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Watch an Australian pro surfer tackle northern Norway's waves under a magical light show.

Northern Norway is known among surfers for its cold water, big waves and spectacular scenery. Australian professional Mick Fanning flew half way around the world to test out the waters with the hope of catching a light show.

Green lights

He camped out on a beach with two photographer friends on a secluded beach on Norway's Lofoten islands, and waited. On the first two nights, the northern lights came out to play but the waves were not good enough.

“We'd set out a 10-day waiting period because there were so many elements that had to come together,” Fanning told an Australian newspaper. “Even then it was a bit of a roll of the dice. You need the right waves, clear skies and on top of all that, you actually need the lights to come on.”

Watch the video

And come on, they did!

The video has since gone viral online, with media outlets around the world picking up the story. Quite the success for the Norwegian tourism authorities!

In July 2015, Fanning suffered a shark attack while competing in South Africa, shortly before his brother died and his marriage broke down. For the last twelve months, he's taken time out from professional competition to explore bucket list items such as these.

Although the quiet beaches of the Lofoten archipelago are a popular destination for surfers, northern lights hunters tend to head to Tromsø or further inland.

As an exposed, mountainous string of islands, the skies around Lofoten can often be cloudy, which obscures any chance of seeing the aurora. Planning an extended stay is the best way to increase your chances.

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