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Life in Norway Show Episode #72: A repatriate to Norway joins the show to chat about her experiences returning to Norway after many years abroad, and how mentoring can help foreigners find employment in Norway.

Today I’m joined by Tone Indrelid from the mentoring organisation Sammen om en jobb, a social enterprise that works towards better integration and a more diverse working life through mentoring programmes.

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Regular readers of Life in Norway may recognise Tone’s name, for she has penned several articles about the process of adapting to life in Norway after so long living abroad.

Now, Tone works to help newcomers to Norway adjust and find employment through the mentoring company Sammen om en jobb. We talk about Tone’s experiences, some of the challenges in adapting and finding work in Norway, and how a mentoring program could help you.

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Introducing Tone

Tone Indrelid was born in Norway but spent many, many years living overseas in India, Oman, Syria and Borneo before she and her family returned to Norway.

When Tone returned to Norway, she wrote several articles about her relocation including her children starting school in Norway for the first time. She went on to write a lot more including how to be polite in Norway and many articles on workplace culture.

She now puts her years of experience as a anthropologist, interculturalist and language instructor to good use by becoming project leader in Stavanger for the organisation Sammen om en jobb.

Introducing Sammen om en jobb

Sammen om en jobb is a voluntary organisation that connects participants with extensive experience from Norwegian working life with immigrants and refugees in a 6-month long programme.

The organisation creates relationships across cultures, passing on expertise so that more newcomers can contribute to the Norwegian labour market. You can find out more about the organisation and its programs on the Sammen om en jobb website.

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