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Improve your language skills and get a taste of true Norwegian society by working as an au pair and living with a local family.

As a live-in nanny, you can improve your Norwegian language skills and learn about Norwegian society with a Norwegian family. In return you will provide services, usually childcare and light housework, for the host family.

Benefits of working as an au pair

Working as an au pair is a great way to sample what it's really like to live in Norway. Although your monetary compensation is very low, your travel to and from Norway, accommodation and food costs are covered by the host family.

A further benefit is that the host family is required to pay for Norwegian language classes for their au pair. The family is required by law to pay you a monthly fee of 5,400kr.

This is on top of the other benefits such as accommodation, food and the language course. However, the fee (known as ‘pocket money') and other benefits are classed as taxable income and so you will be required to pay tax on the total amount to Norway.

Childcare in Norway

As au pairs are classed as employees, you are entitled to 25 days paid holiday per year just like any other employee. You can make use of these 25 days, even if you have not spent the entire year with your host family as long as you started working before the end of September.

There is no law on the situation with public holidays so that is something that you should discuss with your host family.

How to find a job

According to Fagforbundet, there are around 3,000 au pairs in Norway at any given time. Most of the au pairs are from the Philippines and are in their 20s.

Finding a job as an au pair is mostly done online. Several agencies in Norway offer recruitment and placement service into families in all parts of Norway. Agencies include Energy Au Pair and Atlantis, while international listings can be found on websites such as aupairworld.com and aupair.com.

Immigration rules for au pairs in Norway

Different immigration rules apply for people coming to Norway to work as an au pair. For citizens of an EU, EFTA or EEA country (all EU members plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland) the process is straightforward.

You must register online with UDI and then appear in person at the local police department or Service Centre for Foreign Workers.

Norway immigration

If you are from any other country, you must apply for a residence permit, but again, a specific permit for au pairs exists.

To apply you will need a signed contract from your host family and other documentation depending on your circumstances. The application can be made inside or outside of Norway.

If the latter, au pairs may hand in their application to a Norwegian embassy or consulate in your home country or the country in which you have been a legal resident for the past six months. In some countries, applications may also be handed in at the Swedish or Danish embassy.

In most circumstances, you need to start the application online. Au pairs who successfully register through this process may stay in the country for a maximum of two years.

Next steps

We are not a recruitment agency and cannot provide personal help. For more information on working as an au pair, you should contact the agencies listed above.

We can however offer our book How to Find a Job in Norway, which gives you a lot of information on what it's like to work in Norway as well as how to find employment. Grab your copy here.

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  1. David, I would love to do what you do. I lived in Norway and would like to move back. My daughter also wants to finish high school and college there. I am s writer as well and also work as a proper nanny. Could you tell me what steps to take to do all of this.
    Thank you in advance. Shelley Booth
    Good article by the way

    • Shelley I have been an au pair in Norway. My recommendation first is to go on the UDI (Norwegian immigration) website ad look at all the requirements. Also learn about your rights and duties as an au pair so that you are not taken advantage of. There are plenty og horro stories in the au pair community especially in Norway about families that take advantage. I went through an agency in my home country that helped me gather all the documents and connected me to a host family. That is most likely the best way to go. You can just google and find an agency online that does au pair exchanges from your country to Norway. You must be under 30 years old. The pay is very little because as you know Norway is expensive. I recommend that you have money saved up before you come because I found that the pay was not enough because I also had some debt and other things to take care of in my home country. I also recommend that you get to know the family first because if you do not have good chemistry it will be a very bad experience. Good luck.

    • David, i would like to know if you maybe know if after finishing my program as an Au pair I can stay in Norway on a student visa, so i can pursue a master’s degree.

  2. Hello, my name is Valeriia I’m from Ukraine. I live in smole but very beautifull city. I want to be au pair in Norwey. I need your help, pleace help me seach a host familly. Thank you !

  3. Hi, my husband’s sisters, cousins and aunt has been living in Norway for a long time. His aunt helped him to apply for a license as a health care worker. Fortunately, he got his license to work as a health care worker. We are still waiting for his aunt to get an employer in Norway. Is there other way he can get an employer via agency since he already have a license?thanks

  4. Please Is it possible for one get residence permit through au pair in Norway ? If yes how? If no what should I do to get residence permit. Thanks


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