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True crime in Norway podcast

Episode 14: A chat with Marit Higraff from the hit true crime podcast Death in Ice Valley.

For episode 14 of the Life in Norway Show I'm joined by NRK journalist Marit Higraff, co-presenter of Death in Ice Valley.

The hit true crime podcast from NRK and the BBC has been picking up celebrity fans and awards all around the world. It looks in detail at the case of the Isdal woman, one of Norway's most infamous unsolved mysteries.

An interview with Marit Higraff from NRK
Marit Higraff

We talk a little about the case, how the podcast came to be, the international success of Scandinavian crime stories, and what it's like to work as a journalist in Norway.

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Death in Ice Valley

An unidentified body. Who was she? Why hasn't she been missed?

A woman's body was found badly burned in a remote valley in Norway in November 1970. Objects were found laid out around her body and labels had been removed from her clothes and personal items.

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The police never found her identify and still, no-one knows who she was or what happened to her.

The Death in Ice Valley podcast combines modern forensic techniques, material from the original Police investigation, investigative journalism, and input from fans around the world to try and solve the mystery.

Show notes

I talk with Marit about the case and the making of the podcast. Some of the things we talk about include:

  • How Marit first got interested in the case
  • How the podcast came to be
  • The success of the show and the international fan base
  • How NRK, the BBC and the Norwegian Police worked together
  • The popularity of Scandinavian crime around the world
  • What it's like working as a journalist in Norway

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True crime in Norway: An interview with Marit Higraff from the hit podcast Death in Ice Valley

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Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.

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