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Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has announced an increase in Norway’s military and civilian aid to Ukraine, upping the total for this year to NOK 22 billion (approximately USD $2 billion).

The announcement boosts the amount of aid Norway will send to Ukraine in 2024 by NOK 7 billion (approximately USD $690 million).

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This move comes as part of a broader commitment encapsulated in the Nansen Program, initially set to distribute NOK 75 billion over five years.

The decision, aimed at bolstering Ukraine’s defenses against a recent Russian offensive, allocates NOK 6 billion for military aid, including crucial anti-air defense systems and ammunition, with the remaining one billion kroner directed towards civilian support.

“It’s a matter of life and death for the people of Ukraine,” Støre emphasized at a press conference, underscoring the link between Ukraine's security and the broader stability of Europe. Ukraine’s security “is also about our security,” he said.

Falls Short of Expectations

However, this augmentation has not sat well with everyone. The Ukrainian Association in Norway and several opposition leaders have voiced disappointment, advocating for a more robust response.

Critics argue that while the increase is a step in the right direction, it falls short of what is necessary given the dire situation in Ukraine and Norway’s capacity to contribute more substantially.

The Conservative Party's former defense and foreign minister, Ine Eriksen Søreide, expressed concerns over the pace and scale of support, suggesting that discussions about raising the cap on the Nansen Program are far from over.

“We're taking a large advance now, leaving less money for the next three years,” Søreide noted, emphasising the need for Norway to be a predictable donor.

Støre has highlighted the flexibility of Norway’s aid initiative, emphasising the critical need to counter Russian aggression effectively. Discussions regarding funding are set to take place during the upcoming negotiations over the revised state budget, with resolutions expected by late June.

Norway’s Role in International Crises

The increased aid package has stirred a broad spectrum of reactions, from parliamentary backing to public critique, reflecting a national debate over Norway’s role in international crises.

Norway, a major oil and gas producer that has benefited from rising energy prices, has been one of the top contributors to Ukraine since the conflict began. The country has also welcomed substantial amounts of war refugees from Ukraine.

As Støre prepares to negotiate the revised state budget in Parliament, it remains to be seen how these tensions will influence Norway’s future commitments to Ukraine.

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