Coronavirus in Norway: The Latest News on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Norway border control quarantine concept

UPDATED 2 DEC: Norway's prime minister has advised everyone to “stay at home” as the country grapples with a rising infection rate. Additional restrictions are in place in Oslo and Bergen. Most people arriving in Norway now face a mandatory quarantine period. Read on for details.

I know a lot of people in Norway remain concerned about the latest coronavirus news, along with people planning a trip. So, here's everything you need to know about the spread of the virus and how Norway is reacting.

I'm getting a lot of emails from people asking questions about COVID-19 in Norway. I don't have the capacity—or the authority, for that matter—to answer personal questions, so I've put together this page with everything I do know.

Before asking personal questions in the comments, please understand that I don't have any additional information.

I'm trying to keep this page updated at least twice a week. However, this is a fast-moving situation, so do check the various links for the very latest information from the official sources. You should also check whether you should be in home quarantine, and what exactly that means.

Coronavirus social distancing in Norway and Scandinavia

The latest infection numbers in Norway

There have been 36,591 positive cases in Norway at the time of writing, with 351 people now confirmed dead. 22 of these deaths came in the week 22-29 November, which is the highest weekly total since April.

There are 133 people hospitalised around the country, a number which has increased substantially in the last two weeks. In mid-October, only 22 people were hospitalised. Of those currently in hospital, 37 are in intensive care.

Around Norway: All of Norway's counties have recorded at least 500 positive test results. The most are in Viken (11,105), followed by Oslo (10,972), Vestland (5,145), Innlandet (1,777) and Rogaland (1,566). So far, Nordland (547), Møre og Romsdal (677) and Troms og Finnmark (860) have recorded the fewest positive test results.

The latest measures in Norway

Norway's prime minister Erna Solberg has announced a set of new nationwide measures valid until at least the end of the year. These include a recommendation to stay at home and avoid social contact as much as possible. Meanwhile, the City of Oslo announced a stricter “social shutdown” that will take effect from 10 November until the end of the year.

The background for the new measures is that daily positive test numbers are now higher than when the virus first struck Norway in the spring. “If we now take action to reduce the infection, there is a greater chance that extended family can meet and celebrate Christmas,” said Solberg.

The new national measures include a limit of five guests in private homes. If all guests are from the same household, there can be more. In addition, people are asked to limit their social interactions during the course of a week. Outside the home, the private event limit is reduced from 200 to 50 people.

Coronavirus laboratory test
Patients are being tested for the coronavirus across Norway

A slight loosening of the rules has been announced for the Christmas period. Erna Solberg said the rule of five guests will be relaxed to ten guests for up to two days over the Christmas and New Year period. Read the full story here.

There are also new restrictions on foreign workers who come to Norway on business.

Read more: The Latest Coronavirus Restrictions in Oslo

Chief physician Preben Aavitsland and his colleague Line Vold from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said that they are worried that Oslo and other big cities will lose control of the virus as winter approaches. “We are doing everything we can to avoid it (a major epidemic), but we must start thinking about what measures we may have to implement, if we get the same situation as in Europe,” said Aavitsland.

The latest on travel, border & quarantine restrictions

The Norwegian authorities now recommend against all international travel unless absolutely necessary, with that advice valid until mid-January 2021.

Arrivals from many European (EU/EEA/Schengen) countries had been able to enter Norway with no quarantine requirement since July 15, but things are now quite different.

Norway categorises European countries as “red” if they are experiencing an increasing level of infections. Arrivals from these “red countries” will have to quarantine for 10 days, essentially ruling out tourism from those countries. You can read the full story here with the official guidelines from FHI available here.

Norwegian Max airplane flying to Norway
Norwegian has announced thousands of cancellations during 2020.

On 10 July, the government also confirmed a new exception for those wishing to visit close family members or partners in Norway. This applies to citizens of any country. From late October, this exemption is extended to grandparents of people resident in Norway. However, the quarantine period must be served if required.

However, the border closure remains in place to everyone else with some exceptions for students, and business travel. I know this is frustrating for many people, as I keep getting emails asking when the border will be back open for non-Europeans.

Before writing, please understand that I have no more information other than what is written here. Please don't ask me to guess.

Domestic air travel is possible, but many routes remain limited. Face masks are now mandatory inside Oslo Airport.

Coronavirus in Norway: The story so far

The first coronavirus case in Norway was registered in a resident of Tromsø on 26 February. The individual had recently returned from China. They were not seriously ill and were placed under home quarantine. Many of the early cases were then recorded in the Oslo region, including six employees of the eye department at Oslo’s Ullevaal Hospital.

Read more: Healthcare in Norway

In the early days of the outbreak in Norway, the majority of people who have tested positive were either infected abroad or are close contacts of someone who was. In most cases, the infected person had returned from an area of Europe with a major outbreak, such as northern Italy.

However, that soon changed and the proportion of infections passed on in Norway or with no known source increased rapidly.

Just a couple of weeks after the first known infection in Norway, the Norwegian government took drastic steps. They introduced the strictest emergency measures ever seen outside of wartime.

Healthcare for visitors to Norway

Previously, Norway's Directorate of Health said there were plans in place that would cover a scenario whereby up to 25% of Norway's population became infected. In this scenario, other hospital treatment would have to be postponed to enable hundreds of thousands of additional patients to be treated.

With the number of cases increasing rapidly, the government introduced emergency measures to try and stem the spread of the virus. All educational establishments were closed, along with many workplaces, many shops, bars, restaurants, pubs and other public services. Supermarkets and pharmacies were among the few businesses to remain open.

Read more: What's Next For Norway's Travel Industry?

On the afternoon of March 27, the Health Minister announced plans to delay hospital treatment for all but essential cases.

What to do if you experience symptoms

In Norway: Do not call 113. In the first instance, you can call a health information line on 815 55 015. If you believe you are infected, call your GP. Do not visit the doctor's office in person. Only if you cannot contact your GP, call the emergency room (legevakt) at 116 117.

The capacity for testing is now greatly increased. Many municipalities have started drop-in test centres with results typically available within 24-48 hours. However for those without their own transport, home testing is also an option. See the website of your local municipality or refer to your GP for more information.

Healthcare travel

The WHO's Dr. Margaret Harris told NRK that most patients do not become seriously ill, but it's possible to pass the virus on to others who can become seriously ill:

Read more: Healthcare in Norway

“People need to stay calm. Don't let people move around. Hand hygiene is very important. It sounds so simple, but it is not so easy to make sure you wash your hands often enough. Do not scratch your eyes or nose. Cover your mouth and nose if you cough.”

Where else is impacted?

The new virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China at the end of December 2019. Since then, the virus has spread around the world. According to figures from the World Health Organization, 64.3 million cases and 1,490,258 deaths have been reported so far.

The UK, Italy and France are the hardest-hit countries in Europe, each with over 50,000 deaths recorded. The virus has taken hold in the USA, where more than 277,000 deaths have been reported. Brazil (173,500), India (138,000) and Mexico (106,500) are also badly hit.

What is coronavirus?

According to the WHO, coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

Coronaviruses are transmitted between animals and people, and there are several known types that have not yet infected humans. The current outbreak concerns COVID-19.

Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

Standard precautions from the WHO include regular hand washing, covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and thoroughly cooking all meat and eggs. Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

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About the Author: David Nikel

Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.


  1. You’re doing excellent work here. I’m a freelance translator of the Scandinavian languages, so I get my information straight from the source countries. However, I will pass links to your articles to my acquaintances here in the U.S.

    1. I am not sure that the schools will close the Leaderboard haven’t announced. But this is a serious issue to take much concern than ever before cause it’s easy for this virus to take more numbers of individuals within schools.

    2. Hi Everyone,

      DeeAnn from the United States here. In the San Diego, California area the school districts have closed. If you read this article before plunging into the comments, you will see that Norway has now closed its borders, as has the US (at least with travel from Europe to the US).
      Also, do NOT go on a cruise ship. Look at all the problems in the last few months with cruise ships and CoVid-19. Not a good idea.
      Be a good world citizens; IF YOU ARE YOUNG AND HEALTHY, please consider reaching out–only by telephone, or from a distance of at least 6 feet–to your elderly or otherwise at-risk neighbors. Offer to get them groceries and medication.
      Another good way to channel your energy: step outside and play a musical instrument.
      I completely agree with writer below–Stay the F%^& Home https://staythefuckhome.com/sfw/
      I despise staying home; but the thought of overflowing hospitals is so sad that I will continue my self-imposed indefinite home stay.
      Here’s hoping that we all live to a ripe old age, or at least long enough for an effective vaccine.
      In solidarity,

      1. You should be self distancing from every one not just the elderly and those at risk because of health issues. Any close contact will spead this disease and how do you tell if people are diabetics have heart issues or a compromised emune system. They may look perfectly normal and12 feet or 2 metres is an absolute minimum stay far away from any joggers or people playing physical games, because they will shed the virus in a much greater area.

    3. My husband (a uk citizen) is due to leave for Norway for work. He will obviously have a residence and work permits in place and is aware he is required to quarantine once there. My question is, as his wife (also uk citizen) am I permitted to enter the country with him to reside there during his stay?

  2. We have a planned trip to Norway – Bergen,, Tromso and Lofoten from 13th March to 24th March. Now we are confused if we should cancel it or go ahead with it. We will be travelling from Kuwait which already has 46 confirmed cases ( all In quarantine).

    1. Probably canceling it seems a good idea.
      The death rate is as high in Italy as Wuhan China (much higher than rest mainland China). Though no evidence yet, earlier cases have a higher risk.
      It was the winter holiday in Norway, a large proportion of the families traveled abroad, including Italy. Currently registered cases are solely the tested ones, while the average incubation time is two weeks.
      In addition, although young people are strong and survive better, the carry and spread of the virus can be very bad to the aged and weak persons. Any lost is heart-breaking, if not, remember everyone gets old one day, if lucky.

      1. You nailed it.

        All the media and the youtube statisticans emphasis that the ncov is not so dangerous and the chances of die with it is lesser than winning a lottery. It appears that they are broadcasting “don’t worry about it, it is the old and less immune is going to die, you will survive”.

        The statistics and numbers does not incorporate the spreading and interdependence of young and old people. They are alienating old people from young.

        1. I find all of the findings of sience comforting – and it’s already saving lives .We know the virus is here , now we need to listen to the advice and sugedtions .I know there are frightened people – we see it hysterical comments – .We need to live reality to keep us safe .Bad behavior have troublesome consequences ..

      2. I have friends in Trondheim would you know if the city is safe as of the moment? Was there any reported cases yet? Thank you and please stay safe!

          1. Hi thank you for your reply! Do you have the names of the infected ones from Trondheim is it open in Norway to divulge the identities of these individuals?

      1. Hi,
        Thank you. We have decided to wait till the last moment before taking a call. If there is no travel van either from Kuwait or Norway, we will be travelling to Norway 🤞

        1. Why people are so stupid?? Honestly. Stay home and wait for all this to pass. Here in Norway everything will be closed. Since as yesterday most of restaurants and bars… with your travelling obsession you put and other people to risk. Man. Wake up. This is no game…. stay home and come next year or when is better. Don’t be an asshole…

          1. I totally agree with you! Everyone should put on hold their plans and lets beat this nightmare!

    2. you would be better off in Norway than Kuwait. You only live once go for it, as long as you are ok when you travell.Do not endager Norway. I am going11th to 23rd, if it has number on it it has my number, more chance of getting run over. Watch how you travell and do not stop over in Germay. stay well and enjoy your visit

    3. We have one month planned in Norway for all of May, but are stuck in limbo with whether to cancel everything or not? We are Australian so not as cheap or easy to get to Europe if we have to reschedule. What to do is a sad and worrisome dilemma.

      1. Have you read the news? You cannot enter Norway UNLESS YOU ARE A CITIZEN or a PERMANENT RESIDENT.
        To be specific:
        “It is essential that we do not import additional infection risk from other countries. The government will ensure, however, that Norwegians who are now abroad and people who live or work in Norway can still enter the country,” Minister of Justice and Public Security Monica Mæland said announcing the decision.

        As a result of this decision, the entry will be denied to foreigners, people from the European Economic Area, as well as to people who lack Norwegian residence permits. After this decision, Norwegians should bear in mind that at every border crossing point they must prove their nationality.

      2. OF COURSE you should cancel your trip !!!Do you,people ,understand how serious the situation is???STOP SPREADING….THIS IS THE ONLY HOPE HUMANITY HAS….Dont you see ITALY ,SPAIN,GERMANY,NOrway???still thinking to get close to Europe???Enjoy ur continent and pray for the rest of the World!!!VACATION is what people have in mind??they should close all borders everywhere for turists this year!!!

        1. As a spanish citizien i have to say that main problem in Spain was the sanitary economical slim budget… gobernamental corruption. Shame!. But currently we’re recovering and going back to a progressive normality, because a lot of familes have lost their jobs…it’s unable stopping the world until treatment exists… that’s crazy!.

    4. Everyone should continue to social distance even when the world is reopen. I hope international travel opens soin. My family and I do plan to travel this year. I hope everything is reopen so them at my family , I and everyone traveling can experience their trips to the fullest that each country has to offer while still being safe. Hopefully we have gotten pared the worst part of the virus now it’s up to everyone to have comment since and stay safe. I hope it will all be over soon or a real cure that works is made asap.

  3. If anyone in your group is on medication like blood thinners/diabetes etc., I would seriously consider cancelling your vacation. It is not worth the risk to get sick on your holiday…or worse. I hope you bought cancellation insurance.

  4. We have planned trip to Oslo from March 31-April 2, 2020. I’m not sure if we should cancel it or not. Any recommendations?

    1. I recommend you to not cancel because corona is everywhere now it doesn’t mean anything if you travel to another country that has corona

    1. I really cant beleive that people are so selfish that they plan to travel.
      Its all me me me.
      One person might be a carrier and not have any symptoms but can infect others and so it goes on and they can be the cause of death of a loved one.
      Would they be happy if a carrier traveller to their home town and caused the chain of illness and death of their loved one.
      I am a nurse and at the front line .
      STAY AT HOME and dont be selfish
      Im sure rhe citizens of Norway wont welcome you considering most of them will be social isolating to stop the spread of disease.

      1. Karen I totally agree with you dear. Its just sick to read these comments and see that people are planning their trips for easter! its simple, save your money and your health and STAY HOME!

        Norwegian living in Dubai.

      2. Thank you Karen, yes, even as ♥️ Heart breaking as the travel ban is, I respect the decision! My 5 year younger brother will be 75 on June 2, 2020! We were planning a special celebration for him! Not only because of his age, but because he is an amassing Norsk man! He was born just a few days after Norway became a free country again after WWII, My mom barely made it to the hospital in the confusion; no help was available, so she basically pushed him out her self, which damaged my brother’s brain! Later classified as Cerebral damage! He could hardly eat, talk or walk! When he finally got strong enough to enter Norways’ few hours of Nursery School, the driver delivering milk, ran over him with his truck! As a miracle he survived, now with a crooked back, weak legs, damaged eyes, broken mouth! He had to learn everything again, but he never received the help he deserved! When he was 35 years old he was allowed to became a Forrest worker in Maridalen with the help of two stalwart men Torgeir & Rasmus! They deserve the highest Commendation Norway have for their amazing work with handicapped men! Per worked with this group for 25 years! He loved it & still has the arm muscles showing what sawing large branches of wood with a handsaw will do for your body! I do believe this saved his life! After my Dad died at 86, he sailed with Norwegian ships as a Machinist, and never did except that Per was different, my Mom allowed Per to take part in Norway’s amazing program in early 1990’s when it was decided that all Norwegians deserved to have a home. A lovely newly restored Villa at Kjellsaas, used to be the Police Headquarter, was set up as a home for 5 handicapped men! My brother was one of the lucky ones to get the first floor apartment, since the stairs to the 2 top floors was steep! This home was run like a real family! Per lived here for 25 years! Then “someone” from Oslo’s government people decoded: Wow, this is such a lovely old Historic Villa, which needs to be restored; they never even looked into the fact that this was the home for 5 men! Now the villa stands empty & the 5 men are living in a former Nursery school building, made into 28 apartments! Yes, it is a modern home, and my blessed brother love his new home! By a miracle, he did get the choice of one of the nicest apartments & I am grateful for that! Now, this horrible Corona Virus has entered the World! My brother along with the other people in this building are locked up as in a prison, they can not move out of their rooms, he has a hard time walking outside. So he loved being able to walk around to visit the kitchen area & other gathering rooms. He can not do that! I can’t call him, I had to cancel my visit to him, I always visit to celebrate 17th of May & his Birthday ; and in December for Christmas activities, since I live so far away in Los Angeles,CA. I am so angry at this MONSTER 🦠 virus. Thank you to Norway for being ahead of treatment for this monster Corona-Virus!


    1. Did you get in at the border control? I’m due to fly to Bergen in June 1st for 10 days, it’s not for a holiday it to look after my grandchild, I have been in isolation since March 12, and am happy to stay indoors for the whole time when in Norway too (it’s become a habit now)… I’m not sure they will let me in at the border though, and my daughter has to work.

      1. You will probably not be allowed to enter the country. If you’re not a Norwegian citizen, you will be turned around at the border.. if the plane is allowed to land in the first place.

  6. We have permanent residency in Norway and have been in the USA visiting our children for just over 3 months. We are due to travel home tomorrow. We live in Strand kommune, Tau. Do you know of any travel restrictions now? We use KLM from Atlanta to Amsterdam and on to Stavanger.

    1. Governments estimations conclude that coronavirus spreading will “JUST” start in May and last until way into summer if not longer. We can’t really predict two months ahead, but until then, we will probably figure out a way to somewhat move around. For now, just stay put and worry about not further than two weeks ahead, necessity-wise only, like, if you have enough prescription medications, water and food. Anything else is and should be irrelevant at the moment of today’s status.

  7. We (7 folks from Montana, US) are going to Sjusjoen March 18-28 for a Nordic ski holiday, and to participate in the Berkie. Do you foresee the event being cancelled?

  8. I’m from Genoa, Italy. With two briend of mine we booked a holiday in Norway from May 8 to May 30. What should we do? Should we cancel? Are there any travel restrictions for travellers coming from Italy? Thank you for your answers.

    1. There is absolutely no restriction for travellers comming from Italy in Norway. As I said to other people :
      Do not cancel ! I’m just ending my trip in Lofoten with my returning flight to France tomorrow and that was amazing ! There were absolutely nothing to worry during all my trip except if there is no cloud to see northern lights ! 🙂

      Don’t worry at all and do your trip or you will really regret it one day !

      1. Are you for real mate ? People should grow up and stop moving around except in your own house .. how could you advise others to travel with a very scary pendemic and the country is on lock down … People truly need a reality check ..


      3. Hope people did not read your comment.. nobody was allowed to enter.. and now. . May 27th.. tourists are still not allowed to enter Norway.

    1. ALL ENTERTAINMENT VENUES ARE CLOSED, im a pro entertainer and have lost loads of contracts as really there is no places right now to work, so if you come, honestly there is NO places to perform at

  9. Hello, we are from India, healthy and fit.
    We are booked to travel to Norway from 8 to
    16 of March ( Oslo, Bergen,Tromso).
    We are confused should we cancel the trip or
    Can go ahead with it.
    Pls advise
    Thanks / Avinash Gangwal

    1. I dont think there is any direct flights from india to Norway , probably a connection flight , if so take precautions, avoid connection flights from highly affected countries

  10. Hi..I am from India…We are scheduled to travel to Norway on May 23rd till 3rd of June..we are travelling by Finnair..Will it be safe and feasible to travel that time as it will be summer time and are there chances of coronavirus cases reducing by then??please do advice..

  11. We have a planned trip from 14th to 19th March, from Manchester to Bergen- Tromso- Lofoten. While returning our flight is via Amsterdam.We are confused whether we should cancel the trip or go ahead. Kindly advise.

    1. Do not cancel ! I’m just ending my trip in Lofoten with my returning flight to France tomorrow and that was amazing ! There were absolutely nothing to worry during all my trip except if there is no cloud to see northern lights ! 🙂

      Don’t worry at all and do your trip or you will really regret it one day !

    2. Please reconsider travelling, governments urge people to stay home whenever possible and avoid UNNECESSARY travels all over Europe!.
      If you are young You may have the Virus without showing any symptoms, but may be spreading it and pass it on to more vulnerable people.

    3. Hi, you better cancel or postpone your trip, manchester is critical and moreover as you land if there is any suspect in your aircraft, you will quarantined for a long time! you would spend your trip in Q zone. Think wise and act wise.

  12. We are traveling to Norway and iceland in August. Our cruise line has been keeping us up to date and is offering “no consequences” cancellation unitl the last minute. Our thoughts are to wait and see how things are closer to that date. Do you feel that is wise?

    1. That seems like a perfect solution. A lot of the world is in a “wait and see” status. It makes sense. This may all have blown over by August, or it may have changed. Either way you will be able to make an informed decision with information you do not have now. It’s good that the cruise line is using that policy.

  13. Not traveling just now but want to thank you for a great explanation of the Corona Virus, far better than seen on our local news stations here in the U.S.
    Good health to all in Norway!!

  14. Hi,

    My wife and I are in 50s and have our trip booked and fully paid from India to Norway (11th March 2020 to 19th March 2020) visiting Oslo, Bergen, Hammerfest and Tromso, and Finland (20th March to 27th March) visiting Rovaneimi, Kemi and Helsinki.

    Our flights are via Istanbul (Turkish Air) and the trip includes cruise of Norway in Nutshell, flight from Bergen to Hammerfest, cruise from Hammerfest to Tromso, Bus ride from Tromso to Rovaneimi, Train rides from Rovaneimi to Kemi and from Kemi to Helsinki.

    Though we are healthy but wondering if we should take a risk of travelling to Norway and Finland which have been recently affected and that too cases mounting rapidly in just 4 days or so, specially when Oslo and Bergen are affected areas and we will be passing through crowded places such as airports, trains, flights, cruise, etc. apart from sightseeing places.

    We do not have any ‘cancel anytime insurance’. We just have a simple medical travel insurance.

    Have been thinking that if we/anyone of us do catch the infection then we would be confined for quarantine and anyway the trip will be ruined and go haywire with all cancellations, etc.

    Your thoughts are welcome. Please advice.

    Thank you.


    1. Dear Sir,
      I am an Indian cardiologist practicing abroad. I had a very similar trip from 1st to 18 the April with no cancellation insurance. I cancelled for the four of us and lost a lot of money. I will give a medical perspective. Covid 19 usually does not kill. 15 of 100 people affected especially above the age of 60( 50 is close) will require admission and 5 will require ventilatory support. The virus is extremely contagious( nothing of this sort has ever befallen mankind. Europeans are just waking up and the recent upspurt in cases in Germany, France and Spain just show how the best healthcare systems in the world have been brought to their knees) . The eye department of Oslo university hospital is closed due to Corona and the doctors there saw patients for 5 days without having an inkling of the fact that they have corona virus. Even if you have fever , in such environments you can be detained till you test corona negative. There are confirmed cases in Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø. There is local transmission in Norway according to the WHO situation report 41- current one.
      It is quite possible that you may return unharmed without any problems either. But a vacation is about destressing and that it will not be. Indian government also has advised against non essential travel anywhere.
      But if you cancel, you will go in two years with a peaceful mind. The choice in yours.

      1. “nothing of this sort has ever befallen mankind”? Seriously, have you not heard of the so-called Spanish flu pandemic in 1918-20? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_flu

        “It infected 500 million people around the world, or about 27% of the then world population of between 1.8 and 1.9 billion, including people on isolated Pacific islands and in the Arctic. The death toll is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest epidemics in human history”

        Healthcare systems have not “been brought to their knees”. I live in Germany, where there are only 800 confirmed cases and no deaths so far. Influenza in Germany in 2019 alone had more than 13000 cases and 32 deaths.

        I don’t doubt that Covid 19 is a threat, but please let’s keep it in perspective. The best defence is by taking sensible precautions, not by hysterical claims that have no basis in fact.

  15. I live in Oslo , Norway. In my openion I ´ve to say that Most Norwagian people don´t really think Covid 19 is dangerous. They say just keep wash and clean ur hand. People ´ve a cold don´t use mask . btw mask sell out, can´t find all shop here. No check at airport. No rull that people back from country ´s spread covid 19 have to home isolaton or home quantine ( only from Chaina ) thatway it happened case doctor in Oslo who went to Italy.
    If u want to travel to Norway this period then prepare ur selve good.

    1. Wow! You are so on the spot. I m Canadian live un Haslum and we are all making sure it does not spread. Thank you for writing the facts.

    2. Hi Supattana

      I from Singapore,I plan my trip to lofoten 5 month ago,Is Norway impermanent travel restrictions which courty need qurantin for 14day?

      if i arrival germany on 18 March and reach Amsterdams on the 5 April, Total 17 day alway Singapore. So from Amsterdam to tromso do I need to Serve the Qurantin of 14day? Any here can send me a check link to confirm this.


  16. Guys we have decided to cancel after increasing number and reading comments by health Minister. Maybe next year 😊

  17. Hi.Im Tiya from India..we are scheduled for a trip to Norway from 23rd of May to 3rd of June..Our trip covers Oslo Bergen Lofoten Tromso…
    Please advice what to do?

    1. Wait wait and wait. That’s the only option. Maybe number of cases will increase or maybe it will stabilize. Just wait till May start and then decide 😊

    2. Try to wait till April end..because cases are increasing rapidly here.but I would prefer to cancel this trip if non essential

    1. Come as soon as you can, they don’t still have any restriction as the number of cases just started increasing. But there is a chance you will be quarantined for 2 weeks or you will be advised to stay at home for 2 weeks.

  18. We are from South Africa and due to be in Norway from 12th March – 19th March. We have been watching the situation closely and the number of cases in Norway just seem to be going up, so we have decided to cancel. Such a pity as we have really been looking forward to this trip! Hopefully we will visit Norway next year! Stay healthy everyone!

  19. I’m from California studying in Oslo. It seems like the Norwegian health department is being very cautious about the information it releases to the public in order not to create panic. It’s been very difficult getting information other than the party line. Norwegians seem concerned, but very contained in how they talk about it (they are that way in general). Although 20+ cases have been reported in Oslo, the University has not taken precautions to keep students safe (no movement to online teaching or closing the university) even though other cities of smaller populations and higher cases have closed them and cancelled public events. I personally would not travel anywhere right now. Corona can be transmitted while asymptomatic and droplets have a reach of six feet. Better safe than sorry.

  20. Hi – My sister & I (55, 58) healthy are traveling from the US for 4 days to Stockholm, then 4 days to Norway, then 2 days in Copenhagen, then back home. We ARE traveling. (And we do have Cancel for Any Reason Insurance.) We are healthy, we will wash our hands, etc. Do any of you on this thread know about – in general – the Fjord half day tours and the scenic trains in Norway – are they canceling these? I know I can check direct with the operators. Just curious if you have heard. (This is like how the Louvre is closed in Paris for now.) Thank you

    1. Even if you ARE healthy, you can still be a carrier. US testing protocols, according to everything published, is very poor.
      One hospital in Bergen has closed – due to a carrier from Italy.

      1. They’re the same as Norway testing protocols.. If you don’t have serious symptoms, you should stay home and not clog up the hospitals or risk spreading it or catching it there.

    2. it spreads it planes , trains , buses most stay home dont be thoughtless all 61 polish people who contracted viruses travelled internationally

  21. Thank you for this daily report. One question I have is why these numbers are slightly higher than is reported to the WHO on their daily Situation Reports? For example I believe they are reporting only 113 for March 7th and you are reporting 145.

  22. Why are schools and universities still open in Bergen?
    This is the place where the virus can spread drastically.

    1. Good question. University of Oslo also is open. i’ve contacted them directly, the head of our program, and professors. They won’t disclose any information other than that provided by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health which apparently feels that we are not there yet. So I guess, they are waiting for more cases and/or deaths.

  23. Hi. Me and my husband are planning on visiting Tromso from India from 25-30th March. We are in our 30s, otherwise healthy. Should we go ahead with our plans?

  24. I am traveling to Norway for the biathlon meet March 20-22. Does anybody have any information if spectators will be allowed in the venue? This weekend for the cross country races spectators were not allowed in the venue.
    Thank you.

  25. we are in our late 70’s and plan to do the trip up the fiords from 14the March, flying from uk. Nervous about this. Should we cancel?

      1. Hi! I’m writing from the U.S. _ It’s horrible as to the amount of people, young and old who have died from this virus_ with the numbers increasing daily! please listen to me! do not believe that this will never target you! you have no idea as to who has this _ don’t be foolish! don’t travel, stay home!!! this is really really bad! be safe!

  26. Hi myself and my husband are booked on a cruise to norway in may. We are both in our 50’s with no underlying health issues. Should we cancel and get some of our money back or take our chances.

  27. Hi! My best friend and I are heading to Oslo on Thursday 3/12 and back to the US on Friday 3/20. We have direct flights in/out of JFK and Oslo. We’re both healthy and young, but we’re deciding whether to cancel or not bc we’re worried about getting stuck in Norway and/or being quarantined when we get back to the States of travel and safety restrictions tighten between now and then. It seems inevitable that they will as CV19 shows no signs of slowing down. Anyone have a crystal ball?!?

    1. With today’s ban of events with more than 500 people and the following announcement that they are considering reducing that to 50 people, we face the same choice. Health officials are asking for maximum telework, minimal bus and tram travel, and limited public interaction. We are most worried about getting stuck in our hotel with all the museums closed and the country on lockdown. Our schedule in Oslo is from 16-24 March, but we are going to cancel. No change fees on United, we just have to use the credit before the end of the year.

  28. I and my daughter are travelling to Oslo, Norway March 13- 16. Are there any travel ban if you came from the Philippines arrive US March 8 , I reside in Washington State – Puyallup WA . I will be travelling to Oslo March 13- 16 for an aesthetic training. I am a healthy 60 year old physician. Does Oslo have any quarantine regulations at this time?

  29. Hello guys, I’m currently here in Bergen right now. The situation is quite calm now. For my own opinion, It’s better to stay in your place right now. Cancel or postpone any travel plans anywhere in the world. We cannot tell who are infected right now. Be aware that the more we expose ourselves to other people, the greater chances of getting been infected. Better be safe than sorry, we can easily say that we are healthy but how sure we are? Hope this will help you guys. Have a nice day.

  30. Hai, i’m from Malaysia I travel to norway 20/03 I’m not sure cancel trip or not. But in Norway 400 cases virus
    Can u give me advice

  31. Thank you very much for your informations! I should go to Norway next March 20, and get the Hurtigruten Cruze on March, 25, In Ålesund….but now I gave up!! I hope Hurtigruten give us a chance to do the same Cruze later, when this serious and pandemic situation pass! It would be very critical if we stay in a ship on quarantine far from our countries!!! I am sure there are other people in the same situation as I am…! Hurtigruten should stop ships immediately, before the situation gets worse!

    1. HI. I need to say that Hurtigruten have already send a letter to solve this problem …I m very happy with this!!! Very nice and very fair from Hurtigruten Cruze!! We are nowdays in special situation …So we need to cooperate with each other!! So I hope that people are aware and try to protect the elderly and immunosupressed by obeying the new measures and thus leaving the health system less overloaded..

  32. Does the Europe to U.S. travel suspension that Trump put into place include Norway. My girlfriend is in Norway right now and I am worried she wont be able to return. Also has Norway declared a sate of emergency?

    1. Hi, yes it does include Norway as it is the Schengen area that Trump has singled out. Norway has indeed put in place drastic measures today, see our homepage for more details.

  33. hi, we are visiting norway from 21st april to 28th april from india via doha. Any updates regarding how safe is it travelling during this period. thanks

    1. Hi Krishna, Pls cancel your trip. Do not ruin your holidays. Doha is transit hub, if single suspect in your flight, all travellers will be taken to quarantine for 14days and at this time Norway is shut, things would improve but not so drastically for a holiday, they are typically slow.

  34. I am not traveling just now, but am wondering if the Hurtigruten is sailing along the coast with the Coronavirus?
    Hope everyone says healthy.

  35. If any visitors to Norway from other countries have to be quarantined for 14 days why have the FCO not advised against travel?
    People are going to want to cancel their trips but cant claim on insurance if FCO haven’t advised against travel.

  36. Hi David, thanks for your reply. I guess its just a case of waiting then! I called my hotel and they said they will still be open as normal even though people will be quarantined in their rooms, he said all activities and excursions will be cancelled so not much point visiting Tromso right now!

  37. Honestly ppl still want to travel during this…I knew ppl could be stupid…but wow ..no you may not get it but be a carrier…if I knew you had flown with warnings and you came back and infested ppl and caused a death because you just had to fly….such selfish…I would have you brought up on murder charges because that what you just did. Get real ppl

  38. My friend Jean and I are over 70 and on the Richard With in Bergen harbour. We should have sailed at 9.30 pm but 15 ports including Bergen are closed now and we do not know when we can get back to England, another meeting is to be held soon with a further update. All excursions cancelled. It is very worrying and disappointing. Pat

  39. I am scheduled to fly today from the US to Oslo and spend 5 days in the country with my wife. Given Norway’s directive yesterday on banning visitors (or subject to 14 days isolation), the trip was cancelled. Unfortunately none of the vendors in Norway are being cooperative and offering refunds. Nordic Choice hotels in Oslo and Tromso both refused to provide refunds stating the reservations were prepaid and nonrefundable. My tour operator for the Northern Lights also refused to provide a refund. Widerøe airlines will not refund money for internal Norway travel. SAS will allow changes only, but we must pick our future travel dates now (before our original flight) even though we don’t know when/if we can travel again to Norway. We are extremely disappointed, given Norway’s government is preventing us from taking this trip yet Norwegian companies are not forgiving. Thousands of U.S. dollars are lost.

  40. We were to travel from Ireland. Our host cancelled our accommodation yesterday in Fredvang. Whereas Norway has issued quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, the Irish department of foreign affairs hasn’t changed the travel status to non essential and therefore our travel insurance will not refund any costs. Very disappointed having saved up so long to take our family of 5 on a trip of a lifetime 😟

    1. et medlem av familien min i Norge. og han har ingen måte å komme tilbake på. Jeg er redd. antall mennesker med viruset øker

    2. That is why people said people should cancel their travel plans early, or wait before they ordered a trip. In late January, it started to show in the media that something like this could happen in Europe too. Many of the travel companies and airlines are borderline bankrupt now, and a refund may be difficult to get.

  41. I read this thread and cannot believe how dumb people are. We live in Oslo and I can tell you: EVERYTHING is either shut down already (schools, kindergartens, restaurants, pubs, offices) or will shouting’s down the next days (incoming flights at Gardermoen, shopping centers (except grocery stores and pharnacies), public transportation (trains, ferries)). So please folks, do you and us a favor and STAY THE FUCK HOME! And please come back when all the shit is over!

    In the meanwhile most of the travel insurances take over your expenses when you cancel a trip. If not: quarantine counts as sick leave.

    My last advice: read https://staythefuckhome.com

    1. So nice to urge people not to come to Norway while people from Norway (read hotels and more) refuse to assume it! Does it make sense?

  42. I should be flying from London to Tromso with a stopover in Oslo on 21.03.2020. only to visit my boyfriend and I would be staying at his place. Would they stop me in Oslo and prevent from continuing over to Tromso? If they don’t stop me and ask me to home quarantine in Tromso instead, would I be allowed to stay at my boyfriend’s place as in a home quarantine?

    1. Yes. You will not be allowed entry to Norway. Please don’t come here and ask your airlines if you could cancel/reschedule instead.

      1. I am here in Edinburgh reading through all these comments astound me as someone who works in the NHS I am further made aware of the me me generations selfishness prevails .All you who even contemplate travel at such a time of the Covid 19 are putting lives at risk and when Norway states it s borders are not open you must obey .

      2. Hi ,

        A small message for all Norwegians Stay safe , Stay healthy and take care.
        Looking forward to meet all friends back in Norway when things become normal’.

  43. Hi to all Norvegin people!
    First excuse me if I make same mistakes because in my english written.
    I live in Sardinya, a Mediterranean island, part of Italy (1.600.000 people in 24000sq/m)
    You must consider almost 5 key-points
    1. It seems that quarantine may appear the only prevention you can follow in assotiation with an extreme measure of stricly clean lifestyle washing frequently hands and face;
    2. It is stritcly forbidden handshakeing and touch everything you don’t know if it is cleaned!
    3. Make yourself a protection mask with papertowel ut to 8/10 sheets
    5. Never meet more than 1/2 person at on time

    But… but… We will winners on this national emergency time because it seems that we found a mixed medical solution by mixing drugs almost available; of course at this time we are testing but the solution is not so far.
    You may think pearaps that the most wrost scenary is not the high possibility of death if you appears ill, but the fact that it unkwon the way to treat, but just for the moment.
    And, in the end, here in Sardinya (at the Cagliari’s main Hospital) we found the N.gene and DNA of Coronavirus: the first step of the wayout!.

    If you like to found more checked information and official statistic sheets visit the Italian Government website


    Please DON’T MAKE the same mistake made by other countrie: STAY IN QUARANTINE! It is the correct way to treat this virus; it will extinguish itslef, and by this way you will help Sanitary Authorities to keep you safe!

    A fraternal greeting, Matteo

  44. Seems like a good decision of canceling the entire trip. Luckily we got all refunds or voucher 😊👍. See you next year Norway 😊🇳🇴

  45. Given the size of the outbreak in Norway it seems a bit late to close the country. The virus is already here! Anyway good luck

  46. Hi. I’ve been waiting for the decision of my Au Pair visa. Supposedly, I will be getting my decision next week, probably March 23. But, with the happenings because of Corona Virus, I’m worried that it will affect my visa application. Is it possible that UDI will deny my au pair resident visa? Thank you and hoping for you response with my question.

    1. The UDI is closed right now. No one knows when will they open again so don’t expect to get a decision or response next week. And please stay home, do not come to Norway and do not leave your city/region/country.

  47. We are stuck on a cruise ship (15 March), in Norway with little chance of getting home as the borders close tomorrow at 8:00. Worried as we are both over 60. So far no one on board has become ill.

  48. Hi, We had all booked for Visit to Norway , Denmark , Sweden for last week of March. The Airlines had agreed for a free date change unable to decide whether things should be fine by May end and Travel to the Nordic destinations safe by May end. Please guide

    1. pandemic maybe change into endemic in November.Dont travel anywhere before next spring….Good luck everyone!We need it!

  49. i had to fly to oslo on 13th march.. Somehow managed to get it postponed by 3 months.. no scheduled to fly to norway on 13th June.. Hopefully everything would be fine by then.

  50. Still amazing that people are booking trips to Norway, They don’t seem to get it. Norway is closed for visitors. I’m outside Bergen. My work colleagues from around the globe are all at home,most without salary. I still see helicopters flying offshore workers but wonder for how long. I cant work in the office and Its banned from being closer than 1mtr in a restaurant but a helicopter or being on a rig with 180 folk is ok. Strange days. Stay home folks.Stay safe, wash your hands 👍

  51. Please, for everyone… read my post above! sent on March14;
    I made myself a short verifing test about N1H1 (another coronavirus appeared 10y ago): it made around 19.000 checked deadths events; unofficial statitics reported that events were up to 400-000?
    So we may stay sure it will end in about 1 or 2 months, but follow for yourself any cleaning rule: this is the only way to don’t fell ill!!!

  52. First of all, thank you for this wonderful information!
    Second, has there been any indication as to how long the borders will be closed? I have a boyfriend in Norway that I was planning to visit sometime within the next two months and not sure what to do now.

    1. No one really knows the answer, sorry but it would be wise NOT to travel here or buy your tickets now because the situation could stay the same, get worse, or get better

  53. I live in coastal British Columbia, Canada and many people here rely on ferry travel to and from islands and the mainland. These ferry routes are considered part of the highway, in that they are essential for travel and are still in use for now.
    What is the ferry travel situation in Norway currently, in regards to Coronavirus measures?

    1. I guess you shouldn’t be worried of ferries stopping sailing, on the contrary you should be happy. Sea routes as well as the roads they are part of, HAVE TO REMAIN DESERTED. For some reasons, here in Italy, death toll is much higher than anywhere else, but the situation is far more dramatic than how media picture it. Be happy to live secluded and do not meet people, friendship and love are not affected by the freaking virus, use phone, skype but stay isolated. Italian Health System is very good, as also WHO says, but we have 400 deaths per day in last few.

  54. Curb is not flattening out in Norway because, from observation, people are not social distancing to the degree that is necessary. People are not gathering in big public places, but still seeing friends and hanging out, playing basketball. etc. #StayHome

    1. You are absolutely right. I can see people are going out and hanging. The virus has already mutated and if mutates again it may take a danger form and even start to kill young people.

  55. Hi, my mother lives in Norway on her own and is in the high risk category. Are there any plans or services from the Norwegian government to help people like her? To supply medicines more specifically?

  56. I can’t believe what is happening in Norway. With only 2.5% the population of Brazil (thousands are expected to die here until August), you guys have twice as many confirmed cases (about 2K in March 20th). This might easily become an unprecedented catastrophe.

    1. First, I would like suggesting you to search how many people are testing in Brazil every day. Second, It’s possible that Brazil is only giving information about those severe cases but not all positive cases.

      1. Jeannette : Yes is exactly that… Next week Brazil must testing more people…Ours Testing’kits arrive today in Sao Paulo!

    2. That was a bit dramatic. 235 people have died. . but it could have been worse, without all the meassures taken. I’ve been home from work for 2 month now. That is a long paid spring/summer holiday. Hope they continue with this for a few more month.

      Brazil need to take meassures to keep control of the virus. . that is quickly going out of control.

  57. Hi David, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your daily updates on the situation in Norway. Living in Oslo by myself as a non-Norwegian-speaker without contact to locals due to home office makes it hard for me to update on new regulations and so on. This article became one of my go-to webpages during the last days and is a great support to manage both my everday life and my related fears and anxieties. Thank you very much for your important work!

  58. Thx David for updated info. Good job.
    People need to realize that they really should stay home as much as possible and not travel and not even meet friends.
    It is very important to avoid contact with other people to slower the virus spreading otherwise the system can collapse (hospitals, police, stores, etc.). Look at the Italy or to the Spain now – 5k new cases just yesterday.

    I left Czech Republic on Sat 14th before the borders were closed on Mon and I’m working from home as it was recommended by our company. On Friday they officially closed the office anyway.
    Of course I follow the home quarantine for 14 days till next Sat but as the home owner returned from Spain yesterday I will prolong the home quarantine for another week to be sure that I will not infect anyone if I get it somehow.
    In CR it’s mandatory to wear protection mask or anything you have to protect yourself and others if you really need to go outside to buy food for example.
    Everyone need to be responsible. Stay safe. Stay home.

  59. I’m an employer across Scandinavia but based in London. I’m finding it very difficult to find a detailed source of information regarding employer and employee rights and obligations regarding so-called short-time working, and temporary redundancies. Are you able to direct me to a meaningful official source?

  60. Foreigners with residence permits (oppholdstillatelse) and EU/EEA citizens who already live in Norway and were travelling outside of Norway can still travel into Norway. This article makes it sound as if only foreigners with permanent residence permits will be let in, that’s not the case, as long as the foreigner has been legally living here in Norway and still has a valid right to stay they can come in, even if it is a temporary (midlertidig) permit and not permanent residence.

  61. What is proposed for the school and college exams? Especially for those children leaving school and moving to college. Thank you

  62. Hi, I have lots of friends in Norway and have worked there in the past. It concerns me that there seems to be a certain complacency about the virus there and an underplaying of the risks. We in the UK acted late but we have lockdown now. However we now have a mass spread, especially in London where a third of all UK cases are located. Up till last Tuesday, i.e. a day after the UK officially went into lockdown, constructions workers were squashing into tube trains along with NHS frontline staff because there was lack of clarity as to who key workers were. All that has now changed with deaths now doubling every two to three days. Whoever says ‘all scientific opinion agrees we’ve overestimated the effects’ is simply wrong. The WHO does not agree! I teach Chinese people and they do agree as they’ve seen it ravage their own country. Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resources Center’s stats do not agree. The numbers infected and deaths currently in Italy (north AND, now, south) and in Spain do not agree. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html The US is going to be the big one though with 100,000 already infected. So much for President Trump’s initial exhortation to Americans to ‘go to work – you’ll feel better…’ https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-the-funeral-home-overwhelmed-by-new-yorks-conveyor-belt-of-death-11965474?fbclid=IwAR1l_peIwfcvSHJs29rOdt7vp3Lo28L1DRDaW-u71HVO5cs89xKBnwCRANM

  63. What is proposed for the universities’ starting term in the following months? Will the government postpone the universities’ starting time in August?

    1. For now it is buiness as usual in the university and they expect to take most exams as planned in May but have it online-based, except some related to health, music, etc. It depends on your field, and it will be announced. It depends on their success making it digital, and if they do I see no problem continuing like this.

  64. Can you please make people aware that current reported numbers in Norway are likely incorrect and should be increased by a tenfold. They have not been testing anyone properly for over two weeks now. If you look at the USA, UK, Italy, well the places with the highest numbers, they are testing 10s of thousands of people. Norway however is not, even when obvious symptoms are reported from someone suffering with covid, they are not tested, so the statistics are not correctly updated like in the rest of the world. The tests are reserved for healthcare professionals.

    1. Waht you are saying seems a bit incorrect to me. While the policy of testing varies, anyone who has been in contact with COVID-19 confirmed cases can get a test in Norway. In fact, I think UK is doing badly in terms of testing for a long time now, and I think Norway is doing much better than Sweden in terms of testing. As you may see the mortality rate in Norway is quite low, compared to the high number of reported cases of COVID-19, which is strange compared to the lower infection rate in Sweden with higher mortality rate. It is not a good idea to compare between countries in my opinion, and the only sure measurement we can have is the mortality rate, because this one is the most likely to be correctly reported compared to testing. But that is only my opinion.

      1. I agree mortality rate is the most important but even this needs to be taken in context. Like you said countries cannot be compared. We would have to look at how it started in Sweden and continued at the initial stages as compared to Norway. A lot of data would be required for that. I think the percent increase in mortality per day is a good indicator. In the last four days Norway is better than Sweden, but Sweden is better than Finland and Denmark. So, the jury is out on whether or not Sweden adopted the correct strategy. I would have some faith in the scientists of Sweden who adopted this strategy, inside the context they most probably did the right thing. Since the strategy is a long term one we have to wait for the long term before making any proper judgment.

        1. The death rate in Sweden is 41,8 pr 100k people. In Norway it is 4,3 pr 100k. The UK is 54,2
          France is 41,9
          Italy is 54.5
          Spain is 58
          Germany is 10
          Denmark is 9.7
          Finland is 5.6

          This is not over, but will probably see an increase as lock down is over, and people start to travel and work.

          Have to keep control until sometime next year, when an vaccine is working.

  65. My elderly sister-in-law Kirsten (damm) Early is originally from Oslo,Norway. She is a naturalized USA citizen but a proud Norwegian! She came to the USA with her adopted son Lars Essen Damm. She was an expert seamstress and worked in an upscale women’s clothing store in Moline , IL. She and her husband John Early made numerous trips to Norway. She had a friend from Norway named Ann that lived across the Mississippi River in Iowa.. Kirsten is now in lockdown at the Heartland Health Care Center in Moline,Il her husband John can’t visit. He now is being treated with radiation for lung cancer. I he got her a jitterbug cell phone. I talked to her tonight. It was so good hearing her voice. Earlier I was able to visit but not now of course. She is a strong good woman who spent most of her life sewing everything from bridal gowns to beautiful dresses for porcelain dolls. She painted did ceramics. She did gardening and took excellent Carr of her husband and son Lars.. she is very lonely now even though she has many relatives on her husband’s side. I am sure she would be so happy to get cards from her fellow Norwegian citizens. I think she is a dual citizen . She is probably older than 85 years old! I know she would thrilled if any of you could send her a card to : Heartland Health Care Center 833-16th Avenue Moline,lllinois 61265 Room 158 in care of Kirsten Early. Thank you so much for listening and maybe even writing! Suncerely, Jo Wolever

    1. Hello to this wonderful thread. You are doing a much better job than the Norwegian authorities informing people. I would like yours ,or anyone responsible enough,opinion.
      I’m from Greece and I was supposed to come to Norway at 8th of April. I have a job contract and and a house contract which I’m already paying. I rebooked my flight for 22nd of April with SAS. I don’t speak Norsk but from what I’ve read I think I can come,with the 14 days quarantine ofcourse. What do you think/know?
      I don’t have a deathwish but I’ve already quit my current job and now none is hiring…
      Thank you in advance

  66. Is there any inclination of when the borders will be open again to foreign travellers? I travel from the UK regularly since my boyfriend moved to Oslo for work, and obviously he has the right to reside in Norway and I do not. I fully understand I will be required to wait for as long as it takes for it to become safe for everyone, but I’m just wondering! I keep up with the news in Norway as much as I can but I don’t speak the language so it’s always hard to follow the correct information closely! My guess is it will be a long time before they let any international tourism in, which is rubbish for me personally because I just want to visit my boyfriend! But it is what it is, everybody’s safety comes first. Stay safe and stay home 🙂

    1. I am having the same concern! My boyfriend is there and I’m in the US. Wish I just had some sort of idea when this will all be over. Of course, no one knows and we can only hope for the best. I’m thinking of you and hoping you stay strong during this! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

      1. Im also in the same situation as you both unfortunately, my plan was to move to Norway in May so that I can permanently live with my boyfriend in Oslo. But obviously I don’t know when this will happen now.

        If you want, add me on Instagram too keep up to date with everything, and to share any information from the goverment that gets updated between eachother.

        My insta is Kadisha_patricia

        1. I’m in the same situation as you girls! I applied for a family reunification as my partner is my spouse and currently in Norway. I don’t know what else to do because even if I get approved and get a temporary resident visa, how will I even get there? A lot of planes are grounded!

  67. Small correction: Temporary residents, not just permanent residents, are also allowed to enter Norway at this time.

  68. I have a friend who emigrated to Norway a few years ago, he posted on Facebook about a motorcycle trip he did his past week which sounded like it lasted a good hour or 2, just as something to do, no shopping or going to work. Is this sort of travel discouraged at the moment?

  69. Hello, Thanks for such good reporting in English. Thanks for your efforts and time. I would like to know is there any app or website in Norway by reputed organisation where we can track location of Covid 19 cases. So that any person can have information where to take strict measure while going out. For example: In Bergen, if i want to go out for walk alone, then i want to know; how many active cases are there in my area and whether it is safe to go out or not.

  70. Hi David,
    I’m ekta, from India.
    We are booked on a royal Caribbean cruise in Norway for 31st of may 2020.
    Though the situation is tough, the cruise stands uncancelled.
    The Norwegian embassy here in India is also shut.
    Do you think the cruise liners would be allowed to start sail in Norway by may end?
    Thank you.

    1. Can you cancel and get refunded? Honestly, it is not wise to be traveling around the world at times like this. Also cruise ship is a very bad idea for this virus.

  71. I think it’s too soon to be feeling “safe”. From what I can see from my apartment, people in my neighborhood are still coming out frequently especially kids are playing with each other. Some of these people are not taking it seriously enough, passing each other closely (of course, hardly anyone wear masks in Norway). So far, I had only seen two persons wearing masks (older ladies).

  72. Thank you for this site and updates from a Canadian with Norwegian roots!
    Norway stats never seem to report the # of recoveries which by now should be quite a few since most cases resolve (death/recover) within 14-21 days.

    Is there a site or official that has commented on this to date?

  73. Hi , everyone .Is it wise to defer admission offer in such situation .My semester would start in mid August 2020.I have got admission in OsloMet university …Please advise .Regards .

    1. Since it was announced earlier today, that the winter semester will take place digitally too, I believe it is safe take the offer. Even if you, assumingly not residing in Norway at the moment, will not be able to come to Norway, you will be able to attend classes online.

  74. My wife and l are in our 70s living in West Telemark in an area with no Covid19 cases. It is clear that this has been helped by the Government’s ban on Hut folks NOT being allowed to visit their properties and visiting our local food stores. I think the biggest mistake is this ban to be lifted on the 20 April. Just watch how there will be a spike in cases in our area with visitors from Oslo and coastal towns. I suspect the rationale behind this decision is the majority of the Norwegian parliamentarians have second homes and they wish to get away and visit. just watch what happens!

  75. I live in Southampton UK which is a large Cruise ship port. We have a lot of Norwegian Cruise ships here. From the IKEA store here you could sit in the restaurant and watch the Cruise ships going in and out all day. Unfortunately, the UK has now been hit really hard by the Coronavirus. It is really unsafe for anyone to book a cruise while this virus is among us. You see the way the previous Norovirus went through a cruise ship! It is the worst place to be! Even our Isle of Wight ferries have been cancelled! So keep away from ships at present. I love Norway, so I say have faith – we will get through this, but we are going to have infinite patience!

    1. The Isle of ferries are not cancelled!. The catarmaran is. Essential travel only. Ferries necessary for Lorries , Ambulances etc

  76. I live in Norway (Stavanger) and went to the UK to visit family and friends in March. My return flight was cancelled due to the covid outbreak and now I’m stuck here because there are no flights leaving the UK going to Norway. I have not seen my children since February and I’m sleeping on a friends sofa. Please everyone stay at home so we can beat this thing, then maybe I can get home

    1. Hello Ian,
      I have family in Stavanger, (I live in USA) beautiful place and I feel your pain for not being able to get home. I was there 2 summers ago and what a cool place downtown in the Summer. Best of luck getting back.
      Tom Kristiansen

    2. Hi Ian,

      My family and I are moving to Oslo from the UK as we are both starting a new job there in May. SAS and Ryanair seem to star flying to Norway from mid May (we have a flight with SAS on the 12th that is not cancelled yet…)

      There seems to be one flight to Stavanger on the 5th of May.

      Good luck and stay safe!


  77. Hi everyone! I got my tickets to Oslo just a bit before Covid Outbreak for August, what do you reckon? should I cancel or what do you suggest?

  78. The most ridiculous thing the Government has done is to lift the ban on travel by Cabin owners to visit their second homes at the expense of the larger population as it is statistically clear that isolation has been working. I read that another of your readers had criticised this move which l totally agree. Living on the border between Aust Agder and Telemark since the start of the week we have seen streams and streams of cars and motor homes all with Oslo or South coast number plates heading for places like Gautefall, Nissedal Hyttegrend and Vradal Panorama. Before the ban was lifted on 20 April distancing and care was the norm in all the local shops but now the visitors are overwhelming all the facilities so it is almost certain Covid19 will now spread into all the country areas! I hope the Government will realise this move was a big mistake.

    1. Firstly: The reason for the “no go” for cabin owners, was to prevent the health services in small municipalities (where the cabins usually are) to be overloaded with a rush of corona affected holiday makers. Better for everyone if you stay in your own area, where the health service is dimensioned for the population number.
      Secondarily: I must agree with someone who posted a reply earlier. It’s a lot of “me, me, me”. Covid-19 is a world wide pandemic. We need to pull through together. Someone with no symptoms could still carry the virus, and infect others. Follow the governments recommendations and certainly their “orders”.

      1. I have some wealthy friends in Oslo who have a cabin in Trysil and they are desperate to visit their expensive second home but they are thoughtful, intelligent people who realise that although they may
        now visit it they are not doing so. One is a leading Epidemiologist specialist and thinks the Norwegian government’s decision to permit free movement of cabin owners, particularly into smaller rural communities is a major mistake and could leave to a wider, secondary pandemic. As some of your contributors have stated it is clearly a decision made by selfish groups mainly from cities and larger towns owning second homes adopting a me, me, me attitude.

  79. Why is Stavanger about to celebrate National Day this Sunday? Parades and all kinds of events are planned. I thought all events had been banned for now. How can this be?

  80. Hello, I need some information,
    Because right now I’m in Bodo, Norway but I’m from The Netherlands.
    On 23 of June, I need to travel back to The Netherlands, but the borders will be closed.. well that’s what they told me. Is there a big chance that I can’t fly back to my original country at the end of June?

  81. Hi,
    This is such a useful summary for us. We’re from Vienna and in January we booked a trip to Norway: Starting on 20 July we wanted to go to Oslo, stay there for 2 days, take the Bergen train to go to Bergen, go onto Hurtigruten for 12 days, stay in Bergen another 3 days and then go back. Apart from the fact that this is a dream holiday for us which we’ve wanted to for a long time, it’s also a very expensive trip.
    Of course we completely understand that noone can predict anything at the moment, but we’re desperately waiting for some news which let us take a decision on what to do in order not having to pay cancellation costs …
    Best regards from Vienna!

  82. Hei hei,

    I was wondering if anyone here could help me, my girlfriend lives in Oslo and we have been apart for a few months because of the virus. I really want to visit her for her birthday in early June. With the update for EEA citizens (I live in London) visiting Norway do you think I would be allowed into the country at the border in early June?

    Tusen takk!

    1. Dear Connor, I am afraid not. I am in the same situation. I live in Amsterdam and my girlfriend in Oslo. For years I have been travelling up and down twice or three times a month. But not only is August 20th the new ‘datum’, also supposedly today in Parliament it has been discussed to make it possible to prolong these measures until 2021.
      I am especially surprised that you can without any problem come to Norway if you have a cabin, even when you come from a European region with a very high rate of Covid infected it seems. I also wonder how this goes with the Schengen rules about free movement of people. I wonder if it would hold in court, as obviously goods (food import seems vital for Norway) continue to be imported, and exported, as well as people who are doing seasonal jobs can come in. Can you just say ‘no’ to that vital part of the agreement? Will Norway really remain ‘closed’ to the end of this pandemic? Without even a chance to go into home quarantine? For years? And what Norwegians who want to go abroad, if not now then in the years to come?
      Courage I say to you and to many who are in the same situation. And hopefully some good news will come soon/ soonish, or even better: that I am wrong about what I said and Norway will open up like all European countries at least seem to aim for these days, one way or another.

      Ha de bra fra Amsterdam

      1. I’m on the same boat. My gf is in Alesunf and I’m in Italy. Couldn’t they allow for with quarantine rules of 10-14 days and allow people who come instead of blocking everyone.

      2. Same here. I am in England, my fiancée is Norwegian and in Oslo. We are, of course, desperate to see each other. But it is impossible at the moment. There are no direct flights from the UK to Norway and although I could get to Oslo via Frankfurt I would not be allowed in. Life is being very cruel at the moment.
        I think the situation over the lockdown lasting til January is unlikely and the law change that is going through parliament at the moment I think is to allow the government to take such measures IF it becomes necessary. I could be wrong, of course, but I think that is what it means.
        Business people I know are convinced that if testing, tracking& tracing, the avoidance of a second virus spike, sensible border controls, a healthy dose of common sense and a little luck, then we will all be allowed to be reunited with our loved ones during July.
        (It’s the healthy dose of common sense that will be the difficult bit!)

  83. HI there. A quick question – do you know if we are allowed to post letters, packages etc to Norway from abroad yet? I have a couple of nephews in Oslo who are suffering (!) from lack of birthday presents and I’d like to send what I have whenever it’s allowable. Many thanks!

    1. I have received a small package from the UK for my birthday recently since the lock down. However be warned since January 1 2020 Norwegian customs and excise introduced a 100% tax/import duty on items posted from abroad. I received an unexpected box of chocolates for my birthday from the UK and the value was just GBP£22.
      However in the post 2 days later I received in the post an invoice from DHL for kr 570. I enquired of DHL what it
      was for and why it was for so much. The reply astounded me. The Norwegian government charge duty not only on the value of the contents/gifts but the postage/shipping cost. Effectively almost 200% !!!! Now l have told all from
      family and friends abroad never to send me gifts as …..only in Norway would the happen!

      1. When I called to ask about this,in mid-April,the guy said it was still 350kr limit,including shipping,and gifts are 1000kr,before you have to pay tax and stuff. A lot of times when I’m in the US or UK I always send a box or three of stuff to myself so I don’t have to travel with it,I only travel with carry on,lol.I cross it off as gift of course,and put the value way under 1000kr.

    2. Order the gift from a Norwegian web shop, or a Europan/Chinese webshop.. with a presence in Norway. The gift can be delivered to the door, and no extra taxes.

  84. Hi
    I would be grateful if anyone reveals any information he /she has for international students who have granted admission for 2020 Autumn and now liveing in countries outside of EU/ EEA!

  85. Hi there, can anybody shed any light on when an Australian granted a residence permit at the beginning of May will be allowed to travel into the country. Or does anybody know how those waiting will be informed when the can travel.
    My father is waiting to get back to his wife who is Norwegian.
    Thanks for any help

  86. My wife and daughter are Norwegian citizens and I’m an american citizen. We live in NYC. We would like to visit family in July. Is there a spousal exemption?

    1. With the rate of infection in the US.. it is not likely you will be able to enter the country, until it is of a similar lever as it is in Norway.
      I think Denmark will be the first boarder that will be open. Swedes will have to wait due to their rate of infections.
      I would guess.. at the earliest .. October for a US citizen. .

  87. Because of the current scenario with restriction of travel abroad but the lifting of travel, mainly for Norway’s city dwellers to visit their second homes/cabins we have over the past week seen a massive increase in Vest Telemark
    of bobils/motorhomes and caravans and everywhere you go they have been parked up in every location. Yesterday driving up to Seljord from Amli l witnessed a convoy of 20 driving slowly and ignoring other roadusers. My point is so far Covid19 has been kept away from these rural areas with their limited medical facilities but with the lifting of restrictions on internal travel and Norwegians not being able to visit their usual usual Spanish/Greek destinations this summer they will import the infection into the countryside.

    1. In the south of Norway, along the coast – tourists from the Oslo area (most infected in numbers) are most feared. There are companies that will not rent out boats, cabins, kayaks, camping areas and stuff like that to them. They don’t want them to use the local stores either. There have been to much in the news of poor social distancing among some people in the area around Oslo.

      Many coastal areas are corona free now, and have good strict control. I’ve seen some of the tourists myself, and how they don’t give a f, about social distancing.
      I’m on a 8-12 week holiday, and I care just about myself. That kind of attitude.

  88. I am from Russia and my boy-friend is Norwegian. We are not married, but we are together for more than 5 years now, I have tourist multi-visa and have been visiting him several times a year each year. Now because of this situation we can’t meet, what to do? We are both so worried about it and so sad! I am not a “tourist” who comes to the hotel for sightseeng, I am visiting my beloved one, we are having the relationsip. What to do in this case? Maybe there can be some exeptions? What would you recommend? Takk.

    1. Stay in Russia and do not come here until everything is back to normal unless you want to waste money and be denied entry at the airport.

  89. Hello
    I’d like to book a flight with Norwegian Airlines to fly to Barcelona August 26. There’s a direct flight from NY to Barcelona. Spain will be open to international travel by then, but I’m not sure of the situation with Norwegian Airlines. Will this sort of trip be possible without experiencing any type of quarantine? Thank you.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      by my experience ( I booked a flight BARCELONA- BERGEN fron 4th to 14th september), Norwegian Airlines is in a critical situation specially in Spain, where they’re going to fire a lot of employeers. So, my advice is wiat until they cancel your flight and reclaim a refund.
      I’m lossing all hope of being able travel to Norway…it seems that they don’t want south european travelers…
      good luck

  90. Hello David, I’m a Norwegian citizen working on a multi-language corona virus infections map for local regions of Norway and the neighboring countries.

    It’s at https://koronakartet.no. You can zoom in to study the situation in e.g. boroughs of Oslo and Bergen. There is functionality for checking recent cases and for selecting age groups. Currently Søndre Nordstrand is the part of Oslo with the most new infections.

    I hope this will be interesting for your international audience. Best regards, Øyvind

  91. Question: We are booked on a cruise departing Sept. 6 from Bergen. We are from the U.S. and have always wanted to see Norway. I have read the travel restrictions in Norway for U.S. citizens and exercise common sense, but does anyone out there have an idea about how things might be in terms of travel and COVID-19 come September? Thank you.

  92. No matter how much distancing and lockdowns are done it will still spread. Just have a look at countries who had lockdowns what happens after lockdown is lifted slowly cases start coming . Everyone is familiar with Herd Immunity. If countries keep doing lockdowns and restrictions the virus will linger on in that country for years. It will take its toll either slowly or either quickly without any lockdowns everyone knows that but hard to digest the fact.
    Btw where are all the other deaths gone from other diseases , did they just vanished in thin air after hearing Corona Virus name .

  93. The earliest infected examples are mostly back from Italy, France and Switzerland, etc. The mentioning that on 26 February a person returned Tromsø from China reads misleading that most of them were sourced from China.

  94. Hello everyone,
    Can anyone give information on the school system? What restrictions, if any, are in place? What is life like for a 16-year-old boy in Vollen (Oslo)?
    Thank you,

  95. Just received a package from the US today, was delivered for shipping april 17 in Tennessee, got to NY in early June, then took ages to reach Norwegian customs.

  96. I sent a package from USA to my son in Oslo on May 31. It just arrived a few days ago. It appears almost all of the delay was getting it on a flight out of NY which took about 3-4 weeks.


  98. Is there a tracing data of new cases and death information in Norway available online? How many Italians are infected so far and who are they (data such as age, gender etc) in Norway?

    1. The overall number is available on vg.no and other websites, while categorized and detailed information is relatively poor. It’s been also challenging for the government to locate and track the spread of individual and further the spatial spread process.
      Good news is that in many cities of Norway, you can make an appointment for the testing without your GP’s reference if one had some symptoms.

  99. I mailed a small package first class to my grandchildren from California, USA on June 29 and it arrived in Nittedal August 10. Letters and packages in the past have usually taken only 2-3 weeks.

  100. We’ve planned our 2 week trip to Norway already since last year November to go for some wild camping, We just received the news yesterday that people from The Netherlands has to go in Home Isolation. Even though we live like against the German border we will not be accepted when the Germans do.

    We are really gutted as this would have been our first REAL big vacation in years and where wondering if there is a policy like in Greece that you have to show a Negative Corona test to be accepted in the country.

    Is there any way to go to Norway without having to be quarantined as a Dutch citizen at the moment?

  101. Deaths in the USA – If a person dies in the USA from a motorcycle accident and tests positive to Covid, he is now a confirmed death from Covid.. They never show the underlying conditions. Think about it, you have to be tested to see if you have it !

  102. Hi,

    I am an Italian student who will study in Oslo in the next semester, you were talking about some restriction that are lifted for student, like what ?

    for example, am i forced to do the quarantine or i can buy a test for covid and get out of quarantine if negative ?

    thank you for your work tough that’s been very helpful so far.

    1. Yes we were also booked on the 4th November round trip on the Nordlys however this has not been cancelled as it is a ferry so we are not being offered a cancellation. Have explained we are in our late 70’s and my husband has had open heart surgery. We are losing £3.500 as when we went to rebook the same holiday for 2021 everything had gone up £500 each.
      So we will cut our losses.
      Rip off will never go with Hurtigruten again just look at the complaints against this company I wish I had read them before I booked in 2019.

  103. I live in the State of Victoria, Australia. We have a population of 6.359 million, about a million more than Norway.
    From the start we’ve had a total of 20,345 cases and 819 deaths. We had a second wave which peaked in mid August at over 700 new cases a day.
    In response our state government took strict action. Our state borders were closed, we were put in lock-down and had a nighttime curfew. Only essential services were allowed to operate. We had our food delivered. All of the Australian states took similar actions.
    As of now, 27 Nov 2020 we’ve had no new cases and no deaths for 28 days.
    I’m just writing this to give you some hope, that with the cooperation of your people, this Virus can be beaten.
    Love from Australia.

  104. We are scheduled for a Feb 14,2021 flight from USA to Bergen and then cruise out of Bergen to Tromso, Norway and then on to London and then fly home to North Carolina, USA . My wife and I are in the 80-90 age group. Is this and ill-advised journey? What are the restrictions/difficulties we could expect?

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