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A complete guide to using Trondheim's international airport at Værnes, the gateway to central Norway.

Recently expanded, Trondheim's international airport is an efficient, spacious place. Read on for everything you need to know about visiting central Norway by air.

Airplane taking off

Welcome to central Norway

Unfortunately its location at the end of a fjord is problematic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's 32km (20 miles) east of Trondheim so getting there takes a while.

Secondly, airplanes frequently suffer from turbulence on approach to the one runway at Værnes, regardless of whether you approach from the fjord or over the mountains to the south-east of the airport.

SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe pilots are well accustomed to the winds at Værnes, so don't worry!

Travel to/from the airport

For most visitors, the airport coach will be the easiest way to reach the city centre.

Værnesekspressen operate two different routes but both call at several stops throughout the city centre. Just ask the staff if you have a specific hotel requirement.

You can check routes, departure times and buy tickets online. Although you can buy tickets on the coach, I do recommend buying a ticket online in advance as they are cheaper.

At the time of writing tickets are 200kr single / 360kr return, or 179kr / 318kr if you buy online. Return tickets are valid for three months. Discounts are available for children, seniors, students and airport staff.

Airport bus in Trondheim

The coaches leave from directly outside the domestic arrivals hall and take around 30-35 minutes to reach Trondheim city centre. There will always be a bus on hand to take you the centre no matter when your flight arrives.

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You can also travel on the local train service. A new airport station named Værnes has recently been improved with an indoor waiting area and direct access to the terminal building.

The train service to Trondheim S (meaning central, not south!) is speedy (35 minutes) and cheap (100kr) but unfortunately services are not as frequent as the buses. Expect hourly departures through the day with less in the evening and at weekends.

Check-in & security

Most Norwegians check-in online or via the apps provided by SAS and Norwegian. If you can't or would rather do it at the airport, the departures section of the airport is easy to navigate.

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You are strongly encouraged to use the automated process, which involves entering your details at a terminal screen which will assign your seat and print baggage labels.

You then attach the labels and use a barcode scanner to send your bags on their way at a “Bag Drop” desk. Both SAS and Norwegian have permanent staff on hand should you require any assistance, while KLM and other airlines have staff in the hours before their departures.

There is one security area for all departures, although there is a fast lane for those with the appropriate tickets. Security tends to take no longer than 5 minutes, although you should allow up to 15 minutes during the morning or afternoon rush.

Domestic terminal

Once you are through security, you come into the domestic terminal which is essentially one long corridor with shops, bathrooms and restaurants along one side, and gates along the other.

To the left you tend to find SAS departures, along with the SAS Cafe Lounge and an escalator down to the annex from where most Widerøe regional flights arrive and leave. To the right, you find most Norwegian departures, a small children's play area, most of the shops and restaurants, and the entrance to the international terminal.

Food outlets include an O'Leary's sports bar, seafood bar, a coffee shop, Pizza Hut and an Upper Crust. Shops include a bookshop, clothes shop, and a shop selling perfumes and other Duty-Free style goods (albeit at fairly regular prices!)

SAS Cafe Lounge

The self-service SAS Cafe Lounge is small but offers plug sockets, fast Wi-Fi, buns, fruit, hot and cold drinks and other snacks.

SAS lounge at Trondheim Airport
SAS cafe lounge in Trondheim Airport

To gain access you need to be travelling in SAS Plus, or hold a regular SAS ticket and a SAS/Star Alliance Gold or Diamond card.

International terminal

To reach the international terminal, turn right once you are through security and walk the length of the domestic terminal.

Go through the doors and follow the signs around to the right, through the customs point and down the stairs (lift available) to the international terminal. You arrive in the spacious Duty Free store, which is shared by departing and arriving passengers.

The international terminal is small but has a restaurant, bar and kiosk selling food, drinks and snacks throughout the day. At the far end of the terminal is the non-Schengen area which can only be accessed via passport control.

International terminal at Værnes
International terminal at Trondheim airport.

Passengers for London Gatwick will need to pass through here, but once you are through there are no facilities other than a water fountain and bathroom, so most passengers tend to wait in the main area until shortly before boarding begins.

Unlike the domestic terminal, there are no jet bridges to the aircraft, so all passengers are required to walk outside the terminal and out to the plane. Bear this in mind if you are travelling in the winter!


Domestic arrivals all converge into one arrivals hall which is open to the public. In addition to the three luggage belts, this area of the airport is home to the main office, lost luggage, a Narvesen kiosk and a Starbucks. The departures hall can be found immediately upstairs. There is an elevator and a set of stairs.

International arrivals move through a separate part of the airport to collect their bags before passing through customs. Once through customs, passengers walk down a long corridor and emerge into the domestic arrivals hall, from where the airport coaches, train station, taxis, car hire and airport hotels are all within easy reach.

Car hire at Trondheim airport

Vehicle rentals should be booked in advance. On arrival at Værnes, leave the domestic arrivals terminal and cross the road towards the car park.

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You will see the car rental agencies located in a small building in front and to the right of the car park.

Airport hotels

Staying close to the airport is a popular choice for those arriving on the late flights from London Gatwick and Copenhagen.

There is a Radisson Blu hotel immediately adjacent to the terminal building. Expect to pay around 1,250kr for a double room, but the advantages include a generous breakfast buffet and the ability to stay just minutes away from your gate.

A nearby alternative is the Scandic Hell hotel, with similar prices and facilities. The hotel is a 10-minute walk away from the terminal, via the signed footpath that runs past the Radisson hotel and railway station entrance.

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  1. Hi, My daughter and I are arriving in Trondheim at 10:00 pm from London on June 22nd. We would like to stay at the Radisson Blu in the center of Trondheim but have been told the taxi cost is approimately $62.00 USD. Is there a more economical way to get to the city center at that time of night? We didn’t know if the buses or trains operate that late. Otherwise, we can stay at Radisson Blu at the airport but we are leaving Trondheim the next day on a cruise and would like to visit the city of Trondheim before we leave. Thank you so much for any information you can provide.

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  4. Is Flybussen Trondheim permanently closed as of 2021? According to Google Maps it is and on their website I don’t see Trondheim Airport as an option. The other bus option Værnes-Ekspressen seems to be running every 20 minutes. Please advise. Thanks for your helpful article on navigating this airport!


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