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The Life in Norway Show dives into all things Norway and Norwegian lifestyle, from an international perspective. Here's how to access the podcast.

There are many people from all over the world living in Norway, and all of us have tales to tell. From the challenging relocation process to adjusting into Norwegian society, the Life in Norway Show shares these stories with the world.

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Welcome everyone to the Life in Norway Show. I'm your host David Nikel. Every few weeks, we are going to take a deep dive into Norwegian society, culture and lifestyle.

Most episodes I'm joined by someone for an in-depth chat. Usually, this is a fellow foreigner giving their perspective on expat life and their relocation story. Everyone has a different experience, and we can all benefit from hearing multiple perspectives.

Sometimes, I like to mix it up a little by welcoming a Norwegian on to the show! I do this when I find an expert in an interesting area.

How to Listen

What's a podcast? If you're new to podcasts, don't worry! A podcast is just like a radio show, except you can listen to it anytime, anywhere.

You need a podcast player to listen to it, such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Just search for ‘Life in Norway'. All our podcast episodes also have a show notes page that feature a web player. Check out some of our episodes below.

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Top Podcast Episodes

You can browse through all the previous episodes in our podcast archive. If you want to catch up on some of the best content first, here's our recommendations:

Moving to Norway

#79: Norway's Job-Seeker Permit: Abby Noble shares her inspiring story of planning exactly how she would find a job in Norway, obtaining a job-seeker permit, and finding her ideal job in an Oslo architecture firm. Listen now.

#77: Moving from Singapore to Oslo: Isabelle Loh talks about her relocation from Singapore to Norway, and the challenges of finding work in the Norwegian capital. Listen now.

#37: Moving from Portugal to Norway: What's it like to leave the sunshine of Portugal for the mild summers and chilly winters of Oslo? Listen now.

#35: The British Ambassador to Norway: The last few years have been uncertain times for Brits living all across Europe, and in Norway. Richard Wood, the British Ambassador, discusses the latest. Listen now.

#22: From Mexico to Norway: Meet Mexican YouTuber Pame who has lived in Norway for seven years and runs a popular YouTube channel all about her experiences in the land of the Vikings. Listen now.

Visiting Norway

#68: The Norwegian Coastal Voyage with Havila: Lasse Vangstein of Havila Voyages joins the show to talk about the Norwegian Coastal Voyage and the new Havila vessels introduced over the past year. Listen now.

#31: Enjoying the Outdoors in Oslo: Curtis Rojak from Viking Biking joins us to chat about how much he loves the outdoors lifestyle in Oslo, so much so that he started a cycling tour business. Listen now.

#24: Behind the Scenes on Hurtigruten: We go behind the scenes on the MS Vesterålen to meet some of the people who work for Hurtigruten on the famous Norwegian coastal cruise. Listen now.

#23: Adventure Tourism in Svalbard: Long-term Longyearbyen resident and tour guide Anna Lena Ekeblad talks adventure tourism in Svalbard on a scenic drive around the settlement. Listen now.

Norwegian lifestyle

#76: Sami Culture in Northern Norway: From the Sami Parliament and efforts to keep the languages alive to the importance of handicrafts and song, we hear all about Sami culture in 2024. Listen now.

#67: Ice Hockey in Norway with Jordan George: We speak to an American ice hockey player living in Trondheim about the world of ice hockey in Norway. Listen now.

#49: Norwegian folk music: Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing joins the podcast to discuss folk music in Norway. Listen now.

#38: Viking Ship Archaeology: An interview with Knut Paasche from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, all about finding Viking ships in Norway. Listen now.

#20: Unwritten Social Rules of Norway: Social entrepreneur Munib Mushtaq talks about working with immigrants and the unwritten social rules of Norwegian society. Listen now.

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Become a guest on the podcast

We are always looking for guests with a story to tell. We record interviews remotely and agree the topics in advance. So, if you're interested in getting involved, simply send us a note.

Entrepreneurs, please note: We are happy to talk about your business but it cannot be the main focus of a show. Pitch us a show topic, not your business!