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Norwegian food podcast with blogger Whitney Love Bredland

American foodie Whitney Bredland Love shares her love of Norwegian food on the latest episode of the Life in Norway Show.

Whitney Bredland Love from the Thanks for the Food blog is the latest guest on the Life in Norway Show.

Whitney talks to us about the interesting world of Norwegian food. We look at Norwegian cuisine from the perspective of living here, and some tips for visitors too.

We also take a trip around Norway and hear about some of the regional specialities.

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We talk about:

  • Why Whitney decided to start a food blog
  • A typical Norwegian diet and the daily eating routine
  • The Norwegian tradition of boiled potatoes
  • Whitney's favourite Norwegian dishes
  • Recommendations for visitors
  • Whitney's trip to Røros
  • How shopping for food and groceries differs from the USA

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Norwegian food and drink: Podcast with Whitney Love, American food blogger living in Stavanger, Norway

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