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How to get a personal loan as a foreigner living in Norway. It's possible, but you may have to wait a while. Here's what you need to know.

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Personal loans in Norway

Once you have been living in Norway for a while and have a settled income, it is possible for a foreigner to obtain a loan.

While personal credit can be a valuable tool for managing your personal and household finances, care should of course be taken not to build up unnecessary debt. Make sure you understand the full terms of any loan you are considering taking.

Not Norwegian? Personal loans are only available to foreigners who have been living in Norway for several years. Typically you will require permanent residence to be accepted. Norwegian finance companies will expect to see tax return history from several full years to confirm your income.

Norwegian loan comparison

To better manage the understanding of loans among the general public, the government has issued strict guidance on how all personal credit can be advertised.

In the chart below you will see various pieces of information about a number of selected companies. There are other companies available on the market.

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Lånebeløp is the range of credit available through that particular issuer, but the amount you can personally borrow will depend on your own personal circumstances, most notably your annual salary.

Min. alder is the minimum age for applicants, which ranges from 18 to 25. There is also a statuary statement of the cost of borrowing a set amount of money over a 12 month period.