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Åndalsnes Camping is a great value accommodation choice close to some of Norway's most famous attractions.

Åndalsnes is a terrific location for road-trippers heading for the northern part of Fjord Norway, to such sights as the Atlantic Road, Ålesund, Trollstigen, the Hjørunfjord and the Geirangerfjord.

Åndalsnes Camping by the riverside

There is nothing remarkable about Åndalsnes itself, but it has a spectacular location and the campsites around its edge are some of the best in Norway.

Another plus for the town is the link to the national rail network. A handful of trains run along the Rauma line every day, giving passengers a great view of the Rauma valley before connecting on to the Oslo to Trondheim line at Dombås.

I've now stayed at Åndalsnes Camping twice and been very happy both times. This is why.


Just 1.5km from Åndalsnes town centre, this campsite in Norway hugs the edge of the river and is surrounded by mountains.

On the downside this means the warmth of the sun can disappear fairly early in the evening, but on the flipside the views are outstanding.

Ragged mountains near Åndalsnes


The site is large (for Norway) with lots of room for tents, caravans and mobile homes. There are also a good selection of cabins and motel rooms.

On both my visits I stayed in a basic cabin, which sleeps up to four at the bargain price of just 500kr for a night.

The cabin's small interior is enhanced with a front terrace facing the mountains that enjoys sun for much of the day, while there is space to park the car immediately adjacent to the cabin.

A small cabin in Åndalsnes

First point: The cabin was clean and tidy. Check!

The bunk beds are a little awkward for adults but all four of us found we had enough space. The only facilities are a small fridge and a tabletop hob.

Interior of the cabin

Like most campsite cabins, you are required to bring your own bedlinen or rent some on site.

Make sure to take an eye mask if you are staying in the summer months as the thin curtains do not really keep out the light during the “night”.

Bunk beds in the cabin


The extensive facility block includes lots of toilets and hot showers (10kr for 5 minutes), although the loud radio in the bathroom took a bit of getting used to!

There is also a kitchen block around the corner with facilities to make a basic meal and most importantly to wash-up: a requirement of the campsite is to leave the cabin – including all kitchen utensils – as you found it to avoid a hefty cleaning fee.

A small kiosk selling basic groceries and a cafeteria that sells beer and wine are located in the reception building. Higher-standard cabins with their own bathrooms are also available at a higher price.

View of Åndalsnes Camping

Why stay here?

Staying on campsites can drastically reduce the cost of a road trip in Norway. 500kr for a four-berth cabin in a prime location is outstanding value, and at least one-third the price of an equivalent hotel, many of which don't even offer rooms for four.

At Åndalsnes Camping, you are within a 15-minute drive of the spectacular Trollstigen mountain road, and less than two hours from Ålesund and the Geirangerfjord.

Looking down on Trollstigen

At Life in Norway, we do ocassionally receive complimentary accommodation in exchange for an honest review. But on both visits to Åndalsnes Camping, we paid our own way and did not identify ourselves. Contact Åndalsnes Camping for current rates and availability.

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