Norway Cup – Refereeing a Televised Game

Each year one of the Norwegian National Broadcasters, TV 2, broadcast the Norway Cup Finals Live on the Sunday.

However this year they have expanded their coverage to transmit five games a day live (making a total of 36 games live over the week) from a specially setup pitch on the main site at Ekeberg – Pitch 3.

The honour of officiating the first live televised game of the week went to an English referee, David Chinery, from Wivenhoe in Essex.

Interview with David Chinery – Norway Cup Referee

David Chinery Norway CupI spoke to David after he finished his first game in front of the cameras – which resulted in a 2-1 victory for Viking FK over Ranheim 1.

So – David, you did the first game of the week live on TV2 – how did you enjoy it?

“Super – it was a lovely little game, the girls all enjoyed themselves. It was a very close, very competitive game – a good start to the week.”

You handled the media pressure well before the game it seemed!

“Yes, I loved all that, it was something different – something very special to me. I will probably never have another one, so I have memories now of taking charge of the first television game live on TV2 in Norway this year – so I am the first, I am unique!”

You’ve been coming here for a few years as a referee haven’t you?

“Yes – 15 years now. Each year I cannot wait to get here, it’s lovely. The atmosphere is wonderful, the children and young people are all enjoying football. There is no aggravation which is great as a Referee – the Norway Cup is just a wonderful experience.”

How do you find the other referees you work with here?

“I like the other referees and in particular working with the foreign referees. They have different cultures – and the style of refereeing is slightly different. You definitely make many friends here.”

So you’ll be back next year?

“I’ll definitely be returning next year for my 16th year!”

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Chris is a freelance journalist and football fan from the UK with a love of Norway. He works through his own business, Vertis Media House, currently reporting from the Norway Cup in Oslo.

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