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Life in Norway Show Episode #73: Agnes Erickson joins the podcast to talk about her move from California to Norway, and what life is like in a small town on the south coast.

So sorry, podcast fans! I recently realised it had been six months since I released an episode. My focus has been on travelling and making YouTube videos recently, so I let the podcast mic rest a little. It’s time to put that right!

Agnes Erickson photo with Mandal Norway in background.

On the latest episode of the Life in Norway Show, I’m joined by Agnes Erickson, who works in the marketing team at Norwegian outdoor clothing retailer Norrøna. We talk about her story of moving from the U.S. to Norway, and what life is like on Norway’s sunny south coast.

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Introducing Agnes

Agnes works in the marketing team at the headquarters of Norwegian outdoor clothing brand Norrøna. She works from Oslo a couple days per week and works the rest of the time in Mandal.

Agnes says she moved to Norway “for love” but even so, it was a difficult first year adapting to the different culture and learning the language. But ten years on, the effort was worthwhile!

Agnes in Hovden.
Agnes in Hovden.

“When I moved to Mandal, I had this rule of saying yes to everything for the first year. It's exhausting to socialise and especially when it's not in your language, but I knew the first year was my opportunity.”

Introducing Mandal

Mandal is a small Norwegian town of about 10,000 people on the southern coast of Norway, about 30 minutes west of Kristiansand. As with many southern coastal towns, Mandal is known for its white, wooden houses, beaches, and busy harbour.

Agnes picks out the beach Sjøsanden as one of her favourite places in the town: “It's a huge sandy beach that could be in Spain or Portugal, but right up when you come off the sand there's thick, dense forest with beautiful walking trails.”

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