Life in Norway is an online magazine focused on expat living and travel. It’s written for foreigners living and working in Norway, and those considering moving here. The editor is David Nikel, a freelance journalist and entrepreneur originally from the UK.


David Nikel Life in NorwayHei! I’m David Nikel, editor of Life in Norway. Originally from the UK, I now live and work for myself in beautiful Trondheim, Norway.

Through this website I take you on a whirlwind tour of Norway. You’ll see the sights I see and read my thoughts and observations on Norwegian life, along with my struggle to learn Norwegian. I’ll also be exploring the wider Nordic region, including Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Since starting this blog I’ve been featured in or written for National Geographic, Finnair’s Blue Wings, SCAN Magazine, Startup Norway, Air Baltic’s Baltic Outlook, Canada’s Globe and Mail, the Norwegian American Weekly, and Arctic Startup.

I also work with Norwegian companies as a freelance journalist and English language communications consultant.

My story

I moved to Norway in 2011 almost by accident. As an IT contractor I was lucky enough to be offered several jobs abroad and I couldn’t resist the pull of Scandinavia.

After a while, the same questions kept popping up:

  • “What is Norway really like?”
  • “What are Norwegians like?”
  • “Does everyone has blonde hair and blue eyes?”
  • “Is it really that expensive?”

And so, Life in Norway was born!

It began as a personal blog, but I soon realised I was attracting a wide audience of fellow expats and people from all around the world interested in Norway. The success of this blog was one reason for my decision to quit my job and launch a freelance career.

I aim to build this website into a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to thrive in Norway. If you’d like to make a suggestion or write an article, I’ll be delighted to hear from you. Let’s talk!

The Best of Life in Norway

The trouble with blogs is some of the best content can disappear into the archives, never to be seen again. I did a quick count and realised something shocking… since starting Life in Norway back in April 2011, I’ve published over 300 posts! As much as I’d love it if you read all of those, I thought it would be useful to round-up what I consider to be the best posts, right here, to bring you up to speed.

Thanks… and enjoy :)

My story so far

My (old) life in Oslo

My (new) life in Trondheim

Exploring Norway

Understanding Norwegians and the lifestyle

Beyond Norway


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  1. says

    Thanks for including me on your Blogroll. I’d include you on mine, if I had one.

    I try to cover fashion from the whole region, which is tricky to do since I rarely get to visit Norway and Iceland. One thing I would love to include on my blog is street fashion photos from Oslo. Do you know anyone who might be tempted to contribute photos of Osloites dressed in an interesting or attractive manner?

    Best wishes from Stockholm, which is today dusted with a thin blanket of something cold and white.

  2. Andrew says

    Dear David, your summary of Norway says we have a pension pot from the oil industry. That is a simple misunderstanding.

    The former “oil fund”, now called Norges Bank’s “Government Pension Fund Global”, is in fact NOT a pension fund. It’s a heritage fund for future generations, no pensions are tied to this fund, no person is entitled to any of that money ever.

    The name was changed only to reflect our commitment to managing it with future generations in mind. It’s an odd and misleading name, I’ll give you that. However the actual and separate pension funds of Norway (Folketrygdfondet/Statens Pensjonskasse), which existed prior to the oil fund, are wholly funded by ordinary taxes on income.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Andrew although I think you misunderstood my use of the word “pension pot” :) Tha About page of my blog is not the place for a detailed analysis of Norway’s finances, rather a one-liner which hints at Norway having a solid financial picture.

      I have been meaning to write more about the oil industry, so thanks for the reminder!

  3. Morgan Mitchell says

    Hi David,

    First off great blog, if you don’t mind could i ask your advice, how do you find a job in Norway?

    I am married and have three little children, i am a part qualified accountant and have a years experience, i am completing my studies as I write this, any advice would greatly received many thanks.

  4. says

    hi there david!

    This is the kind of blog i have been looking for! I am planning to move to Norway this coming May 2013 with a job seeker visa for six months until someone would sponsor me with a work visa. Do you have any idea of how to find jobs there in Norway and how to find a cheap flat there specifically in oslo or bergen like the big cities there? I took a bs degree in international hospitality management majoring in culinary arts and already have years of experience. Your reply is greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you! =)

    • says

      Hi Sab, thanks for your comments! Good luck with the move, my first advice is to sign up for Expat Weekly where you’ll find lots of useful information about life here in Norway. There’s no such thing as a cheap flat, but if you want to save money you can look for a flatshare, which many adults do these days. Good luck!

  5. Mohammed says

    Hi David,

    Found you’re blog while I was looking for some advice on my planned trip to Norway. It is indeed informative.

    We are planning to tour Norway for 10 days, staying at liilihammer, trondhiem and one more location still undecided but some mid point between oslo and Bergen. Any advise as we are visting Norway for the first time

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