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Life in Norway Show Episode 22: Interview with Pame from the Pame Koselig Youtube channel

Life in Norway Show Episode 22: Meet Mexican YouTuber Pame who has lived in Norway for seven years and runs a popular YouTube channel all about her experiences in the land of the Vikings.

There are quite a lot of people making YouTube videos about Norway these days, but not so many in Spanish. I've been watching Pame's YouTube videos for years as they have helped me get better at Spanish! I'm delighted to welcome her onto the Life in Norway Show.

We chat about her experiences moving to Norway as a student, learning the language, and adapting to Norwegian culture. I also ask her about the most popular videos on her channel, and what exactly goes in to making a video.

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Perceptions of Norway in Mexico

Pame says that a lot of people back home believe most Norwegians are very cold. “It's because we as Latin Americans are very loud and laugh a lot! One thing a lot of people tell me is that they think Norway is cold the whole year.”

The Vikings are also a famous icon of the Nordic countries throughout Latin America. “I love the history, and to learn about their beliefs and their mythology. People don't so much that they were merchants and negotiators”, says Pame.

Videos about Norway

Pame says she started her YouTube channel because she wanted to create a bridge of understanding between Norway and the Spanish speaking world.

“I make videos about many different subjects. Blogs about daily life, interviews with local people where we go to their home or place of work. We talk about their life, work, and their interests. Also we do travel blogs and story time videos where I talk about my personal experiences here.”

“We visit universities, museums, make videos about Nordic mythology and teaching basic Norwegian because people want to learn. We also make collaborations with Mexicans that live around the world. That's interesting because we can compare experiences and learn a bit about other cultures.”

“I think my most watched video is one where I ask Norwegians on the streets of Ålesund about their perceptions of Mexicans and Mexico. That was very fun to do because on that specific day it was snowing so much!”

Intercultural relationships

During the show Pame talks about how she took part in a study by a Finnish researcher into communication within intercultural relationships. You can watch an interview with her here (the English starts after around 2 minutes!):

“I'm interested in communication and linguistic practices in couples who use English as their lingua franca in their relationship, but when neither of the partners speak English as their native language.”

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About David Nikel

Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.

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2 thoughts on “22: From Mexico to Norway”

  1. Woow I follow her on YouTube, I love the way she editing and creat great content about Norway. Thank you David to share this interview with Pame, she deserves all this because she does a great work like YouTuber.
    Regards from Mexico!

  2. Hi David! I just stumbled upon your website since I recently started doing some research about the possibilities of moving to Oslo and I’m loving every article of yours, and this interview was quite enriching! I’m Colombian and already an American citizen and recently came back from Oslo. I was only there for a week. It was such a great place for noise detox. I’ve lived in NYC for almost 7 years and I believe it’s becoming overdue that I move out of here. I love NYC but I think I’ve had enough. I have a crazy idea to move to a Nordic country next spring 2020. I fell in love with Oslo, its cleaniningnes, organization, nature, etc. I have mixed feelings but hopefully the more I read the more assertive I may get. I have heard and read that Stockholm could be a better or easier choice? I’m turning 40, I’m single and just thinking in maybe moving there to study Norwegian or Swedish first and see what happens. Unless there is a website where I can find out about job possibilities that don’t need Norwegian? Anyways, any shed of light through your articles are so appreciated! Will listen to your podcast and will definitely start checking out Pame’s YouTube videos! Thank you for doing this. So hard to find info.


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