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I was told by someone today I only write “happy stuff”. Good observation! I do sound off about stuff that bugs me, but I tend to do that on Twitter. Instant gratification and all that! So, in order to redress the balance on this blog, I present the first in a new series of moany blogs – with a smile 🙂

There's nothing us Brits love more than a good old moan, so here goes.

Fornebu, a peninsula 10km southwest of Oslo, is a really strange place to work. It's the site of the former airport, so has space galore on which to build gleaming new office blocks. But modern Fornebu feels soulless. Each office block may have superb facilities, but there's little sense of community, little sense of it being anything other than a place to work.

Retro Fornebu Airport postcard

Fornebu has attracted some of Norway's best-known companies such as Statoil, Telenor and Aker Solutions. Airlines SAS and Norwegian have a home here, with many more firms including SAP and Norsk Hydro at nearby Lysaker. To be honest, I have no idea who actually works in Oslo City Centre these days. With the number of people crammed onto the Fornebu buses each morning, I'd guess not many!

Telenor Fornebu Oslo

Telenor Fornebu Beach

Depending on the time I leave home, I take either the 24 or 28 to Fornebu. Both are jam-packed by the time I get on, forcing me to cling on for dear life to whatever comes to hand, if I can get on the bus at all! It's a journey not for the faint-hearted, and it's about to get a lot worse as 2,000 Statoil employees will shortly be making Fornebu their home.

Fornebu Bus Commute

But, fear not fellow commuters, help is on the way!


Public transport agency Ruter published priority plans for “Fornebu-Banen”, an extension of the T-Bane (metro) network from Majorstuen to Fornebu, via Skøyen, Lysaker and the Telenor Arena. The track will be built underground, an expensive but necessary option and of course, questions remain about the funding. Last I heard, a Public Private Partnership was proposed as a way to fast-track the development.

Map of Fornebubanen proposals

It all looks ideal. But whatever the long-term solution, a way to plug the gap must be found.

For my own sanity 🙂

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  1. Wonder of wonders! A new bus route was launched this week, the 36E, direct from Vika/NT to Fornebu in just 12 minutes. it seems to be running very regularly, every 5-8 minutes or so yesterday 🙂


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