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Norway Weekly 173: Norway's top stories from the last seven days

Here's what you may have missed from Norwegian news over the past week.

Top Story: Norway to dump petrol and diesel cars, or are they?

Ah, the power of virality in modern day media! A tweet from Elon Musk of the front page of Dagens Næringsliv was picked up by international media who immediately ran stories about how Norway is banning the sale of all cars powered by fossil fuels from 2025.

However, as the Local reports, although such measures were discussed, “the parties had only agreed to “set target numbers for how many low- and zero-emissions” there should be in Norway by 2025 in order to reach climate goals that will be presented next year as part of a national transport plan.”

Norway becomes first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation

The Norwegian parliament pledged the government’s public procurement policy will become deforestation-free after a committee of MPs recommended imposing regulations to ensure the state did “not contribute to deforestation of the rainforest”. Norway funds forest conservation projects worldwide and also supports human rights programmes for forest communities.

Norway returns kids in high-profile custody case

A Norwegian-Romanian couple in Naustdal whose battle with the Norwegian Child Welfare Services spurred protests around the globe will get all five of their children back, the couple’s law firm announced last week.

Afghanistan mission not entirely accomplished

Paywalled article – The Foreigner shares a new report that reveals Norway's 13-year presence in Afghanistan did not result in complete success.

Oslo commuters face high tolls

Paywalled article – News in English reports that after years of quarrelling over how to relieve congestion on the E18 highway into Oslo, how to finance it and even whether the road's capacity should be expanded at all, politicians finally struck a compromise.

Canada urged to change stance on care for Norwegian veteran

The Canadian government contends Petter Blindheim's war service doesn't make him eligible to stay at the Camp Hill Veterans' Memorial hospital and doesn't allow for access to long-term care assistance. He has lived in Canada for 61 years.

Indonesia and Norway agree to cooperate on environment & fisheries

The Indonesian President met with Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende to discuss strengthening ties between their two countries. It was Brende's first trip to Indonesia.


Belgium struggle to 3-2 win over Norway in final warm-up

Belgium labored to a 3-2 victory over Norway on Sunday. Veton Berisha and Joshua King scored Norway's goals.

Norway beats Euro 2016-bound Iceland 3-2

Stefan Johansen scored with a first-minute volley as Norway, which didn't qualify for Euro 2016, dominated its opponent. Pal Andre Helland and Alexander Sørloth scored Norway's other goals.


Diary of a guidebook writer: Vesterålen, more than just Lofoten-lite

From the Norwegian American: “True, the scenery is not as dramatic as Lofoten. The mountains are lower and somewhat more rounded, but no less spectacular. With regional capital Sortland at its center, the islands span out in all directions offering choice and helping to keep the roads and attractions much less crowded. Touring Lofoten, you’re pretty much stuck with the E10 highway, which gets clogged in the popular summer months.”

BMI launches flights from Newcastle to Norway

Passengers can now fly direct from the UK to Stavanger. BMI Regional launched its daily (except Saturdays) flight schedule to Stavanger last week.

For fashionable Victorian travellers, the only way was Norway

In the new book ‘The Lure of the North', three 19th-century travellers vividly recall their adventures sailing, camping and birdwatching in Norway. Read the full review in the Spectator.


Here's what a Scandinavian superstate would look like

From Business Insider: “Self-made billionaire tycoon Petter Stordalen shocked his countrymen by saying he thinks Sweden and Norway should get back together and pick up their superstate relationship where it was left off a hundred years ago.”

Changing gender in Norway

Soon, this former Navy captain will be recognized for what she is: a woman born in a man’s body. From the Norwegian American: “As the commander of a Cold War submarine tracking the Soviets, John Jeanette’s dresses were stashed away in a locker reserved for top-secret documents.”

From fjord to fork: Norway loves its fish

From Star2: “Our boat cuts through the still, dark water of the fjord like a sharp knife, sending silky ripples behind it. We arrive at an aquaculture farm with large floating cages in a neat row. In the middle of each cage, a curved feeding spout starts to move, spraying food pellets as it rotates. Suddenly, the fjord comes alive with the splashing of thousands of trout as they surge forth with gaping mouths.”

Norway’s hot & sunny. Go outside. Now.

From Norway Times: “Growing up in Canada, we have long summer nights. But Norway takes long and light to a whole new level. We live in Oslo, which doesn’t have the “midnight sun” (like they do in the north of the country) but, trust me, it’s still a light extravaganza down here in the south.”

How Norway’s Warren Buffett has banked 30% yearly gains since 1987

From Market Watch: “Kristian Siem is considered by many to be the Warren Buffett of Norway. Since 1987 Siem has compounded his money at a rate of about 30% annualized, increasing his worth from about $5 million in 1987 to around $2 billion by 2014. He has done this by focusing on two relatively narrow sectors: offshore drilling and shipping — about which he has extensive knowledge.”

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