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Available now on BBC iPlayer and coming soon to NRK, the new six-part TV travelogue covers an epic road trip across Norway. From Oslo to the remote Arctic region via an oil rig, here's what you need to know about the show.

Having lived in Norway for 13 years now, I'm always fascinated to see the country through fresh eyes. One of the best ways to do that is when international TV companies come to film a movie or a series.

Norwegian road trip epic scenery from Lofoten.
The new BBC show will showcase incredible scenery from a Norwegian road trip.

For me as a native Brit, that's all the more interesting when it's the BBC! And so when I heard about the new BBC series, ‘Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling', I had to find out more.

Will this series end up on our list of must-watch TV shows, or will it miss the mark? Let's find out.

From Scotland to Norway

In 2022, “Line of Duty” actor Martin Compston and his friend Phil MacHugh captivated audiences with their Scottish road trip series, showcasing Scotland's stunning landscapes, vibrant communities, and lively banter.

Seeking to surpass their previous journey, they embarked on a new adventure to Norway. The result is a six-part series that follows them on an almost 2,000-mile trek across Norway, exploring dramatic landscapes and urban experiences.

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They dive into modern Norwegian culture with activities ranging from roller-skiing and zip-lining to crowd-surfing at a Black Metal concert and close encounters with wildlife.

Black metal guitarist performing live in Norway.
Less visible elements of Norwegian society are also explored in the show.

Their road trip also includes unique experiences like a post-sauna dip, outdoor jacuzzi relaxation, and hands-on learning on a fishing boat and on an offshore oil rig, offering a deeper understanding of modern Scandinavian life.

‘Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling' starts on BBC Scotland on 22 February, BBC Two on 23 February, and BBC iPlayer from 22 February.

Are you, like me, living in Norway? Great news! The show is coming to NRK later this week. It will also be available on Britbox.

“Norway has always intrigued me”

In a BBC interview, Compston and MacHugh dived into detail about their Scandinavian adventures, and what viewers can expect from the show.

Drawn to Norway's cultural and environmental parallels with Scotland, Phil, humorously claiming his ‘Nordic roots,' and Martin, intrigued by the prospect of heading north, embarked on a journey that surpassed their expectations.

Norway's vast landscapes, direct yet humorous people, and deep connection with nature left a lasting impression on them.

Aerial summer view of Urnes Stave church in Lustrafjorden in Norway.
Norway's natural landscapes left a lasting impression on the two presenters.

“Every time we stopped somewhere or we went on a drive, we were like this can't get any better and it just kept going up and up a notch. So it genuinely is a stunningly, stunningly beautiful country,” said Martin.

Their experiences ranged from intense oil rig training to close encounters with wolves, showcasing both the country's beauty and the duo's diverse interests.

Martin was fascinated by the primal experience of being amongst wolves, while Phil found the oil rig training particularly daunting: “When I was left in the middle of the North Sea alone, not knowing if what was underneath me was a Loch Ness monster type below and whales or whatever, I was very alone with my own thoughts.”

Their journey was filled with stunning scenery, endearing locals, and a sense of discovery, making Norway a place they eagerly recommend. The series promises breathtaking visuals and engaging encounters with Norway's people and culture, highlighted by their memorable day with pop star Dagny.

“I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I found out that we're actually gonna hang out with her for one day, and it was phenomenal to get in the recording studio alongside her, well maybe not sing, but definitely dance,” said Phil.

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Have you watched ‘Martin Compston's Norwegian Fling'? If so, I'd love to know what you thought of the show, and if it's inspired your own trip to Norway. Let me know down in the comments.

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Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.

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2 thoughts on “Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling: A New BBC Showcase of Norway”

  1. As a native Norwegian, it is interesting to see ourselves from the eyes of foreigners. Norwegians have a lot in common with the Scots, including the fight for independence. I have seen an episode from Midt-Norway and thought it was honest and interesting. The program managers are genuinely interested, and thus get good contact with the people they interview.

  2. I thought this programme was fantastic. Great escapism from the Scottish winter. It showed off some fantastic Norwegian landscapes and had a number of very interesting features on culture and traditions. Martin and Phil are very watchable. Just two down to earth Scottish guys having a good laugh. It definitely provided some inspiration for my next Norway trip.


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