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Charming waterfront in Ålesund, Norway

A truly unique Norwegian city surrounded by water, Ålesund will charm all who visit.

Ever since I first moved to Norway back in 2011, friends and family have asked me what my favourite part of Norway is.

Sometimes I say Tromsø for its lively pubs, surprising number of festivals and access to the northern lights. Other times I say Røros, a delightful living museum in the middle of nowhere.

But more often than not, my answer is Ålesund. This small town home to less than 50,000 people is in the northern part of the region known as Fjord Norway.

Ålesund town waterfront in Norway

It's built on a series of islands and there can be few more picturesque settings even in a country with as much natural beauty as Norway.

So without further ado, here are the reasons I'm in love with Ålesund.

The architecture

Art Nouveau is considered a “total” art style, embracing architecture, graphic art, interior design, and most of the decorative arts.

Art nouveau buildings in Ålesund, Norway

In this way, Ålesund can be considered the “total” Art Nouveau town. Turrets, spires and ornate carvings adorn buildings across the town like something out of a fairytale.

The reason? A fire in 1904 destroyed much of the original town. It was rebuilt with the help of Kaiser Wilhelm, an admirer of the town, who sent four ships from Germany packed with building materials.

The popular style from Europe at the time was Art Nouveau, which heavily influenced the team of young Norwegian architects who designed the new town.

Beautiful Ålesund in the winter

For a unique view of the architecture, consider a tour of the waterside town and its surroundings by kayak. You can rent the equipment and take a tour with or without a guide from Kayak More Tomorrow.

The views from Aksla

From the town park, 418 steps take you up to the top of Aksla, a hill that offers stunning views across the town and surrounding islands.

Reward yourself for the climb with a coffee and (somewhat expensive) ice-cream from the Fjellstua cafe and restaurant.

The spectacular view of Ålesund, Norway, from the Aksla viewpoint. You can walk up the stairs, or drive up!

Or you could always drive up! The best time for photographs is early in the morning, although the sunsets can be very impressive.

The Giske islands

An island municipality to the north and west of Ålesund, Giske consists of four main islands connected to one another with bridges and tunnels.

Each island has its own unique characteristics, with most offering great recreational opportunities from hiking to beaches.

The 12th-century Giske Church near Ålesund in Norway

Aside from the busy regional airport, Alnes Lighthouse and the 12th century Giske Church are the most visited spots. More about Giske

Access to the fjords

Two of Norway's most naturally beautiful fjords, the Geirangerfjord and the Hjørundfjord are within a couple of hours drive from Ålesund. The town makes a terrific base to explore the region.

Although the Geirangerfjord is world-famous, it's a bit of a stretch to get there and back in a day. Instead try one of the organised boat trips to the underrated and much less busy Hjørundfjord.

Shore of the Hjørundfjord in Norway

Direct flights link the town's airport with Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

The Hurtigruten stops at Ålesund on its northbound and southbound route, while train travellers can reach Ålesund via Åndalsnes thanks to the connecting number 681 bus.

I hope you love Ålesund as much as I do!

About David Nikel

Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Ålesund”

  1. I had the opportunity to travel to Aelesund in Norway when my employers Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority purchased a Security patrol boats from Maritime Partner AS in Norway.
    I lived in Vatne and was trained at Ask Safety Maritime School as Port Security patrol boats Officer.
    This will forever live in my memory and look forward for an opportunity to live and work in Norway.

  2. Loved your article on Alesund and can attest to the beauty of the city as we stayed at a hotel on the waterfront and walked up all the steps to the restaurant on top in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Each time we have taken the coastal steamer we always find something different to enjoy during the time in Alesund.

    Would highly recommend a visit to anyone traveling to Norway.


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