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Food box deliveries are growing in popularity across Norway. Now you can choose what's inside.

Food box delivery is a popular solution for busy families. Today Nettmat has announced a new concept to make things even more convenient for you, because you asked for it!

Rather than select a theme for the box, you can now pick and choose exactly which meals you want included from a selection of up to 50 varied dinners composed by renowned chefs.

Each individual dinner has its own price, so your choice of food box can now be based on ingredients, on price, or a combination of both. If you're keeping things tight until payday, you can simply select the cheapest dishes for a particular week.

How it works

You begin by selecting a theme on the Nettmat home page, for example vegan box, family mix, or a solo mix. You then select how many people you are ordering for, for example a couple, or a couple with two children, and how many nights per week you want dinners for, between three and five. You are then presented with the dinner options, as follows:

Nettmat ordering

Once you've selected the meals you want, you complete the order and can look forward to your first delivery! In the box are all the ingredients you need to make each dinner, along with full recipes and instructions. Nettmatt delivers food boxes in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, and throughout Stavanger and the wider Rogaland region.

Examples of dinners you can order from Nettmat include:

  • Sweet chili salmon with melon and brown rice
  • Taco bowl with nacho topping
  • Shepherd's pie
  • Meatballs with parmesan, nectarines and couscous
  • Vegetable soup with ham and cashew nuts
  • Baked fish with mango and cucumber salad
  • Spanish omelette with chili sausages
  • Mexican soup
  • …and a whole lot more!

Give Nettmat a try today!

Your own personal chef!

Food Delivery Norway

Nettmat works with some of Norway's most talented chefs and nutritionists, so you no longer have to worry about composing healthy, well-balanced meals for you and your family.

Stian G. Iversen was born and raised in Namdalen, Nord-Trøndelag. He has participated in several national and international competitions, both as a participant and coach. He's worked at several reputable restaurants, including a two-star restaurant in Stockholm.

Miriam Østvik Jenssen was born in Kirkenes, Finnmark. She is a graduated chef with a certificate of vocational education and also holds a bachelor's degree in nutrition. She worked for two years at Oslo's Bagatelle and has worked closely with Eyvind Hellstrøm.

Nettmat's vegan chef Mari Hult is the person behind Norway's most read vegetarian / vegan blog. “Since summer 2010 I have been busy with vegan cooking, which is food without animal products. You do not need meat, milk or eggs to eat first class!”, she says.

Give Nettmat a try today!

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