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Money transfers Norway to USA

Use this service to save thousands on bank transfer fees between Norway and the USA.

Maybe you are looking to move from the United States to Scandinavia for work and want to know if it's possible to send money back home on a regular basis? Or perhaps you're a long-time resident of Norway wishing to transfer some cash back to friends or family in the States?

Whatever you reason for sending kroner, you'll need to find the cheapest and easiest way to do so. Whichever service you choose should help you to make your payment to America simply, cheaply, conveniently, securely and fast.

Currency Fair will do just that.

Transfer money from Norway to USA

If you want to transfer money to the USA, main street banks and money sending bureaus are often the first thought. However, Norwegian banks generally offer a poor exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Norwegian krone, and charge large transfer fees on top of that. The fees of money sending bureaus are even higher.

Currency Fair differs from banks for several reasons, all of which are beneficial to the American expat living in Norway.

  • Opening an account is free and the service functions 24/7
  • Exchange rates are competitive with instant quotes available online
  • Use your web browser or even an iPhone/Android smartphone app

The service is fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland so your money is safe and secure.

Cheapest way to send money to America

If you send 25,000 Norwegian krone to the USA, the recipient could expect to receive between $90-100 more when you use Currency Fair instead of your bank. That's with all fees included!

Perhaps you're about to move back home after a stint on this side of the Atlantic? If you're transferring 1 million NOK back to the USA, you can expect to receive at least $3,000 more when using Currency Fair. What difference would an extra $3,000 make to you?

Get an instant quote today with Currency Fair

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