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Tuesday was Norway's Constitution Day. Dave, Wendy and I started with a champagne breakfast at the flat while I watched some of the big parade on the TV, plus scenes from around Norway and around the world. At lunchtime we headed into Oslo and wandered around for a bit, mainly so I could take some photos. Everyone was so happy, but I really did feel like I gatecrashed a wedding.

We then found a great spot outside Paddy's bar where numerous øl were consumed… I then met up with a friend and we headed up to a place called Kubaparken near Grünerløkka for a free concert/festival type thing organised by SOS Rasisme, with the theme of 17.mai for alle (17th May for All). The music was okay but the atmosphere was great with all sorts of people milling around. I ate some great Mexican food (like a giant taco) which for Oslo was really good value. I also had a big sticky bun!

Norwegians are fiercely proud of their nation and you can't turn a corner on 17.mai without seeing hundreds of Norwegian flags. Just take a look at the photos below! It's a real shame we can't make more of St. George's Day in England, where the sight of a St. George's cross makes many people think, rightly or wrongly, of either football hooligans or racists. Also, experiencing Norway's national day has made me reconsider the idea of a “British” day.



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