Unga Bunga

Introducing Death By Unga Bunga

Introducing Death by Unga Bunga, five Norwegian lads from Moss, exploring the boundaries of garage-rock, touring relentlessly, and having great fun doing so. On record their sound harks back to the explosion of garage-rock in 1960s...
Trondheim Calling at Solsiden

Listen up, this is Trondheim Calling

Ah live music, how I've missed you! Aside from last year's Øya Festival and a smattering of gigs when I lived in Oslo, music has taken a back seat in my life since I moved to...
Thomas Tivoli circus poster from Oslo

Oslo Street Posters IV

A further glimpse at the lampposts and bus-stops of Oslo…

Street Posters III

Following up Street Posters II.

Street Posters II

Following up Street Posters I!

Street Posters I

Oslo by Day, Oslo by Night, No Eurovision in Sight

Saturday was a cultural explosion! The sun was out again so I decided to head on down into the city and see what more delights I could find. I started off looking for a cheap barbers...