Teaching Jobs in Norway

Teachers in Norway

Native English-speaking teachers will need to learn the language to teach in Norwegian schools, but opportunities exist in international schools and private institutions.

Teaching in Norwegian schools

Fluency in Norwegian and a lengthy teaching degree are the minimum standards for the majority of teaching jobs in Norwegian schools.

Universities and colleges also offer specific training for those wishing to work with the education of small children.

The course takes four years although there is a substantial work experience component. Kindergartens also hire teaching assistants and will consider a foreigner if they have a reasonable grasp of Norwegian.

Teaching jobs in Norway schools

International schools

Major Norwegian cities are home to international schools that use English as the primary language of teaching. The schools are designed for the children of expats in Norway and as such, they regularly recruit teachers from overseas.

Most schools follow a British or American syllabus and will require their teaching staff to have at least two years of experience in their home country.

There are international schools in many Norwegian towns and cities, especially those popular with expats and with significant oil and gas facilities. You can find a list here.

Teaching English in Norway

Private language schools do exist in Norway but because of the high English proficiency of Norwegians, opportunities for employment are rare.

Teaching English in Norway

Typically consultants are hired by large companies as and when needed. Private tutoring is a possibility especially to ambitious parents, but marketing is likely to be a challenge as it takes time to launch a new business in any country.

Salaries for teachers in Norway

Primary school teachers can expect an annual salary of around 500,000kr, while high school teachers can expect to earn around 540,000kr.

These are average rates, and so new teachers will earn less. Staff in kindergartens earn from 400,000-450,000kr.

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