Norway Is Closed: PM Extends Emergency Coronavirus Measures

Norway is closed

UPDATED 24 MARCH: The Norwegian Prime Minister has announced the extension of the country's emergency measures up to and including Easter. The most drastic set of measures ever seen outside of wartime aim to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Millions of Norwegians and foreigners living in or visiting Norway have been impacted by a drastic set of measures announced by Erna Solberg earlier in March. Norway essentially shut itself down for two weeks, in a bid to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 disease.

At the time of writing 12 people have died in Norway from the disease. Given the higher numbers of hospitalised patients, many in intensive care, that number is likely to rise. More than 2,500 people have tested positive for the virus, but not everyone with symptoms is being tested.

Norway extends emergency measures

UPDATE: Prime Minister Erna Solberg has today (24 March) announced the extension of all emergency measures up to and including Easter. They will now apply to 13 April.

“I want to thank everyone who has followed the authorities' advice, and like everyone else, I look forward to returning to everyday life. We believe that the new figures from FHI show that the corona measures work. Therefore, the corona measures are continued until Easter, until April 13,” said Solberg.

“Unfortunately, the government's decision today places severe restrictions on our everyday lives, but we do it for everyone we love,” she added.

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Norway's emergency measures

All schools, kindergartens and universities are to close. Most public events are banned. Bars and restaurants will be closed, except when they can keep customers at least one metre apart. With a drastically reduced number of customers, many are closing regardless.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg
Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Most relevant to readers of Life in Norway is perhaps the most dramatic measure of all. Anyone who has travelled abroad since 27 February should be home quarantined for 14 days. Supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open. Here’s what home quarantine means.

Solberg admitted that the measures are very drastic and that Norway will “go at a very slow pace” over the coming 14 days. “It is extremely important that people follow this advice. To be able to curb this, we need everyone to come together,” she said.

Read on for more details, or read the full details here (in Norwegian)

Quarantine after travelling abroad

The government discourages all travel that is not strictly necessary. Anyone who has returned from abroad must stay at home for 14 days from when they returned to Norway. This applies regardless of your health.

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“It has been important for us to find the right time to implement such measures. We have long hoped that this would be unnecessary, but we have seen an escalation of the situation in Europe and Norway over the past 24 hours,” said Health Director Bjørn Guldvog.

He added that Norway has entered a new phase of the pandemic, where the spread of the coronavirus can no longer be tracked. “This morning, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has issued recommendations that all countries should now implement these types of measures, and they work best when implemented across our continent,” said Guldvog.

Norwegian Air plane taking off in Norway
Thousands of flights are cancelled

Events banned

Acting under Norway's Communicable Diseases Act, the Directorate of Health has announced the closure of:

  • Cultural events
  • Sports events and organised sports activities both indoors and outdoors
  • Establishments in the hospitality industry except for places where food is served that can allow visitors to stay at least 1 meter away, such as canteens. Food should not be served as a buffet. The hospitality industry includes restaurants, bars, pubs and nightlife.
  • Gyms
  • Companies that offer hairdressing services, skin care, massage and body care, tattooing, piercing etc
  • Swimming pools, water parks etc

Schools and universities closed

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has decided to close all schools ranging from kindergartens through to universities. The closure is valid from 6pm today (Thursday 12 March) through to Thursday 26 March. However, it was emphasised at the press conference that this measure could be extended if required.

UPDATE 24 MARCH: As stated above, these measures have now been continued up to and including 13 April.

Solberg said that employees should not call on elderly relatives for help with childcare. “We must remind you who we should be most looking out for. We should therefore not hand over childcare to grandparents who are in the highest risk category.” There will be a care offer available for very young children with parents in socially critical functions.

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A joint effort is needed

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recently published an updated risk assessment showing that the virus is spreading alarmingly fast. Health Minister Bent Høie said the measures are being taken in the hope of stopping the virus: “The grip we now take will be perceived as burdensome and will have major consequences for Norwegian society, but it is a joint effort that we must take together.”

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About the Author: David Nikel

Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.


  1. hii, does this mean that if I show up on Gardermoen on Monday, I will be turned away and put on a plane home? (I am from the Netherlands)

  2. Hi, I am scheduled to travel to tromso in Norway tomorrow, my flight hasn’t been cancelled, yet. What can you recommend?? Thank you.

      1. I can tell there is not much happening in Tromso right now, everything is closed. Aurora tours canceled!
        (We are in the tourist business) Sorry about that.

        1. could you please let us know if the hotels are still operating? we are due to fly on Monday and the agent is saying it is business as usual in Tromso at the moment???

          1. CLOSED! Tourist are sendt back with the same flight! No tourist attractions, tours or anything operating. Not wanted, sorry!

    1. Unless you are a resident/citizen of Norway you will be sent home upon arrival, or put in a quarantine for 14 days. No point in coming.

      1. I’m not a resident of Norway. I did arrive on 16th of march,there was army men all over the Gardemoen and they gave a form to fill,had to fill in the adress where i’ll be staying here,some personal details and that’s it.i had to show my spare bank card at the airport aswell when i checked in baggage for the next plane to Narvik. she even made a call to check something and i was allowes in. I have to say i take this very seriously.I have not got outside of the house for more than few meters away from the door.I don’t have any known symptoms and I’m completely alone at the place i stated ill be staying here.Noone have checked if i’m really here. I was actually waiting for someone to check if foreigners are where they stated they will stay for quarantine. It’s been 9 days so far. So five more days left on my quarantine. I have not been to shop,not sure how much weight i have lost during this quarantine,but it’s fine.I’m saving up just in case of bad situation,a friend of mine brought me food like potatoes,alot of bread and others things that you can’t bring here from abroad. I had alot of food with me in a baggage when i arrived.leta just say I was prepared to quarantine. Respect to Norway i hope this ends soon. If anyone is wondering i’m here for a job.

        1. Hiya. I’m planning to go Oslo from the U.K. to live with my partner permanently. Do you know if I would still be allowed entry like you or is it to late ?

          (7th April)

    2. Sounds like you have to come through Denmark or Sweden. Usually I come into Norway from the US though those routes. Will you get in? Probably not if you’re over 60 and obviously not if you have a fever…

      1. This has nothing to do with socialism. It is just crisis management using the legal authority of government, which is most certainly not absent under far right governments!

    1. In Norway, if you’ve been told to be in quarantine, you can not leave the house to or have visitors. I know- because my kids and I are currently in quarantine awaiting results on the covid-19 test.

      1. Why can’t we understand there’s a world pandemic and its deadly . Norway has made it clear everything is closed for our own safety cancel all your trips to Norway it’s not worth it . Why is it hard for humans to understand to stay home do not travel until further notice . You will be sent to quarentine no exception or sent back if u travel to Norway so don’t waste your time nor resources … Take this time to spend with your loved ones at home look after yourselves eat and drink healthy and wash your hands are much better than trying to find your way here ..coronovirus will not disappear any time soon. Stop thinking the problem is going away . Norway is closed get it people

  3. HI, may i ask you if it is right, that no passenger from outside is allowed to come to oslo by plane since today 12.3.2020? and if they can land they have to go in quarantine for 14 days? does it mean tourists from outside norway cannot enter oslo and get further to troms? thx for your answer

    1. Yep, arrive and 14days quarantine at arrival point or turn around and leave. Everything is closing, so replan

    1. a uk national friend of mine is in Norway and as of yesterday, she has been quarantined in her hotel room for 2 weeks. Can’t leave to eat in hotel estaurant, can’t go outside.

  4. My girlfriend has just arrived in Norway from the UK. Anyone know what her best course of action should be now? She is at the airport but no one seems to know what’s going on

    1. Turn around and fly back home. The infection rate is doubling every 24 hours. This morning it was at 487. It is this evening at 700 and probably will surpass 887 by the morning. I hope she did not come here just to holiday. That would be unfortunate since it has been an intense issue here especially the last month or so.

  5. The truth about our PM is that she did not wanted all this! She was forced and pushed of ordinary people of Norway! The worst leader (no leader) Norway have had ever!!

    1. I can sympathise. I’m in the Uk and we’ve got the worst leader of my lifetime and that is quite an achievement as they’ve all been next to useless! Good luck!

      1. I’m from the UK and I believe our leader is doing the best he can with the advice he has received. I’d like to see you do a better job!

        1. He is hardly doing enough. His tone yesterday was solemn but the measures are a joke. He did not even ban major sports events. Anfield was packed with 50 thousand people on Wednesday! I don’t understand why they can’t (or don’t want to) realize the seriousness of the situation, it’s not as if British people are immune to this virus or that it will just stay in Italy. It’s spreading fast. I am sure that in one week’s time there will be much tougher measures in place but every day lost increases the spread rate.

        1. Hi, had booked Norway visit during 2nd fortnight of april20. What will be the condition at that time. I feel it may take more time to get back from covid19. I may have to postpone.

          1. Me and daughter have a Norwegian passport. We were moving to Norway in June and we were going to apply for my husband who is the father. We are in Ecuador and it’s really dangerous to stay here. I mom diabetic and I have was having an operation that got cancelled because of corona virus. I am scared for my family and planing to go to Norway but afraid they won’t let my husband in because he has a Peru passport. But if I travel with my 5 year old daughter and something happens to me she has no one. And if my husband travel with us I now that she will be okay.

      2. Boris us the best since Maggie. Stop complaining and try getting behind him. People like you must give him a chance.

        1. Boris is nothing more that a chancer, who said and did anything to get the keys to No 10, he is now being found out when there is real work to do. It’s not a good recipe when the most important period of recent history will unfold in the next 2 years.

          1. Boris may be a buffoon but it seems he is generally following expert advice so far. This virus is new to the experts too of course.

    2. I am due to fly into Oslo next Thursday for a course. I am checking with the organiser but are you saying if I come, I will just be quarantined in hotel?

      1. I would imagine all courses will be cancelled as many people are unable to work as they need to be home with their small children and/or are under quarantine situations. Many places of work and all educational establishments are closed for 2 weeks, as are many amenities. I would advise you keep checking their website of where the course is taking place.

      2. If your airline takes you to Norway at all, unless you hold a Norwegian passport you will be stopped at the airport and asked to go back.

    3. She should do this from January but I think they didn’t think it going so far and quickly. she should be more drastic, is about Norway people and people most understand this if she doesn’t take action now it will be very hard for Norway to recover from this .

  6. My wife and I are going on our 1st cruise to Norway with Fred Olsen but not until May …Do you think things might be okay to travel by then ?

    1. The prognosis so far, is that the outbreak will peak in may / early june. Unless the govt. manage properly isolate the country for a month or so…

    2. David Bullard
      I would cancel.
      According to experts the virus will peak in may-june. You might get quarantined on the ship. Better stay safe than travel with cruises in tve neat future.

    3. I am a doctor and I believe that is extremely optimistic. Although the closure and quarrantine dates are rather short, I fully expect them to be extended. Possibly lengthened much longer just for cruise ships. I can easily see cruise ships being turned away at any port in Norway for any reason, with real or perceived issues.
      You are kidding yourself if you think you’ll be enjoying anything in Norway this year.
      Just read today that predictions indicate possible travel bans extending into 2021 as a surge in the virus is expected to rebound in Asia once more and recycle around the world. This was in the Medical Journal of Stercoraceous Infection.

  7. Hello.. iam working in restaurant and our employer is still asking us to work tomorrow until sunday.. do we have the right to refuse not to go to work? Please enlighten us. Because we are also worried about being infected by the virus.. we are dealing with different people without knowing if they are infected or not.. thank you

    1. Kan den ansatte nekte å møte på jobb i frykt for å bli smittet?

      Guest must have one meter away from each other.

      Are you in a workers union? Contact them.

      Other sources: Arbeidstilsynet, Bedriftshelsetjenesten (BHT), NAV.

      Contact: https://www.arbeidstilsynet.no/kontakt-oss/tips/

      Employer must have a risk assesment by a BHT as your branch is covered in the following :

      § 13-1 Plikt til å knytte bedriftshelsetjeneste til virksomheten:

      55.1 Hotellvirksomhet
      56.101 Drift av kafeer og restauranter
      56.290 Kantiner drevet som selvstendig virksomhet
      56.3 Drift av barer

      Arbeidstilsynet, Bedriftshelsetjenesten (BHT), NAV.


      eksponering for biologiske faktorer:
      Forskrift om utførelse av arbeid: Kapittel 6

  8. Report from the Aurora city; Tromso

    About everything is closed down now. Shops, resaurants, cafes, touristattractions! Aurora tours are not running much now. Odd situation, but necessary I guess. This is a democratic task in order to prevent spread of the virus!

      1. Nothing is operating as normal. Even if the hotel is open, you will not be allowed to leave your room. Please respect the measures taken to stop the virus and stay home if you can.

      2. I would seriously question your agent.

        All international travelers that have somewhere to stay will be quarantined there for 14 days.
        Those that do not will be returned on the next flight.

        For Gardermoen airport (Oslo) the home guard have been called out to assist with manpower shortage. They’re mainly working with information and assistance, so don’t be put off by the uniforms.

  9. Hi We are use to travel to Oslo on April 5th for a week’s skiing in Trysil staying in a hotel. Will this be cancelled? Thanks

    1. Trysil is closed for now… Everyday the situation is updated on trysil kommune web page or Skistar I would recommend to reschedule your vacation.

  10. We are on a Hurtigruten cruise leaving from Bergen on 9th April, flying to Bergen from London.
    Is it likely to go ahead?

    1. Bergen is a hotspot along with Oslo. Why people would want to travel to a nation were the infection rate seems to be doubling every 24 hours is beyond my understanding. Use the common sense God gave you! Also Norway does not have the necessary number of test kits, medical supplies, and hospital beds for its own citizens less and only those foolish enough to come her unnecessarily.

      1. Not one word in Norwegian press on offshore personnel. We fly up and down Norway and then confined to 19 crushed in a helicopter then 2 weeks on a rig that may or may not already have the virus. Some international offshore workers were confined to hotels on arrival then managed to get flights home again, but those travelling through Sweden from Paris and London were fine…

    2. Today a lot of ports refuses to let people leave the Hurtigruten. Dont think you are allowed to enter the country and will be put on the first flight back. its a 14 day quarantine for all people traveling to Norway.

  11. I work in a lodge in Norway as a cook in the kitchen. My boss told me we are not closing because we are a hotel, not a restaurant, but we do work as a restaurant for our guests. What should I do, he refuses to accept we should close.

  12. I think if you have travelled out of norway from Feb27 you are advised to be quarantined at home meaning you shoud not go out.(even if you are not sick) If you need groceries and stuff you have to ask someone who is not home quarantined to go buy what you need. Quarantine helps contain any virus you may have acquired(without you knowing it) and going out will just help spread it.

  13. Was due to fly to Tromsco next week for 1 week hotel stay with my wife. I have just been informed by the hotel that they will still charge me for my stay as visit termination is outside of their normal cancellation policy. (It is unclear to me from the information above that they could have remained open). Do I have any financial come back?

  14. We are on a hurtigurten cruise we are not allowed off the ship. Will the tour be cancelled now and how do we get home

  15. Daughter is flying home to the US through Oslo tomorrow from Madrid. SHe has a 2 hour layover. Will she be allowed to pass through or do we need to make other arrangements?

  16. I’m working in cleaning company near Bergen. So many people stop going in work from tomorrow. But how about us ? Are still have to go in work? Wash and do extra cleaning? Maybe we also are people and have to stay at home to take care of us self.Working in places Rådhus, Teknisksenger

  17. How does a country in the Shengen Zone control who enters the country from other Shengen Zone countries and if they will be going into quarantine ? And also, what if you are connecting flights from another nordic country (Finland) does this count as flying in from nordic country and exempt from quarantine ? I feel the information given by the government is very unclear. Czech Republic and Slovenia were much more clearer. Nobody in, nobody out in Slovenia, and 15 country flight in/out of Czech Republic.

    1. 14 day quarantine , everyone arriving from non nordic country to a nordic country
      So try to skirt the system and come to Norway via another nordic country , then lie on your entry documents about where you have been or coming from because the only one important here is you ? Well good luck , hope they ban you for life from entering nordland , don’t need stupid like that , just stay away or go to the U S where people like you will be

  18. We are supposed to be travelling to Bergen and onwards to Hemsedal tomorrow and have booked 9nights accommodation via Air BnB. The host says we’re ok to stay, but is the 14 day quarantine flexible? Can we still leave the country after 9-10 days and fly back to uk?

    1. With everything closed, why come to sit inside a bnb in Hemsedal? Try and rebook for another time. As far as I know, all arrival points put you in 14days quarantine then you can leave, or turn around at airport and go back.

  19. My sister & I have plans to visit Norway from California, passing through England on the way, mid July. We already have plane & hotel reservations. Any idea as to whether we should cancel now?

    1. It’s a total coin toss as to what’s happening next week let alone July, If it was me, I’d try get any money back and re plan for when all back to normal. Right now, all bars etc are closed. Some restaurants are open but you must be 1 metre apart from each other..this is proving difficult so most are closing. Most folk are home

  20. I am in Tromso right now. Due to fly back to UK tomorrow. Everything is shut. Some restaurants open but restricted in numbers. Cafes and bars closed. Stay home.

  21. If you come to Norway to visit a friend from outside of the Nordic countries,can you travel straight to your friend and have a home quarantine there as a tourist?

    1. So, basically all the Nordic countries (in Europe) are the second most affected by the virus (of course except Southern-west Europe), but somehow you do not have to self isolate yourself if you travelend among themn. nORdiCk lOgiCK. That’s why it got so fucked up here.

  22. Hi my son’s are in Tromso now. Places are closed. How can I get them home tomorrow. Their flight should be Saturday

    1. Planes are still flying from Tromso, so no problem getting to Oslo then onwards. I imagine seats are limited, so check SAS and Norwegian airlines sites quickly. Cool surname.

  23. Hello. Me and my friends we are in Norway from 9.03.2020 and we have plane tickets to Romania this Sunday. Can we go back or we have to stay in Quarantine for 14 days ?

  24. Hi
    We’re supposed to getting a flight from Norway back to Australia via Doha. We are supposed to be flying in to Norway from the UK and having one night before picking up our flight
    None of our international flights have been cancelled and it isn’t mentioned in the article about flights and there is no contact number to help
    Can someone advise

  25. This was best be planned a week ago ,not now when the virus spreeds every where. The way you look at it is careless.

  26. Have booked flights to reach Oslo on 27th March from Australia to go to Lofoten and Svalbard. Should I cancel?

    1. The soldiers (!) at the airport will make sure you get on the first plane back. Long flight for nothing. Also, Norway is a virus hotspot, why do you still want to go?

  27. Hi! We are in Norway since March 1st. Do you think we can leave Norway and fly to the Netherlands this sunday? I read a lot about people arriving but mot much about leaving?

  28. I have my flight from Doha to Oslo and than Reykjavik on 20.03.2020 (flying from Bali). I do worry if I will be able to go back home in Iceland. It’s still 7 days to go. I really don’t know what to expect. Should I rush and pay extra (similar price to original ) to speed up and try to come back before boarder clousure (if they happen)? Next available flight is on 16.03, so “only” 4 days before my regular flight…

  29. Another measure introduced is a ban on all health professionals leaving the country for either private or professional reasons. My wife is a nurse in a nursing home and the pressure on them is increasing. They are adding beds to make double rooms so the hospitals can transfer people and empty beds to cope with the increase in demand on them from critically ill people. At the same time the universities have closed and pulled all students nurses out of placements so they are coping with more people but with less staff.

  30. Terrible Situation! My Question: we will/would be flying from Amsterdam via Oslo to Bangkok on March 28th. Are Transfer passengers also banned? Problem is that we have to collect baggage from KLM flight and check in at Qatar. Any help is appreciated, thanks and good luck in Norway! (Things here in Germany are also pretty bad)

  31. Norway is in panic mode. I am in Geilo and the ski lifts are no longer operating. Cafes are no longer serving coffees – even takeouts, and now I learn that the cross-country ski trails will no longer be groomed! Yet I have contacted a friend who is snowboarding in France and he’s told me that the ski lifts are operational, with 300 people in a bar/cafe yesterday. So, so much for EU/EEA consistency of approach to COVID-19!!! I have also learned that the people who run Geilo (Kommune) are over 55 – in other words decisions being taken by the at risk group – which in turn is effecting all other age groups! I suspect the right (object / measured) approach is somewhere between the French and Norwegian approach methinks…

  32. My flight to Oslo leaves in three hours from now.. But I had to cancel me trip due to these restrictions.. Really worried about my spouse who is stuck in Oslo and cant move out.

  33. DEL
    Oslo lufthavn nekter innreise til utlendinger

    Utenlandske reisende fra land utenfor Norden som kommer til Oslo lufthavn, må snu og reise hjem. Skjerpede reiserestriksjoner ble innført fredag.

    Oslo airport just sent home New arrivals at airport

  34. I am stuck in the US and can’t get back to Norway because of the US plane ban. I work in the cruise industry so a double whammy So god knows what’s going to happen . Very nervous 😟

    1. Also there seems. I info at all as to flights OUT o The USA to Europe. Can not contact any flight service centres Anyone heard anything?

  35. My husband is due to fly to Norway on 23rd March as he has a business in Bergen, he is home on leave at the moment but will loose a whole months pay due to this shut down, are the government going to compensate businesses? How is he supposed to pay his rent on his apartment in Norway?

    1. As of this morning Bergen airport is turning back all foreigners arriving and putting them on next flight out. Seems no exception. NAV is helping Norwegians with lost salaries if “permitter” lay off due to virus, but I have not heard how much money. It’s a mess.

  36. My friend came to Norway from UK for a weeks holiday with us 2 days before the quarantine for visitors was set.
    Once we knew we kept him quarantined him in the house with us.
    He is due to return on Monday 16th but still has 5 days quarantine remaining. Should he fly or change flights? Thanks

  37. Hur är det med transfer? Det framgår inte av norsk information om man får flyga vidare från Gardermoen. Vi kommer via Doah för att anlända Kastrup.
    (Ja, konstig väg, men det är kaotiskt nu…)

  38. From 8am Monday the airports and harbours will be closed to all outsiders. Norsk folk stuck abroad are told they’re on their own and try make there way home. Those up in hytte in mountains advised to go home and not burden local mountain communities. Latest from Prime minister Erna Solberg.

  39. I am travelling home to UK on KLM flight from Trondheim to Amsterdam on Monday morning at 06-15. If this flight is still going (airports shutting down at 08:00) then will I be allowed to leave Norway ?

    1. Yes, flights can still leave,according to VG news,its just stronger focus on stopping international arrivals.

  40. Hello,

    All this infor is baout travelers fro pleasure, holidays , meetings.
    Does the board is closes as well for trucks, transporting goods from Sweden to Norway ?

  41. Interesting to read the confusing headlines about airports in Norway being shut – i.e. can foreign nationals still fly out of Norway, and can only Norwegian nationals fly in (i.e. land)? It seems as if countries are falling over themselves to see who can panic the most and from where I’m sitting, Norway is doing quite well in the panic stakes!!! Whatever action is or is not taken should be measured, objective and based on medical advice… The actions of both France and the UK are in stark contrast to those of some other countries including Norway. Who is right?

  42. Me and my girlfriend have been living and working in Norway for just over a year, she has just received her personal number and I have received my letter from the police stating I am entitled to live and work in Norway so long as I can support myself etc. We have an apartment and are due back at work on Tuesday.

    Does this mean that we will be turned away when our flight arrives in Gardemoen on Monday evening because we don’t have Norwegian passports? I have a D number and am in the process of applying for personal.

    Like I said we have an apartment where we will be able to quarantine for 14 days, but if I can’t get back into the country I won’t be able to pay my rent.

  43. I have a flight that lands in trondheim on Sunday night (15th march) I was planning on staying at my girlfriends house and I dont really have anywhere to go as everything in europe is on shutdown. So I would rather be quarantined with her that be stuck in my student dorm in Belgium. My question is weather there will be border control for flights coming from Denmark and weather I can stay quarantined at my girlfriends house or weather I would be quarantined somewhere else?

    1. All foreigners without a residence permit will be sent back home on arriving. Latest from UDI in news 13:00. I would cancel trip and stay in Belgium.

  44. Thanks for your column, David. I find it quite helpful as my son from the U.S.A. has been at a folkschool and it has closed and he is basically stuck there for now. It is hard to figure out how many planes are actually still flying from Oslo to the USA. His ticket is on NOrweigan for March 28. Seems unlikely????

  45. My wife flew to norway from sweden on March 8th, she is due to fly back to sweden from Gardermoen on Monday 16th March. Will she be able to enter the airport and fly out of Norway? Sweden has not closed its borders.

  46. Tighter controls on quarantine, if you break quarantine you risk 20’000nok fine or 15days jail. If you go to your cabin in areas the gov has said, could risk infection to locals (bear in mind Norwegian cabin parks can be huge,with hundreds of cabins larger than some houses in cities)..fine 15’000nok and jail again.

    1. Doesn’t look like things will change fast but too early to tell. Nobody knows. I was out today with wife,food shopping, kept 1mtr from all folk and others politely moved when we passed also. All very surreal really. Rest of mall had 1 clothes shop and shoe shop open. Otherwise empty streets, few cars. Met some people while out training in woodland walk area which was nice, but again 1mtr spacing.

  47. Oslo airport is using home guard army to assist turning back all foreigners that don’t have residence permits in Norway.

  48. I am en Electrician in Shipyard and I came to Norway from Poland on 8th March as a rotation worker. My project manager says that I should go to work on 23rd March – when I still should be on 14days quarantine which is start on 13.03 after it was announced on 12.03 by the Norwegian Government about the quarantine.
    Should I go to work on 23rd of March?
    What about the money, will they pay me for this period on quarantine from 13.03.2020 til 23.03.2020? I’m ready to work because I don’t have symptoms of coronavirus, I can’t go to my country because I’m on quarantine and in that case it is not depend on me.

      1. No, he hase to stay in quarantine for 14 days:


        And if he drive back to Poland its the same, my polish collegue has the same problem, thats why he will not leave Norway even not to eastern. Its to expensice to stays 14 days in Poland in quarantine + 14 days in Norway in quarantine.

        You will get no money for your quarantine time – maybe only if it was really necessary that you have to drive home – does not matter if you work on rotation or not – if you drive home than it is your freetime.

        I am sorry :-\

    1. No one here can answer that. It’s best to contact the university themselves, but I hope you can understand that we’re in crisis mode right now and it will take some time for them to reply.

    2. As far as I know my university is continuing with business as usual for now. Except they are making the education digital. If they work this out correctly for this exam season in May, I think there will be no changes to dates, and none is announced so far. I think the normal ones are valid, and maybe they will if it is still widespread just change it to be internet-based instead of requiring physical meetings.

  49. Hi. I have a business in stavanger that i need to get back to. And i only still have my D Nummer even though i have been in Norway for over 10 years. I never applied for the permanent residency because i have my permanent residence in Portugal. What should i do to get back in now? because i have a lot of bills to pay up there…

  50. Hi, I was wondering what The Government of Norway is doing with the population that does not have a home or a place to do the quarantine?

    Thank you.

  51. Hi! Flying into Norway from Dublin on Norwegian Airlines mid May for an 8day holiday divided between Oslo and Bergen. Prospects of this happening? We are in our 70’s.
    All accommodation, air and train tickets Pre purchased.
    John from Ireland

  52. Hi David,
    Could you give an update on how things are going? Here in the UK we’ve had food and paper toilet shortages in the supermarket (and it was almost impossible to order online – I had to wait 2 weeks to get a delivery slot!) and many people have been furloughed or laid off. Warehouse, supermarket and care home workers have to carry on working… but don’t have personal protective equipment… and they are threatened with dismissal if they want to self isolate because they have symptoms (a huge problem if you’re a care home worker), have been in close contact with someone who has symptoms or who has been diagnosed (for example because you live in a houseshare), or because they are downright unwell.
    Has there been any panic buying in Norway? Where I live, it’s as if everyday was Saturday. It’s a constant stream of cars going to the supermarkets (I live near 4 of them, and they each have a large car park) and if I go for a walk, these supermarkets’ car parks are full, like it’s Christmas or something. People are not just buying food, they’re buying DIY and cleaning and white goods and electronics… Judging by the number of delivery guys who are driving around, they’re on a massive online shopping spree too…. and I don’t think they’re buying books! I think this is rather shallow, and I’m rather disappointed by my fellow country.wo.men. It’s no better in France from what I’ve heard (I’m part French part British).
    I’d been considering a move to Norway, and as I don’t have any skills they need, I was thinking of looking for care home jobs. However I’ve worked in care homes in France and have houseshared with people who worked in care homes here in the UK, and if they’re run like this in Norway… I’m not so keen. I’m looking at funeral parlour jobs (in the UK) too, if you could write a blog entry about death, funeral, wills etc. in Norway, that would be helpful (if I move there, I’ll probably try to retire there, my problem being that I don’t think I’ll ever manage to get on the housing ladder).

  53. HI , I am starting working in Geiranger at 15th of June i am flying at 4-6-2020 to Oslo from abroad then I will take in 3 hours onother flights to Ålesund and then I need to stay at a hotel for the ight to catch the bus next day to Geiranger to beging my quarantine at a house that the management have prepared. I am very curious how am I going to let be doing all that in the first day its way to long travel inside norway to reach that destination.

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