule of law and human dignity, robbed the killer Anders Breivik of what he most desired.”

What can the US learn from Norway's gun laws?

From PRI: “Like Americans, many Norwegians own guns. But according to Seierstad, the culture of gun ownership is very different in the two countries. In Norway, for example, it's uncommon to see guns outside organized settings like gun clubs or during hunting season.”

‘Real life’ in Norway begins now. Or soon.

From Norway Times: “Moving around and changing my life has been exciting and interesting over the years, but there does begin to be a longing for place and community and, to a certain degree, even some routine.”

Strawberry fields

From My Norwegian Home: “No matter what the Danes say or the Swedes for that matter. Norwegian strawberries are the best in the world. Hands down.”

A royal visit to Tromsø

From Snow in Tromsø: “Do you remember the last royal visit to Tromso at the National Ski Championship? That time I only got to see the King from afar but well this time around, I saw the King and Queen from close up – yep, just a normal weekend in Norway.”

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