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Viking Sky cruise ship rescue operation

Footage taken by passengers and shared on social media shows the horrifying conditions on the stranded cruise ship and during the rescue.

The incredible story of a cruise liner stranded in the ocean during high winds captivated the world this weekend.

The Viking Sky lost all engine power and drifted perilously close to land in a notorious stretch of water on the Norwegian coastline.

Nearly 500 people were airlifted to safety by helicopter in a daring rescue operation that lasted through the night. But hundreds more remained on the ship and had to dodge flying furniture and smashing glass.

These videos shared on social media by passengers awaiting rescue shows the extent of the horrifying ordeal. First up, one showing the ship being tossed around in the water:

This clip shows the situation on board before the emergency was called. The large waves caused glass to smash in the dining room, and windows to slide open:


This video clip shows the relative calm among passengers – all wearing life jackets – despite the ship taking on water:

It wasn't just water that waiting passengers had to deal with though. At its worst, the stormy weather created waves of up to eight metres high. Without propulsion, the cruise ship was tossed around like a rag doll. Anything that wasn't fixed became a potential danger.

Elderly passengers were among the first to be airlifted. The helicopters winched passengers one-by-one in windy conditions. Passengers were then taken to a reception centre in Molde, or to one of several local hospitals if they were injured.

This official video is from Hovedredningssentralen Sør-Norge, the rescue organisation that led the operation. They have been widely praised by passengers for how the operation was carried out.

A little over 24 hours after the ship declared an emergency, the Viking Sky docked safely in Molde with the help of tug boats.

Passengers who had to remain on board were greeted by hundreds of local residents, who came out to the harbour side to welcome the ship into port.

An investigation has now been launched to establish the causes of what happened.

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Viking Sky Rescue in Norway: Astonishing must-see videos from the evacuation by helicopter of the Viking Sky cruise ship off the coast of Norway

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  1. Well done the Norwegian rescue services and the crew of Viking Sky. Magnificent effort. Looking forward to a visit to Norway soon, on CMV vessel ‘Columbus’.


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