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During my recent trip to Stavanger I took a walk around the harbour to the Oil Museum. For a reason I don't recall, I decided to walk around an old building. What greeted me on the other side was a mooning Mona Lisa!

Mooning Mona Lisa in Stavanger

After tweeting the picture, I was sent a link to an awesome Google map of Stavanger's street art, opening up a whole new side to the city I never knew existed.

The driving force behind it all is the Nuart festival, established way back in 2001. At each year's festival, Stavanger's extensive street art collection grows a little more.

Mural in Stavanger

It's discoveries like this that make me realise why Stavanger shared the European Capital of Culture title with Liverpool in 2008.

I didn't have long in Stavanger, but I followed the map for an hour or so to catch some more of the city's urban art:


Street art in Stavanger

But it's not just artwork on walls that lights up Stavanger's streets:

GeoPark at the Oil Museum

Outside the oil museum there is a bizarre Geopark, a cross between a playground, oil field and graffiti site.

Street sculpture in Stavanger

No Norwegian city would be complete without statues and sculptures, of which Stavanger has its fair share.

Tree trunk with ribbons

Tree trunks brightened up with coloured ribbons! What's your favourite piece of Stavanger street art?

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Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.

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5 thoughts on “Street Art of Stavanger”

  1. Hi Everyone,

    An agent contacted me to work for oil company as a finance manager in Stavanger, I just want to know 550,000 Krone per year is enough to survive there or I should ask more for the salary? Your help will be very much appreciated.


    • Hi! It depends entirely on your circumstances and required standard of living, for example are you single? married? kids? etc. In VERY general terms, 550,000 is an above average salary in Norway, although Stavanger is expensive and I would expect a bit more for a finance manager in the oil industry. Good luck!

      • Thank you David.
        I have just seen adver. for Norwagian this position will be paid £118,000 -£264,000. I understand that they want a foreigner with cheaper price. I was stupid just change £60,000 to Krone of 550,000 without knowing that Norway is much more expensive than UK. In the UK agent will negociate your salary as much as possible because they will get 1.5-2 time of the salary. I do not know whether it is the case in Norway. I told agent in Norway I want 550,000 Krone but released that it is too low considering the cost of living. Do not know what to do.


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