Oslo Fashion Week – August 2011

Last week was Oslo Fashion Week, the bi-annual event which aims to promote Norwegian design and designers to a global audience. The event is most famous for being the first to ban fur from its runways, quite a statement from a country as cold and furry as Norway. This year the show hit the headlines mainly because Josh Hartnett and his girlfriend, model Sophia Lie were spotted at an after-party.

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I’m not going to pretend I know much about fashion, but I have noticed different trends on the streets of Oslo, such as scarves of all shapes and sizes and worn in ways I've not seen before. But the main difference is the average person's use of colour. Red is a massively popular colour here (I assume it's related to national pride) and I see a lot of guys with bright red, dark red, or rusty coloured trousers (and I don't mean Russ!). If I'd seen them in England I would have thought they looked ridiculous, but over here they seem to make sense. People don't seem afraid to decorate themselves with colour here. Maybe it's the long dark winter days?

That confidence about colour was prominent in the one show I looked out for, Moods of Norway – see the first video below. They are a brand I'd heard of before moving here, but I can't place the memory. Anyway, their menswear featured suits with trousers cut short (is that called high tide? someone can tell me I'm sure) to showcase brightly coloured socks and shoes. I'm not sure what the Crufts-like ribbons were all about though.

The second video is much longer and a mix of many of the designers, mainly womenswear. To my untrained eye all I can say is it all looks very Scandinavian… white, blue, silver and beige never looked so good!

The final video is my favourite, it's the Little Cupcakes childrens collection by Fam Irvoll. I love the contrast between the confident outgoing girl at the start, and the two adorable sisters/twins at the end.

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