Kirkeporten Camping: Budget Nordkapp Cabins

Kirkeporten Camping

Take shelter near the North Cape for a low cost at this budget campground.

One of the difficult things about planning a trip to Nordkapp (the North Cape) is deciding where to stay. It's a 33km drive from Honningsvåg, the only settlement of any size on Magerøya island, and most people want to visit at or around midnight. This means finding suitable accommodation as close as possible to Nordkapp a really smart idea.

Check rates and availability at Kirkeporten Camping

One of the closest campsites to Nordkapp is Kirkeporten Camping, one of a cluster of camping facilities located just outside the tiny fishing village of Skarsvåg. Despite its small size, the village hums with activity during the spring and summertime with fishermen and boat tours coming and down throughout the day.

The campsite is named after the well-known Kirkeporten rock formation, which is a 25-minute walk over the hill following a marked trail. Not only is this an enjoyable, relatively easy hike, the rock is a great place to enjoy the midnight sun, or grill some pølser down on the nearby beach.

On that note: You cannot see the sun at midnight from the campsite itself, but a short walk reveals all!


Small, comfortable cabins

I stayed in one of the handful of basic cabins with simple, clean pine interiors. Each comes with a bunk-bed, table and chairs, fridge and hot plate. They are ideal for a couple, possibly with a child, although three adults would be a bit of a squeeze. There are also a couple of bigger cabins that sleep four adults, plus room for motorhomes and tents of course.

As with most campsite accommodation, you need to bring your own sheets and towels or you can rent them for a small additional fee.

The only downside was the thin curtains that let in plenty of light throughout the night, so be sure to take an eye-mask if this is something that bothers you.

Basic interior

Simple kitchenette

Pine cabin interior


A large facility building includes several bathrooms with showers, a well equipped kitchen with dining area, and a kiosk/cafeteria that serves surprisingly nice pizzas, beer and wine until 10pm, along with a limited selection of groceries.

The showers were hot, the bathrooms kept reasonably clean and the service in the cafeteria was quick and friendly. A light breakfast buffet is available and although expensive at 125kr, it's your only real option unless you fancy the drive back to Honningsvåg.

Deep sea rafting, diving tours, fishing trips and hiking tours are available to book from reception.


The season runs May-September. Expect to pay a nightly rate of 610kr for the basic cabins, running up to 970kr for the biggest that include a bathroom. If you're just passing by on the way to Nordkapp, it's worth knowing you can use the on-site showers for a small fee.

Although expensive for such basic accommodation, staying close to Nordkapp was a priority for me and the overall experience was very positive.

Check rates and availability at Kirkeporten Camping

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a small basic cabine to live for 3-4 months starting in november. Maybe you can help me? I’m looking for soltitude, silence and nature. I will bring food for the whole period and I only need a fireplace, stove or something like that. I will be on my own so something very small with a bed and a table will do perfectly fine. I don’t need electricity, just access to water (lake?).

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