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Norway is a unique travel destination. You can get sunburnt on sub-zero winter days and drenched in the middle of summer. Make sure you're fully kitted out and prepared with our guide to the best travel gear for a Norwegian vacation.


The most suitable luggage depends on your plans. Will you sticking to the cities and/or a car, or will you be heading out into the mountains?

  • Suitcase: A sturdy suitcase is a must for long-haul travel. Luggage doesn't come much better than this 3-piece Samsonite set, available in a range of colours.
  • Hiking backpack: If you're hiking or camping, a backpack designed for those activities is a must. The 50L Outdoor Master comes with a waterproof cover suitable for heavy rain.
  • Daily backpack: For exploring the Norwegian cities or taking with you on a road trip, the OXA vintage canvas bag is a great, stylish choice.
  • Money belt: Even though Norway is a safe country, a secure money belt with RFID protection is a sensible idea.LuggageThe most suitable luggage depends on your plans. Will you sticking to the cities and/or a car, or will you be heading o


Most people see a Scandinavian vacation as a chance for a digital detox, but there's no doubt that a few gadgets will add value to your vacation and even help you out in an emergency.

  • Camera: DSLR cameras take terrific images but they are bulky and awkward to bring with you on a long trip. The Samsung NX3000 compact camera is an ideal alternative.
  • Smartphone charger: The modern must-have gadget for all travellers! This handy portable device will keep your smartphone charged when you are out and about.
  • GPS navigator: A potential lifesaver if you get lost in the mountains, this GPS receiver with HotFix and GLONASS support gives fast positioning and a reliable signal, wherever you are.


Layering your clothing is the key to keeping warm and dry in Scandinavia, whatever the season. Underwear made of merino wool is a great choice during the autumn, winter and spring, while a waterproof outer-layer and sturdy footwear are essential items all year round.

  • Woollen base layer: High-grade merino wool is a light, stretchy material that regulates core protection and helps prevent body odour. Available for both men and women.
  • Woollen gloves: Leaving your hands exposed is a surefire way to feel the chill on a boat trip or on high ground. Available for both men and women.
  • Waterproof jacket: Protect yourself from sudden rainstorms (they happen, even during the summer!) with a quality Helly Hansen rain jacket. Available for both men and women.
  • Woollen socks: Keep warm and dry with unisex People Socks, part-made with merino wool.

General travel gear

  • Travel pillow: Essential for long-haul flights but also very handy on Norway's trains and buses, a travel pillow will ensure you arrive at your destination rested and raring to go.
  • Notebook: Be inspired by your surroundings and write stories, poetry, or simply keep notes about your trip with a quality travel notebook.
  • Travel insurance: Don't travel to Norway without comprehensive cover, especially if you plan on hiking or skiing. Check out our guide to travel insurance.


  • eReader: Leave your books at home and save space in your luggage for souvenirs! A Kindle Paperwhite holds thousands of books and the battery lasts for weeks between charges.
  • eBooks: Fill up your eReader of choice with a great selection of books about Norway to inform, inspire and entertain.

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