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A song about, well, Oslo in the summertime.

Of Montreal is a U.S. indie pop group from Athens, Georgia, established in 1996 by Kevin Barnes, named after a past relationship with a woman “of Montreal.”

Summer view in Oslo.

The band, part of the Elephant 6 collective, is known for its evolving musical style, influenced by 1960s psychedelic pop, and its members' involvement in numerous side projects with other bands.

Oslo in the summertime

Listen to the song here, or read on for the lyrics.

Oslo in the summertime, nobody can fall asleep
I'm staring out the window from my bed
At 4 AM the sun is up
Look, the sky is peppered with sea birds
And with crows all cackling

Up in tre ten Heimdalsgate
Me and Nina making fun of footballers
In Rudolph Neilson Plass
I practice my Norwegian on poor befuddled waitresses
Who shake their heads, completely at a loss
Oslo in the summertime, the streets are strangely quiet
Because everyone's away on holiday

Oslo in the summertime, Pakistani children play
Locked inside of the courtyard all day
Pretty people everywhere, sun lamp tans and flaxen hair
Just tell the American not to stare

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