Legal Help in Bergen

Legal help in Bergen

How to find an English speaking lawyer, solicitor or attorney in Bergen.

Navigating the Norwegian legal system can be intimidating for a foreigner, no matter how good your language skills. Newcomers can often be in need of legal help in Bergen for anything from immigration issues to employment law.

It's important to hire a legal professional that specialises in the area of law you require. Some specific skills you can hire in Bergen include:

  • Immigration, visa and work permit help
  • Employment law
  • Tax affairs and estate planning
  • Family law, including marriage and divorce
  • Criminal law
  • Property law
  • Business law

How to find the right legal help for you

The biggest problem faced by English speakers in Bergen is knowing where to start in their search for an attorney. The ability to speak, listen and understand English is critical, but more important is the professional's ability and experience in their chosen specialism.

By using this free service from Tjenestetorget, you can briefly describe your situation and obtain three quotes from legal teams that are ready and willing to take on your case.

Although the website is in Norwegian, it is super simple to use. Within 48 hours, you will be contacted by up to 3 legal teams that have been identified as the best suited to your personal circumstances.

Ageras has helped more than 70,000 people across Scandinavia through their network of more than 6,000 professional services firms.

Find legal help in Bergen today

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