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Make the most of your time in Norway's second biggest city by joining a guided tour of the city. Check out these five recommended tours of Bergen, Norway.

Nestled among seven hills and surrounded by fjords, Bergen is not just a gateway to Norway’s most awe-inspiring landscapes; it's a vibrant city steeped in a rich maritime history and brimming with cultural treasures.

View of Bergen from Ulriken. Photo: David Nikel.
The spectacular view of Bergen city from the top of Ulriken Cable Car. Photo: David Nikel.

Bergen pulsates with energy, drawing visitors to its bustling fish market, colourful Bryggen Hanseatic wharf, and the panoramic views from Mount Fløyen.

Though smaller than Oslo, Bergen boasts an allure that rivals the capital, with its picturesque alleys, historic sites, and a dynamic arts scene.

Whether you’re wandering through the narrow lanes of the old town, taking a fjord cruise from the harbour, or exploring the city’s numerous museums and galleries, there are so many things to do in Bergen that cater to every interest.

Cruise ships frequently dock at Bergen, presenting passengers with a golden opportunity to discover the city’s charm. Likewise, many choose to begin their Norwegian fjord adventures here, taking advantage of the city’s unique location.

Why Take a Guided Tour of Bergen?

For those arriving by sea or planning a more extended stay in the region, embarking on a guided tour of Bergen can enrich your visit significantly.

Expert guides can unveil hidden gems and narrate the city's storied past, ensuring you leave with a deep appreciation for this coastal gem.

Whether you’re soaking in the sights from a hilltop, delving into the fish market’s lively atmosphere, or uncovering the secrets of Bryggen’s wooden architecture, Bergen is a city that promises unforgettable experiences at every turn.

Bergen City Walking Tour

The cheapest way to see the highlights of Bergen is by joining a Group Walking Tour. Led by engaging and knowledgeable guides, this tour offers a chance to learn about Bergen in a relaxed atmosphere.

Bryggen district in Bergen, Norway. Photo: David Nikel.
Bryggen district in Bergen, Norway. Photo: David Nikel.

Highlights include the lively Fish Market, the historic Bryggen district, Bergenhus Fortress, Bergen Cathedral, and the panoramic views from Mount Fløyen.

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Private Walking Tour

Are group tours not your thing? Go at your own pace with this Private Walking Tour, which offers an exclusive exploration of Norway's scenic city surrounded by seven hills.

Led by a knowledgeable local guide, this tour delves into Bergen's fascinating history, natural beauty, and cultural landmarks.

You’ll wander through the lively Festplassen, the bustling fish market, and the historic Torgallmenningen avenue, absorbing the city's vibrant atmosphere and architectural charm and learning about the significance of each place.

Explore the Hanseatic era Bryggen, and visit significant sites like St. Mary's Church and Øvregaten street. Optionally, the tour can conclude with a funicular ride up Mount Fløyen for breathtaking views of the city.

This private tour ensures a personalized experience, allowing you to immerse in Bergen's rich history and beauty at your own pace. It's the perfect journey for those seeking an intimate glimpse into the city's heart.

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Short Sightseeing Cruise

Embark on this City and Harbour Sightseeing Cruise, a short tour that combines the intimate feel of a local-led walking tour with the wonderful perspective and comfort of a boat.

As you glide through the waters of Bergen's historic harbour, your knowledgeable captain will guide you through the city's rich past and present.

From the UNESCO-protected Bryggen with its colourful wooden houses to the charming old wooden warehouses of Skuteviken and Sandviken, you'll see Bergen's most iconic sights from a unique vantage point.

The comfortable vessel is designed for your relaxation and enjoyment, and blankets are even provided for those cooler Norwegian days. At just one hour long, it’s the perfect choice when time is tight.

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Food and Culture Walk

Savour the flavours of Bergen by joining this Food and Culture Walk, a guided tour that takes you beyond the typical tourist experiences to delve into the city’s rich flavours and vibrant culture.

Fresh seafood at Bergen Fish Market. Photo: David Nikel.
Fresh seafood at Bergen Fish Market. Photo: David Nikel.

Bergen, known for its stunning mountain vistas and historic, colorful wharf, is also celebrated for its exquisite fresh fish and seafood. This tour invites you to explore the iconic sights while indulging in Norwegian coastal cuisine.

As you wander through the historic wharf and visit the bustling local fish market, the passionate, food-loving guide will share insights into Norway's culinary traditions and popular dishes.

You'll have the unique opportunity to sample a variety of delicious dishes and regional specialties, gaining a taste of real Norwegian culture.

This intimate walking tour is designed for small groups, ensuring a personalized experience. With a maximum of 15 people, you’ll enjoy a cozy atmosphere that fosters interaction and allows for an immersive exploration of Bergen.

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Bergen Tour by Segway

Zip through Bergen on a Segway and cover more ground than you could on foot with this exhilarating two-hour daytime tour.

Glide effortlessly through the city's scenic streets, taking in top sights from the historic harbour and Fish Market to the cobbled alleys and the charming wooden buildings of Bryggen.

Led by an English-speaking guide who shares intriguing tales of Bergen's past, this Segway tour offers something different. Never used a Segway? All equipment and training is provided.

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Whatever you choose to do with your time in Bergen, I’’m sure you’re going to have a great time!

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