Moon Norway: Updated for 2019!

Moon Norway Updated for 2019

Travel writer and Trondheim resident David Nikel shares his expert perspective on Norway's best, guiding you on a memorable and unique experience around this very special corner of Scandinavia.

“The gold standard for guides to Norway. The best and most readable travel guide to Norway published in many years. Good coverage of the less obvious treasures of this beautiful and inviting country” – Amazon reviewer

Whether you're hoping to see the famed northern lights, explore Norway's dramatic fjords and mountains, or visit its beautiful and historical cities, Moon Norway has recommendations for every traveler.

With itineraries like “The Best of Norway by Rail” and “Norway for Families,” expertly crafted maps, gorgeous photos, and Nikel's trustworthy advice, Moon Norway provides the tools and inspiration for planning your perfect trip!

“I've lived in Norway since 2011 and have spent much of that time travelling the length and breadth of this outstanding country, visiting far flung places, meeting the locals, and working out the best travel itineraries for my friends and family. I'm so happy that I can now share that knowledge with a much wider audience with the launch of Moon Norway.” – David Nikel, author

Skagsanden beach in Lofoten

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A little taster

Twenty-first century Oslo is a city transformed. For decades, travelers would head straight for the mountains or the fjords, but the Oslo of today is a cosmopolitan European capital with world-class architecture, art, and museums. Were it not for Norway’s stunning natural environment, three days in Oslo would satisfy most travelers.

That’s because the city is intrinsically linked to nature, surrounded on all sides by forest and fjord. Spend an entire weekend break in Oslo or tag on this three-day itinerary to a longer tour and you will not leave disappointed.

Should the weather be good, consider replacing any of these choices with a day trip to Drøbak, a delightful fishing village on the Oslofjord, or to Fredrikstad to wander the streets of one of northern Europe’s best-preserved fortified districts.

To conserve your budget, make the most of your hotel’s breakfast buffet and plan to eat light for lunch. Many hotels offer the opportunity to compose a packed lunch from the breakfast buffet (additional charge) or just grab some fruit and snacks from a supermarket.

Coworking spaces in Oslo, Norway

Day 1: Art and the Waterfront. A visit to the epic National Gallery affords the opportunity to see some of Edvard Munch’s most famous works with none of the crowds you might expect. Take a leisurely lunch in one of the excellent waterside restaurants on the Aker Brygge wharf, or grab a quick bite from a coffee shop and head instead to the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art at the nearby Tjuvholmen development.

In the afternoon, explore the buildings that inspired the castle in Disney’s Frozen at Akershus Fortress, before completing your tour of the waterfront with a stroll on the roof of Oslo Opera House. The nearby Oslo Central Station and Jernbanetorget public square offer several options for dinner.

Want to see my recommendations for days two and three? You know what to do!

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  1. You have suggested many opptions for the traveler but can I suggest you put some prices in your blogs .If you could point out inexpensive public transport ticket offers such as available in London.Enough said bar thank you Davib for your efforts to raise peoples knowledge of this remarkable part of the world.

    • Hi, I’m glad you enjoy the site and thanks for the suggestion. The problem with including prices in blog posts is that they very quickly become outdated. It’s almost impossible to manage and keep hundreds of blog posts updated, especially when I have to proactively look for price changes. However, I do always try to link to the source (e.g. the bus company website) which will always have the latest prices.

      • I ran into the same issue on my website. I add a little subscript with the year next to the prices. They don’t have to be super accurate, only to give people an idea of what to expect.

        Regardless, thank you for this wonderful resource. I’m just getting started with planning this trip, and I will certainly add your book to my shopping basket.

  2. Greetings,David
    My family was looking SO excitedly to visiting your beautiful country in April….obviously, like so many other things, our plans have been influenced by the unprecedented outbreak of Covid-19. Do you have any suggestions on how to approach obtaining at least a portion of our down payment back? We are quite aware of the affect this outbreak has had on the travel industry; but, when the services offered cannot be provided, I would think that some percentage of refund would be appropriate.
    Thank you for any insight that you can provide.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about your country and hopefully will get there at some point in the future.
    EverettFuller Seneca,SC,USA

    • Sorry but I can’t offer any advice because I have no idea what you booked, who you booked with, or the terms of those bookings. You should contact whoever you booked with for their cancellation terms.

  3. I do like your articles. I would like to buy the book, but I do not want to pay extra tariffs clamp down on us by the US. Not fair. Any alternative?


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