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Life in Norway Show Episode 82: Florencia Meinardo from ‘El Podcast de Noruega’ joins us to talk about her relocation from Argentina, and the experience of native Spanish speakers in Norway.

The Life in Norway Show is not the only game in town when it comes to podcasts all about moving to and living in Norway.

Spanish speakers in Oslo image.

‘El Podcast de Noruega' serves the Spanish-speaking community, and today I’m joined by one of its founders and co-hosts, Florencia Meinardo.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Florencia spent some time living in the US before deciding to make Norway her home together with her Spanish partner.

We talk about the relocation process, Florencia’s decision to learn Norwegian as quickly as possible, and what life in Norway is like as a native Spanish speaker.

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Introducing Florencia and ‘El Podcast de Noruega'

Florencia grew up in Buenos Aires and spent some time in the U.S. before making the decision to move to Norway together with her Spanish husband, who found a research job in Oslo.

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The podcast came about when Florencia answered a Facebook post from someone interested in starting a show.

A few more people joined the team, from different countries and living in different parts of Norway, and ‘El Podcast de Noruega' was born.

“We came across the fact that there was a lot of information about Norway being spread, but most of it was in English. We wanted to represent the needs of the Spanish speaking community, and we wanted to share our stories,” says Florencia.

Spanish-speakers in Norway

Florencia explains that there is a Latin American association that focuses on Norway's Spanish-speaking community, including those from Spain.

But there's also a lot of country-specific organisations and cultural initiatives, and the Oslo-based Radio Latin Amerika.

“Recently, I came across with a theatre group that offers classes in Spanish in Oslo. So if you start to dig in, you will find a lot of things that are going on in Spanish in Norway,” says Florencia.

We also talk about the interest in the Spanish language throughout Norway, and how Florencia found a job as a part-time Spanish teacher.

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