Cross-country skiing experience

My First Cross-Country Skiing Experience

It had to happen sooner or later. After all, I've been flirting with Norway for almost two years now. But this weekend, we took our relationship a step further. I am a skiing virgin no more!...
Casinos in Norway

Gambling in Norway

Betting and lotteries are heavily regulated in Norway, but change could be on the way. Like many British males, I like a flutter on the football from time to time. More often than not, it's to...
SAS jet

The Norwegian Winter Holiday

For regular readers discovering I'm about to write about another Norwegian holiday season, you could be forgiven for thinking Norwegians never work. I can hear you now: “Come on David, they already have Easter, the public...
Helsinki, Finland

A Winter Weekend In Helsinki

Most Norwegians choose to warm up in the winter by flying south and chasing the sun. Although I flew to Tenerife in November, when the real winter sets in I seem to want to get even...
Oslo Ess band shot

Discovering Norwegian Music – Oslo Ess

The first thing I noticed about the live music scene in Oslo was the dominance of the English language. I'm not talking about cover versions either. Virtually every one of the small local bands sang their...
WordCamp Norge 2013

Geeking Out At WordCamp Norway

Me and blogging go way back. In those days when I had political ambitions I started a WordPress.com blog to make a name for myself. I soon graduated to the self-hosted flavour and from that moment...
Entrance to Oslo Food Hall

Food Glorious Food – Eating My Way Around Oslo’s Mathallen

Norway is not a nation known for its cuisine, but could that be set to change? Fish, dried fish, rotting fish, pickled fish… throw in some bread and potatoes and there you have it – not...
United Kingdom stereotypes

Living Abroad in 2012 – What I Miss About The UK

In 2011 I started a new chapter in my life story, one that's turning out to be a fantastic experience. I'm living in a new city, exploring one of the most fascinating regions in the world,...
Overlooking Bergen

My Travels in 2012 – And Plans for 2013

I resisted as long as I could, honest. Here is my Best of 2012 post, although I've tried to make it a little more interesting by focusing on the places I visited – both in Norway...
iittala in green

A Postcard from Helsinki – Drowning in Design

A photographic exploration of Helsinki's achingly hip design district.