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The young Norwegian twins Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen, sometimes referred to as M&M, will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2024. Here’s their story.

When the winner of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen was announced, it caused more than a few heads to turn over the border in Norway.

Norway's Marcus and Martinus winning Sweden's Melodifestivalen. Photo: L.Enochson / Wikipedia CC.
Norway's Marcus and Martinus winning Sweden's Melodifestivalen. Photo: L.Enochson / Wikipedia CC.

Young pop stars and twin brothers Marcus & Martinus won the competition, comfortably topping the votes from both the Swedish public and the international jury.

So, what was Norway’s beef? It’s simple. Melodifestivalen is used to select Sweden’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, meaning the two Norwegian talents will be singing for Sweden on the global stage.

How will they do? Watch the video from their winning performance below and judge for yourself:

I'd love to know what you think of the song. How do you think it compares to Norway's own Eurovision entry? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

International Recognition Sure to Follow

The winning song, Unforgettable, is sure to propel the duo to international recognition, yet they are already well known within Norway and Scandinavia.

The pair won Norway’s ‘Melodi Grand Prix Junior' when they were just 10 years old. Their song ‘Elektrisk' is the most streamed Norwegian song of all time.

Recently, they managed to sell out shows in every Nordic country on their We Are Not The Same Part 1 tour. Their popularity is helped by their magnetic stage presence and their willingness to share much of their lives on social media.

The twins have an uncanny ability to charm their audience, not just with their melodious voices but with their dynamic performances and relatable lyrics, often revolving around themes of love, friendship, and the trials of adolescence.

Today, Eurovision. Tomorrow, the world?

The Story of Marcus & Martinus

Born on February 21, 2002, in Elverum, Norway, Marcus and Martinus are the sons of Kjell-Erik and Gerd Anne Gunnarsen. They also have a younger sister, Emma.

Martinus (left) and Marcus (right) at Sweden's Melodifestivalen 2024. Photo: PhotoAnnaR / Wikipedia CC.
Martinus (left) and Marcus (right) at Sweden's Melodifestivalen 2024. Photo: PhotoAnnaR / Wikipedia CC.

In 2012, the duo took part in the eleventh season of ‘Melodi Grand Prix Junior'. They won the final, held at Oslo Spektrum, with the song “To dråper vann” (Two Drops of Water), which went on to reach number eight in the singles chart in Norway.

Their debut album, “Hei,” released in 2015, received an overwhelming response, securing platinum status in their home country. Quickly, the duo had become one of the most popular Norwegian dance-pop acts.

They've embarked on tours across Europe, bringing their infectious energy to stages in Sweden, Denmark, and beyond. Their ability to sing in both Norwegian and English has broadened their appeal, allowing them to connect with a diverse audience.

In November 2016, they released their first English language album, ‘Together'. Featuring hit songs ‘Girls', ‘Heartbeat', ‘Light It Up', and ‘One More Second', the album hit the top of the charts in both Norway and Sweden.

Popularity in Sweden

In fact, it's now in Sweden where the duo are arguably most successful. Even before the Melodifestivalen victory, M&M won ‘Masked Singer Sverige' and also entered Melodifestivalen in 2023.

Were it not for Loreen's popularity, they may have already represented Sweden at Eurovision. The duo finished in second place behind Loreen at the 2023 edition of Melodifestivalen with their song ‘Air'.

Are you a fan of Marcus and Martinus? What are your favourite songs by the duo? Finally, do you think they can pull off a win for Sweden? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments.

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  2. Let’s get them on The Jimmy Fallon show in New York. They will be an instant hit with Jimmy and his crew, especially The Roots, the orchestra/band that plays there every nite as part of Jimmy’s show. They would get a fantastic review in an instant! Any music with the rhythm that these boys have in their music will blow the viewers away with the first chord they play!!!
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