Life in Norway is a blog for those interested to know what it’s really like to live and work in Norway. It’s written for foreigners by foreigners. We cover everything from learning the language to the best new music, places to visit and the food, drink and cultural quirks we encounter. We regularly interview people – both Norwegians and fellow expats – with an interesting story to tell.

Originally the personal blog of British freelance writer David Nikel, Life in Norway now features articles from all across the country: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and the Arctic, written by people originally from England, Scotland, the USA, Mexico and Ecuador.

David remains on board as Editor-in-Chief, so please get in touch with him if there’s anything you’d like to know, or you’d like to contribute an article.

The Best of Life in Norway

The trouble with blogs is some of the best content can disappear into the archives, never to be seen again. I did a quick count and realised something shocking… since starting Life in Norway back in April 2011, I’ve published over 300 posts! As much as I’d love it if you read all of those, I thought it would be useful to round-up what I consider to be the best posts, right here, to bring you up to speed.

Thanks… and enjoy :)

My story so far

My (old) life in Oslo

My (new) life in Trondheim

Exploring Norway

Understanding Norwegians and the lifestyle

Beyond Norway


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