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Student job-seekers in Norway

How one international student in Norway found not one but two part-time jobs to help pay the bills, plus advice on how you can do the same.

It’s no secret that getting a job in Norway is hard for foreigners. Between the language barrier, tax office confusion, and visa/residence permit requirements applying for a job can seem daunting.

Getting a job as a student can be even harder as you can only apply for part-time jobs and have a class schedule to work around. Hopefully the story of how I got my first two jobs can be helpful for those on the search.

When I first arrived in Norway one year ago I didn’t speak a single word of Norwegian. I spent the first semester getting accustomed to living in Norway and improving my language skills. It wasn’t until returning from summer break for my first semester of my Masters degree that I started looking for jobs.

Opportunities at University

The first job I applied for, and eventually got, is at my university. Campuses are one of the few places where there are jobs specifically for students and positions where you can speak English. During orientation I learned about my school’s writing center and decided to look into employment opportunities there.

University of Tromsø campus in the winter daylight

I found out that most of the writing advisors were from English-Speaking countries and realized that there was a need at my university for native or fluent English speakers to assist with the University’s writing course.  I applied to be a writing advisor in the fall, had an interview in the winter and started working there around 7 hours a week this spring semester.

For this position I only speak and help with papers written in English. Other on-campus jobs such as at the gym or café/cafeteria can also be good options to look at for your first job in Norway.

Fitness instructor

My second job is working as a fitness instructor at a local gym. I will say that while I teach my classes in English that I doubt I would have gotten the position if I did not speak any Norwegian. I applied with my CV written in English and my Cover Letter written in Norwegian (which my boyfriend proofread before sending in).

Gym in Norway

My interview took place entirely in Norwegian. My grammar was awful and there were several times I had to ask my interviewer to repeat herself but overall she was happy I made an effort in Norwegian and was impressed that I could communicate so well after less than a year of living here.

I was not previously certified as a fitness instructor and was happy that the gym paid for my certification and was willing to hire someone inexperienced. If you enjoy going to group classes or have a passion for fitness this could be a great option for you! That being said, a fitness instructor is usually only hired to teach a few classes so don’t expect to work more than a couple hours a week.

Other options for students

Cafes, restaurants, and bars are also possibilities. One of my friends got a part-time job at a local coffee shop, but she also had a year of learning Norwegian under her belt. It took plenty of patience and one full year until I got my first job in Norway.

Learning the language is absolutely the key to getting most positions but keep an eye out for opportunities at your school. Good luck on your job search!

About Kelsey Barnhill

Originally from the US, Kelsey is a Masters student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She writes the blog Mastering Norway.

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36 thoughts on “Jobs for Students in Norway”

  1. Hi Kelsey!
    Thanks for such useful information! I’m really glad I found your blog, as I have just accepted a spot at the University of Southeast Norway (I almost went to NMBU instead- it was close!). It all seems like a lot to take in, I never got the chance to study abroad in undergrad and I only just went to Europe for the first time. I’ve honestly had a hard time finding blogs of other Americans doing their Masters in NO. Anytime you feel like writing some more blog posts I will absolutely find them interesting and useful! I do have a specific question though: Do you live in University housing or did you find an apartment off campus?

    • Hey! I’m glad my posts are helpful to you! I do not live in University housing since I live with my boyfriend. I would highly recommend it though, especially if you don’t know anyone! You’ll meet loads more people and be right there whenever last minute plans are made. If it’s significantly cheaper to live off campus do that but try to stay within walking distance of the university.

  2. Hey dear kelsey love to you for yet.
    What ever
    I want to study a desire to come.If there arter what the environment will face ? Then if I bergen or trosmo the city of parttime job take what is the amount can I get?
    Come to norway for study then living is positive ?

    • Hi Jannatul, unfortunately I’m not sure what the employment opportunities are in other cities. I do know those are great universities though! I would email a counselor or information center worker at the schools you are looking into to see if they have any suggestions. Or join and international student Facebook group. I will say though not to expect that you can for sure get a job and certainly not before coming to Norway.

  3. Hi, your blog is cool. i would really like to know the average pay a masters student working part time will get per hour in Norway

    • Hey Israel,

      I can’t speak to the average pay but these part time jobs usually range from 150-200 kroners an hour.

  4. Well i was making up my mind to come to norway as a students but as per my perception i taught i would be able to get a job with first 3 months.
    Reading your blog made me worried as it will be tough or almost impossible to survive with out a job for the whole 1 year.
    I am learning norwegian language online here and i hope i will ve able to learn upto 30%.
    If this much language i am familiar with at the start do u think it will make my chances of getting a job fancier.

  5. Hi! Your blog is very much helpful. I want to know can a Masters Student pay for his livig entirely by the part time job?
    And what are college working days and hours in norway for masters?

    • Hello Mukul,

      If you are working 20 hours a week and found a cheap living situation then it may be possible. However to get a permit to study in Norway you need to prove you already have the money to support yourself or have the job contracts stating that you will earn the required amount during the school year. You can work 20 hours a week during school and 40 hours a week during vacations.



    • Hello Tanvir,

      You must apply through a University’s website. There are generally not too many documents required to apply for a Masters. You usually just need your transcripts, proof of your English level, and proof of finances. You must apply by December 1st in many universities as an international student. Good luck!


  6. Hi Kelsey,
    Find your blog very informative keep up the good work. Can you tell me Kelsey if i want to come Norway what i have to do to have a job there. As im from Pakistan and i have done master’s in Sociology, does it have any scope in Norway? Is it countable? Plus if i study there what will be the cost of study plus the cost of living with daily expenses? Would I be able to find a part time or full time job to afford all these expenses? And last thing is it really important to learn Norwegian language to get jobs or english would be enough? Kindly do let me know it would be great to hear from your side.
    You can mail me on my mailing id [email protected].
    Thanks alot. God bless you.

  7. Hi kelsey,your blog is very helpful.please advise me,which public university can i study mass communication in Norway.i am looking forward to your reply.

    • Hello Charles,
      Gjøvik University College has a Masters in Media Technology which was the closest program I found. Good luck!

      • Hi kelsey , Your blogs are highly informative, helps alot . i have something to ask you . i have done my Bachelors in Computer Science and am looking for masters in that field . so what is the job opportunities of this specific field and how hard to find a full time job after graduation !? Thank you in advance

  8. Dear Kelsey,

    thank you for this interesting article. I would like to spend 1 month in Norway, Bergen. I have to do a 1-month language internship, as a part of my international trade studies. I’m looking for a volunteer job, I am not supposed to be paid for doing my job, it’s just to improve my language skills. Could you please give me some adresses or contacts?

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a nice day,


  9. Hello kelsay am Sampson from Ghana an English speaking country and am offering HND in medical laboratory can I use it to apply for Masters in medical laboratory in Norway. And can l get part-time lab. work to do

  10. Hi,Kelsey…
    I’m from Bangladesh and want to get admitted myself in a University in Norway.Then what is the opportunity of part time jobs for me that I can bear all my expenses?
    Is it possible to stay in and do my study by doing a part time job only? And what about the salary?
    If there are other ways,please tell me.

    Best whishes to you,
    Muktadir Hasan

  11. Hi, Kelsey😊!
    I realy enjoyed your writting. Keep donig this. I wanted ti know if it’s possible to find a jon in Norway( Trondheim) before starting master program.
    I would really appreciate your help.
    Have a nice time😊 !

    • Hi Orjada,

      It is highly unlikely to get hired for a job before coming to Norway. There are plenty of qualified English-speakers already in Norway who can come in for in person interviews so chances of getting hired without an employer meeting you is very low.

      • Dear Kelsey I don’t know where you come from but that doesn’t matter i want to ask you something me and my mate we would like to do our’e internship in norway but we just can’t find find something ,we would like to go as north as possible and we would love to build log houses so my question is do you know some carpenters that we could go for a month ?we would be verry thankfull i hope you can help us i know its a bit of a strange question but we would love to go.

  12. Hi,
    Your blog gives so much information and thanks for it.
    Do you know about the post student job situation in Norway?
    Also please update about finding outside housing and how long will it take approximately to find one and what are the temporary housing options till we find housing?
    Thanks in advance. 😊
    Keep up the good work

  13. Hello Kelsey. My name is Valentine ibeh, texting from Nigeria. I am an aspirant in Norway Theatre academy, and we where asked to come to Norway for a physical audition (screening). And by so doing that we need to apply for a visitors visa. That means that I will need to come to Norway very far from Nigeria, do the screening then go back to my country then when we are admitted we can come back to Norway.. Check the movement is a lot of expenses. I need to study in that institution. My question is… Kelsey how can I come to Norway without a visitors visa, maybe a resident permit or work permit that will help me stay a lot longer till when am admitted in the institution fully, knowing that I don’t have anybody in Norway currently. How can I get a house to stay. Can I be granted a visa when I don’t have any body in Norway

  14. Hi Kelsey!

    Thank you for your blog! 🙂

    I just applied for a Master’s Degree program in NTNU and I want to know my chance of actually being accepted in that University. Do you have any idea how competitive it is? Do i have a great chance of being employed in Norway if i graduated from that school? Lastly, what is the usual schedule of classes for a master’s program?

    I hope to hear your response soon! Thanks in advance! 🙂

  15. Hi Kelsey, I’m planning to do my economics master at UiO in Oslo, however they say I have 6 months permit if I’m seeking a job, but after 3 months staying there I have to register myself as an student so they asked for some quantity that shows that you can support yourself. How much money did they ask you to prove to go and study there? Can I just indicate that I will be living with some family there that can support me?

  16. Hi Kelsey. I’m Milica and I come from Serbia. I want to apply for bachelor degree in arts in Oslo but I need to finance myself completely. I wanted to ask you if you know anything about getting part time job as foreign student with high school diploma and knowledge of Norwegian that is more than just basics. Any information, advice and help would mean so much to me. Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

  17. Hello Kelsey,
    Good day. Thanks so much for the information you’ve equipped us with via this platform.

    I’m Gerard from Nigeria. A graduate of The University of Nigeria (B.Sc Political Science).
    I wish to study M.Sc in Marketing at the Norwegian School of Economics but they require that I have a business related degree.

    Please, do you know if they have Post Graduate Diploma programs/Pre Masters qualification programs there?

    Thank you as I anticipate a response from you.



  18. Hello kelsey,
    I have got an offer letter for master in maritime management in vestfold campus( University of South-Eastern Norway). Would you please suggest me how I can get a part time job as early as possible I reach there. As you know I am from a developing country, Bangladesh. I must need it for running my studies also living and fooding expenses.

    Thanks for your interesting information.

  19. Hey, thanks for that info! I’d like to know, what city is better for students to find jobs, Bergen or Oslo? Thanks!

  20. So, I am currently looking into Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences for a Master’s Program. I do not know a single NO word and I’m honestly nervous but I think it would be a really good experience for me. I know tuition is free but I was wonder how much it is to stay on campus. At least for the first year while I can learn the language. I been serving or bartending so part-time, I’d love to work at a local restaurant or bar.

    If you were in my shoes, how would you approach the move?

  21. Hello Kelsey

    I am a matric student in South Africa. I started working on my Norwegian and I’m positive that ill understand enough Norwegian to get a job. Is it possible to get a job or do the interview while I don’t have a study visa or working visa?

  22. hello Kelsey

    i want to study medicine in OSLO, NORWAY. i also want to do part time jobs along with my academic years so can you suggest me some part time jobs?

  23. Hi dear Kelsey, your materials was so cool to me 🌷🌹but I want to know if a non_eu citizen can find a job in Norway with little Norwegian and no degree🤔🤔


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